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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:43 AM
You'll read this if you think it's worth reading; it is a short essay presenting the bare-bones of an alternative way of approaching the alien abducton phenomenon. It is original and created by me, not without influence however which is duly mentioned.


“Strangeness and Reality Unbound are the Siren Calls of this Phenomenon”

A Brief Introduction to an Alternative Theory of Alien Abduction

For the last half a century, mankind has been witness to a modern myth of epic proportions. Dubbed “The UFO phenomenon”, the bizarre goings-on that fall into this broad and ever-increasing category of experience are actually too diverse as to even be painted simply with the UFO brush. Many case studies involve entire experiences, involving “unearthly visitors” and logic-defying encounters with mysterious presences that don’t even involve in any way, shape or form an unidentified flying object.

The prevalent theory among both semi-interested lay-people and serious researchers alike is that these bizarre case studies, of which there are thousands, are the result of direct and unambiguous contact with some form of extra-terrestrial life. For the most part the culprits are so called Alien Greys who, with malignant intent – either in order to further the genealogy of their own race or simply to gain control over ours - steal down to our homes in the dead of night and carry us off to probe and examine us, usually returning us more-or-less physically unharmed before the sun rises so that we may wake as if from a dream the next morning.

But what if we are not waking “as if from a dream”, but are in fact, almost literally, waking from a dream? Or, more specifically: waking from something akin to a dream, albeit of a more impacting and disturbing nature.

Almost since the 1940s when the flying saucer phenomenon first hit the mainstream consciousness, the alien abduction phenomenon has been running alongside it just as strong; an eerie and far more unsettling sidekick to the often innocently fascinating flying discs that light up our night skies. Far-fetched and quite simply unbelievable tales of abduction, experimentation, journey through space, relaying of cryptic messages, prophecy, and, in some documented cases, being offered freshly baked items of confectionary by inter-galactic Chefs, have all been brought to the attention of anybody interested enough by the various researchers in the field of close encounters. Hundreds of hours of interview tapes, piles of transcripts, even bigger piles of apparently genuine photos documenting flying discs, implants pulled from abductees, burnt patches in fields where spaceships allegedly landed and many more intriguing pieces of evidence all come together to form a picture of the abduction phenomenon. Bizarre is not the word.

While there are those who believe they have “cracked it”, leaning towards an X-Files like explanation of gene experiments, clandestine pacts with the superpower governments and shadow syndicates of our earth, human/ alien hybrid breeding programmes and cattle mutilations all apparently leading towards an “end game” involving a systematic replacement on earth of humans by human/ alien hybrids serving their alien creators probably in order to reap the resources of a planet we do not appreciate for what it truly is; others admit that, when they hear of a story in which a man is taken on board a spaceship by a bearded dwarf and offered a slice of toast, they simply don’t have a clue what these abductions are all about. And why would they? If a particular case does not serve the interests of an apocalyptic researcher, he will drop it in favour of a more “classic” style case that involves needles and cold metal tables in glaringly bright rooms with grey alien doctors.


Continued in next message due to character restrictions...

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:44 AM
So what exactly are we to make of the tall, slim, Elfish “Nordics” with flowing blonde hair who appear not only in abduction tales, but also in waking reality as visiting people with names like Stewart who will ask you for a drink of whiskey and a chat on your couch while your best friend is asleep in the next room? Or bearded dwarf-types with outlandish, cartoon-like diving suit costumes? Or tall, shadowy, hooded black figures reminiscent of the archetypal death character, or oriental women with bright blonde hair? Where does this rag-tag bunch of misfits come into the sleek, “end-game” theory? “Oh, they’re just different races; they’re all watching us with their own designs”.


Or perhaps not.

Upon studying abduction cases, you have only to read the testimony of the abductee to arrive firmly at the conclusion that, overwhelmingly, while they are experiencing the abduction phenomenon they are being exposed to an experience that does not follow any natural or human laws. There is, simply put, an undeniable dreamlike quality to these abductions. Talking animals, entirely inappropriate and overwhelming emotions, floating figures, messages that are unsuccessfully trying to make themselves known to the abductee through an alien unable to communicate them, intense sexual encounters: even the memory problems associated with alien abductions parallel perfectly the memory problems encountered when trying to recall dreams due to the apparent “curtain” that exists between our waking, conscious mind and the unconscious portion of our mind with which we dream (Can you remember any of your dreams from last night?).

The title of this essay, “Strangeness and reality unbound are the siren calls of this phenomenon”, could so easily have been crafted as a tailor-made description of dreams. Being able to fly and thinking nothing of it, talking to a woman whose physical visage you have never before seen and knowing her to be your mother until the next morning when you wake and think, “Hang on, she’s not my mother. What was I thinking?” Lying on a bed, then getting up and turning around to see that you were, despite being nearly two metres tall, actually lying on a purple matchbox. Being in an empty, apparently innocuous room but feeling somehow an immense presence of evil and worry and fear. All these things are experienced in dreams, and, if only in essence of their bizarre nature, are too experienced in alien abduction cases. The quote is in fact a description of the Abduction Phenomenon by researcher Bill Chalker.

