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down loadders , free booters and pack rats anonymous

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 10:15 AM
hi , here is the online BTS help group for anyone who has downloaded any music , software or ebooks - because " it was there " or " because it was free " with no idea why you wanted it -- or if you have any use for it

if this is you , we can help , honest -- help is at hand with our unique 10 step program , which can be downloaded as a free e-book

also because we are charitable - pack rats and hoarders of any stripe are welcome , we can help you too – and 1 million of our pamphlets have been hidden in skips , rubbish bins , dumpsters and between the pages of library books and telephone directories

so go – run my little pack rats , find the free solution to your pack rat problem – lol

the only people we cannot help is those who steal stuff – we rip them limb from limb , and toss them in the BTS skip – and shoot ant dumpster divers who try to salvage bits from there , you have been warned

don’t be shy , come on in and admitt your problems

its easy – just follow my lead :

my name is clyde .... and i down loads of stuff I dont need , just because its free ........... "

admittance is free – all you need is to bring proof of something you downloaded for free which you have no conceivable use for .


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