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Wired News published AT&T documents under seal in NSA wiretap case

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 07:28 PM
Wired News published the allegations by whistle-blower Mark Klein in its entirety, along with attached internal AT&T documents, detailing NSA's domestic surveillance equipment installed inside the secret room 641A at AT&T switching center in San Francisco.
One 60-page document, identified as coming from "AT&T Labs Connectivity & Net Services" and authored by the labs' consultant Mathew F. Casamassima, is titled Study Group 3, LGX/Splitter Wiring, San Francisco and dated 12/10/02. This document addresses the special problem of trying to spy on fiber-optic circuits. Unlike copper wire circuits which emit electromagnetic fields that can be tapped into without disturbing the circuits, fiber-optic circuits do not "leak" their light signals. In order to monitor such communications, one has to physically cut into the fiber somehow and divert a portion of the light signal to see the information.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

At AT&T's insistence that information in the file was proprietary, a federal judge kept the exhibits under seal in court records, denying requests from news and civil rights organizations to make them public.

The reporter further explained his motives behind bringing the evidence to light, stating that a protective order prevents him from comparing his papers to the court material. Independent security experts agreed that the published content pose no significant danger to AT&T.

Klein's evidence and excerpts of AT&T documents (PDF format)

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