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Does the 'Green Man' conspiracy really hold water??

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 04:48 PM
(BTW: I've just recently taken interest in the JFK Assassination, so feel free to indulge me in your theories if mine fail to sway you.

Recently, I've read into the theory of the "Green Man" conspiracy and how he was either edited throughout the Zapruder film, frames 217-253, or just looked damned suspicious in these said frames.

My thoughts on the suspiciousness of the "Green Man" is that he's simply watching the cars, turning his head from one to the other as they pass by. He drops his arms at one point, to look over his shoulder at his friend, who is still clapping in the background.

Now for the "Film Edit" theory-- the "Green Man" is superimposed over another man when the Zapruder film was edited (while another man stands in the background). This is based off the fact that the legs and the hands look indistinguishable from the "Green Man" and the other man he supposedly is superimposed over.

In this image, you can plainly see there are two distinct men. Only two. One clapping in the background, and the "Green Man" in the foreground (please excuse my artistic ineptitudes!!

In a comparison, you can still make out the clapping man in the background, whether or not the "Green Man" is clapping himself:

Another theory supporting the superimposed "Green Man" (who is black) is the fact that you can see "white" colored skin on the back of his neck and his hands. Now, I might be a minority in the fact that I have many black loved ones, but this theory is unfounded because it does not take into account how shiny a black man will get standing, uncovered in the sun on a warm Texas day.

My next image clearly shows the shine of his hands, neck, and head as he lowers his arms, and turns his head to the left:

In fact, in the second to last picture included in this image, you can actually see the pink palms of his hands, as they are highlighted by the sun coming from his right, behind.

Another image that supposedly supports this theory shows him walking away from the sun as it highlights him from right, behind. The theory says you can both see a white man's hand, and the back of a white man's head.

As you can see, the shadows of the "Green Man" on the ground, and the shadow of the car in the background, clearly match up with the angle of sunlight coming from the right, behind-- highlighting the "Green Man."

I understand that much of these theories stem from the fact that their is no mention of the "Green Man" in any of the reports-- so who is this guy? Answering this question with another question, I ask you-- who is the clapping man in the background?? Could these two men have not been mentioned in the reports simply because they're black and therefore were not tracked down and named because of this?

(As stated above, I have just recently delved into this subject, so I apologize if in some report, it actually does state who the clapping man is!

I'm not trying to discredit the "Film Edit" conspiracy theories at all. I find many of them well-grounded. In this case, though... they seem to just not hold water very well.

.... let me know what your opinions are!!

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 03:06 PM
The Green Man Theory is a lot of nonsense. The man is simply watching the procession go by and at one point claps his hands....takes his hands from behind his back where they were resting and brings them forward and claps. It is quite obvious.

No mystery. No conspiracy. Just another spectator.....

Now the Orange Lady...she's the one that is up to no good when that procession goes by....she even appears to shoot something right at the limo in one of the frames of the Z film.

There's also the Running Man...something very fishy about him as well!

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