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The death of family (666)

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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 05:19 PM
It was July 6th 2006 and darkness had just descended in the small rural village of Marie in france, the clouds were swirling across the sky teasing the trees. The moon was shining brighter than it had shone before.
Papa man was the head of the family followed by mama moon and their five little ones gora,mason,ebony,tirah and zillah who was the youngest. Life was good for zillah and her family, they had just finished a hearty meal and were now sitting contented in front of the fire. The flames dancing around the room as if music were playing in the background, licking at the shadows of those around the fire.

Their peace was quickly shattered by the dogs kicking up a fuss outside in the yard, they were growling and yelping at something lurking in the shadows, papa man got up out of his chair to look out the window and jumped back in panic and shaking,
"their here" he whispers so quietly that no one was sure if they heard right.
"whos here papa" whispers gora obviously beginning to panic at the expression on his papas face
"shhh child be still, they've found us" with that he lurched towards his wife and pulled her towards him.
"come little ones we must leave NOW" said papa trying to keep the panic from his voice and failing miserably.
The little ones gathered by the side of their papa, shaking with fear suddenly realizing that something bad is coming.

Meanwhile outside the dogs were barking with such verosity growling,snapping at something no one can see yet.
"papa were will we go?" cries mama moon tears glinting in her dark eyes,
"theres no where left to hide".
Papa man looked down at the faces of his precious little ones drinking in each feature,each furrow, imprinting every last detail on to his ancient memory.
" Quick mama take the little ones, go out the back and run,run as fast as you can and never look back, no matter what happens NEVER look back" he shrugged his hand from mamas grasp and pushed them towards the back entrance.
" No papa" mama cries trying to grasp his hand, tears streaming down her face
"they will kill you, please papa you must come with us i cant do this without you, please" she begged, getting more frantic, more haggard,more scared.
"No mama i must stay, take the little ones they must live" he looked into mamas eyes and smiled.
" Now woman do as your told il be fine i promise" he cupped her hand in his and gazed at her pleading,the moment seemed to last an eternity. She nodded her head and slumped against him. They both knew they would never see each other again.

The dogs were growling and barking outside suddenly all went quiet, all that could be heard was a soft moan, a dying breath. Footsteps could be heard now and they were closing in on the cottage. How many 1,2,3 , it was hard to say.
" mama please get them out of here,their here"
Mama grabbed the youngest 2 and pushed the others towards the back entrance
"papa,papa nooooooo please papa you must come with us please papa please" little tirah was screaming, trying to get free but mama moon gripped her hand and dragged her out the door way,
Papa looked at her, his heart was breaking but he HAD to stay, He HAD to make sure they get away. He glance out the window and could see a shadow moving towards the door, he looked back at his family to make sure they were gone, this was it, it was now or never.

Mama moon had got as far as the back garden when she heard papa let out a blood curdling scream almost a war cry, she glanced back towards the door every inch of her being was telling her to go back, to save him but she had to get the little ones to safety she just had to. She could hear them inside the house, she heard things breaking and voices, she rushed the children to the edge of the woods and pushed them in,
"gora I'm entrusting the little ones onto you, please protect them with your life they Must survive they just must"
"but mama what are you going to do? " gora stood shocked looking at his mama he already new the answer, he could see it in her eyes.
"little ones" mama cried " papa and i love you very very much but you must go with gora now, i need to go back, i need to help, please do as gora says" with that she embraced them not wanting the moment to end but she knew it had to they've been running for to long now.

The children watched as mama moon made her way back towards the house and enter the rear door, the last thing they heard from her was a scream, so high pitched it would break glass, they had been waiting for her to return, almost as if they knew she couldn't leave her husband in there.

Gora gathered the children and pushed them away from the house, into the woods, the smaller children walking ahead and gora taking up the rear. He was listing intently for any sounds that didn't belong, anything to tell him they were being followed.
suddenly he heard something crashing through the trees ahead of them, he tried desperately to grab the children and grab them back but it was to late, they were here.
Ebony was the first to fall he heard a whoosh then her screams as the pain hit her, then silence he knew he had to get the others away from here to run for safety but he couldn't move, his feet wouldn't move. He watched as the men came towards him smiling, his last thought was of his family and how he had failed them.

Zillah was hiding behind a big oak tree she was gasping for breath, she saw what happened to her brother and sister the image imprinted deep onto her mind. She scanned the trees looking for mason and tirah she thought she could see their shadows ahead of her cowering beside each other, she had to get to them.

Mason glanced at his sister, he awkwardly tried to embrace her, give her some sort of comfort but he knew it was no use, no amount to comforting is going to help her now. Her leg was bleeding where an object had peirced he looked around for something to stem the flow, evidently deciding on his shirt. He ripped of the sleeve and rapped it around her leg it wasn't to bad but he didn't want to leave any sort of trail that could led them to where they were. He could see zillah in the distance moving towards them, praying she would not be seen when he heard tarah gasp. He looked down at her something had struck her in her chest, she was gone.
" NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" cried mason

Zillah was edging towards the others when she heard mason cry out, she knew something bad had happened. She could see mason looking into the trees, they were moving, she could see them descending on her brother.

Mason watched as the men came out the trees, his whole body was screaming at him to run, to hide to do anything but stay here and watch them. But he couldn't, he couldn't just run away these men had killed his mama and papa. they'd killed his brother and sisters, no he wouldn't run anymore, they were going to pay, they were going to regret taking his family away from him.

Zillah watched as mason lept towards his attackers, he jumped at them clawing, biting kicking any part of them he could touch. The men were screaming and trying to get him off pulling at his hair but he was to fast, he was like a man possessed you could feel the hatred he had for them, you could almost smell it in the night air. All of a sudden one of them men grabbed mason by the throat, zillah made to get up and help her brother but she caught a glimpse of his face, he was shaking his head at her mouthing for her to go. She watched as they got him in the heart. He was gone.

Zillah ran in the opposite direction weaving between the trees and jumping over broken logs, willing her legs to carry her faster. They were gaining on her she could here them crunching through the trees behind her, screaming at each other to go faster.

She couldn't run anymore, her whole body was screaming at her to stop, tears were streaming down her face she knew what she had to do, she couldn't run anymore.
Zillah stopped and turned round as the men came out the trees behind her, she wiped the tears from her face and stood straight and remembering the good times she had with her mama and papa, remembering her family, she smiled at her assailants and said in a strong bold voice " make it quick, i am ready"

The four men stood around the pile of dust that lay at their feet, some gasping for breath, some shocked at the girls last words. They will remember that smiling face till the day they die the hatred in her eyes.

Daybreak was upon them, they could see the sun tipping over the mountains in the distance, they breathed a sigh of relief that it was finished, that they could now sleep easy in their beds at night knowing their families were now safe from these creatures, they started to head home to give the news to their families the vampires were gone.

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