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Demon Of Imitation

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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Hello all I am new..
I have seen some pretty freaky things in my 35 years of life but I'll mention it later

I believe in the existence of demons and for the rest of you who do I wanted to know if anyone but me has heard about the "Demon Of Imitation"

When I was about 13 I remember my close friends mother (who was married to a minister) was telling me that there are demons of imitation, not necsessarily violent, but a demon who has been watching you your whole life.. this demon knows your personality first hand, he knows how you talk, walk, think, communicate with others, and how you would react to things..

Anyway, she also told me that when people die and family members/friends try to contact their spirit, via mediums, psychics or ouiji boards..It is NOT them but the demon of imitation impersonating them, these demons have watched this person their whole life and thats how they fool you by answering private questions..And people like Sylvia Browne talk to these demons all day long!!

Dont get me wrong, Its not always the demon you are talking to, I remember her telling me that you'll know when its really your loved one contacting you if you have a peaceful easy feeling, and this spirit is in the presence of some type of light, Its not them if you feel scared or uneasy, or if this sprit fancies showing up only when its dark, or if the spirit says or does something evil

This woman was a very legit woman with no history of mental illness, but anyway has anyone ever heard of these demons..And is there a specific name for them..I tried doing searches but I dont know the exact name or term for these demons of imitation please help!! I need some one with information, or a story

I also remeber her telling me that people with conditions like retardation, anorexia, sociopathical mindsets, destructive behavior etc. all have certain demons accompany them to make sure there lives go down the tubes..

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 09:59 PM
i've heard them called familiar spirits/demons who watch you your whole life this has been taught by some christian book authors as the tool of satan to validate psychic's and fortune tellers, the bible condems these works as evil and worthy of hell

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 01:47 AM
Christians are an ignorance bunch.

As stated before me. The church has tried many propagandic ways to dis-honour anything they don't agree with. In the past they used the crusades to kill anyone who didn't agree and spread their way of thought around the continent(s). Now the media and mental trickery is used by them to inflict needless fear among people. People who only gain knowledge from reading biased books or listening to biased people instead of trying to see more then just one way of life.

They speak from knowledge not experience and definately NOT out of wisdom (the heart). Most judea-christian/islamic (any religion with a prophet) is ruled by fear and keeping the followers indoctrinated/ignorant.

There are indeed "demons" that copy, but people forget one thing. Everyone has a certain "signature" which can be used to identify someone with. And you can't hide that no matter how hard you try. So knowing when you contact what is quite easy after a while. Seeing everything and everyone is made up of energy it's quite easy to take any shape that you like. Seeing everything is one and connected it isn't odd that "demons" know your way of behaviour etc. Saying that your relatives and such automatically appears in a bright surrounding light is bollocks

Partially what is stated in the openings post is true. When you feel uneasy or fearfull about that which shows itself to you then go away from it. That doesn't only apply to demons, but to everything in life. As I always say: "Trust your feelings and intuition. When something feels good then it is good when you don't feel good then don't associate yourself with it and turn around".

If you want to search then I suggest you first drop the christian definition of what a demon is. Demons are nothing more then creations by followers of a religion. Demons are archetypes of psychological aspects of people. Like the Qlipoth are the "dark" side of the Sephirah within the kabbalistic tree of life. As such men has both dark and light within themselves and has to live with it and deal with it and grow from it. Try searching for Daemons (latin for free spirit, Daimon in Greek) instead or other entities.

Daemon (Daimon) : a guardian spirit or guardian angel often associated with the communication of advice and inspiration

I can't recall ever meeting such spirit who delibarately spends its time to follow your entire life just to imitate you. And I met quite a lot. But next time I do a summoning I'll try to ask if he knows something about it.

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 05:06 PM
demons have long sharp teethe

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 05:57 PM
Someone mentioned to "trust your intuition" when feeling "good" or "bad" situations. I have recently opened a bit to some things which I used to instinctually close up on. I came to believe there is a certain amount of "fear" that keeps out curious, but not ready searchers. This doesn't make a lot of sense what I am trying to say but I would appreciate some input.

I have also wondered about the source of at least one of the above mentioned TV phsycics and I think what you described is close to the truth. Anyone who charges $500 for an on-line reading can't be too sincere.

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 06:09 PM
I don't know if demons would waste their time watching you for your whole life in the shadows, just for the ability to make harmless lies to your dead relatives after you're gone. If anything, they would have access to some sort of huge universal conciousness and could imitate you.

I do agree though that all forms of channelling are generally a bad idea and dangerous to do. And most of the time the spirit is lying. But I think it would be much easier for the entity to just read the person's mind who is asking the questions, rather than spend several decades watching some idiot go about their monotonous life.

Although the more I learn about it, the more I want to actually validate it for myself and purposefully run into some spirits, angels, or demons.

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