The case of a man (Peter Kouhry in Australia) who awoke to find two naked, oriental but alien -looking women had appeared on his bed and were trying to move his head for some unexplained reason to the left breast of the closest being, is all the more dreamlike when we learn at the end of his ordeal, despite experiencing no lost time, he was laying naked on top of a neatly made bed. He was, only twenty minutes earlier when the encounter started, lying fully clothed under his ruffled covers. As already stated, he was fully aware the whole time and did not black out or experience any “missing time”.

One might wonder how such a thing could happen, when looking at it as a tangible interaction between man and space-being. Many simply decide that in “their presence” natural laws are bent or the mind is manipulated so as to confuse on later recollection of the events. However, when the abduction experience is viewed as a cousin – however different it may be – of the dream, these types of anomalies should be expected.

So too should be expected the feeling that there was some underlying meaning that the man failed to gain from the interaction. Why, he asked, did these women choose him? Why did one of them try to pull him to her left breast? What could she possibly have wanted him to do? He still has no idea.

continued again...

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:45 AM
Just as a dream appears to a person who does not understand its symbolic nature, so appears the abduction to a man who is more grounded in the world of brick-laying than in the mysterious nature of the human psyche.

Just as most abductions happen at night, when the contactee is laying asleep in bed, so do most dreams. However, just as a small portion of people experience the dream as it bursts through into consciousness as a waking vision, so a small percentage of abduction cases occur in the hours of activity, of waking reality.

Many a great mind has reached the conclusion that outer, material reality is linked to inner reality and consciousness in a deep and mystical way that our accepted view of the world does not even begin to account for. Jesus spoke of man in such a way that “whatsoever he thinketh, so he is”, implying albeit in abstract terms that thoughts are, at some level, a reality unto themselves, not to be taken lightly as the fleeting images we believe them simply to be, and therefore have to be connected in some unknown way with our apparently objective outer reality.

The Tibetan “Tulpa” or “Thought-form” is a good example of what can happen when the lines between the two realities are blurred or quite simply erased by those in possession of insight high enough to see reality for what it truly is. The Tulpa is an avatar being, literally created by Tibetan magicians after days and weeks of structured meditation to bring it out of the mind and into outer reality; although it can apparently be made manifest in the shortest of times by those much practiced. It is discussed in Alexandra David Neel’s book “Magic & Mystery in Tibet ”, in which the author creates a Tulpa herself as an experiment and has to destroy it after it becomes apparent that the being has taken on a life of its own. In her own words, “There is nothing strange in the fact that I may have created my own hallucination. The interesting point is that in these cases of materialization, others see the thought-forms that have been created.”

From the almost limitless depths of the human condition, the so-called collective unconscious has sprung forth since the dawn of creation the most meaningful art, literature, music, myth, dreams and visions (not to mention Tulpas). It links all of us in a way that few ever come to even acknowledge; much less appreciate, understand and work with. But regardless of who knows about it, it is very real and very active. We tap into it when we dream, and we are aware of its presence when we read a Gospel or even watch the old Star Wars films. Like performers on a stage, its principal elements dance, as Joseph Campbell once said, to a cosmic song. It is of us and we are of it.

Far from our MTV, McDonalds and designer handbags the Tribal Mystic is still living a life “plugged in” to this primal energy. He sees visions, induces dreams and visits the “other side” in order to bring back spiritual knowledge and healing for his people. The Shaman is often talked about in Jungian writing, and is cited as an example of a person totally in tune with the collective unconscious, the archetypes and the flow of this creative energy that lights up our darkness with the most meaningful dreams and insights.

So it is fitting that upon comparison a bullet-point list of the stages of a classic abduction case and a bullet-point list of the stages of a classic Shamanic experience should tally so neatly.

and again...

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:45 AM
- Selection and capture of victim/Selection and capture of Shaman

- Examination of victim (involving removal of body parts & implanting of artefacts)/ Initiation of Shaman (involving removal of body parts, implanting of artefacts)

- Celestial journeys/Celestial Journeys

- Communication – usually strangely telepathic – with “EBE” abductors/Communication with spiritual beings

- The reception of a message – often lost on the recipient/The reception of spiritual wisdom, food or healing

- Return/Return

(Reproduced in paraphrase From “Hair of the Alien” by Bill Chalker)

The only significant difference appears to be that the Shaman is clued-up about the experience and will probably understand whatever message he was deemed fit to receive, whereas Joe-Alien-Abductee is painfully ignorant and attributes the whole thing to space aliens.

Just like a Shamanic contact, or a meaningful dream the abduction experience tries its damnedest to speak with the recipient. However, just like a dream, it cannot speak the recipient’s native tongue and so must communicate in the only way it knows how: symbols. When we are left with the memory of these symbols in our minds we, as so many have done with holy texts, take the symbols at literal face value. Because the abduction experience is so strong and real we cannot seem to take it any other way. It seems inconceivable that such a thing can come from within and so we project the qualities of the messengers literally as far away as we can – onto people from outer space. It is essentially no different from the man who dislikes his new neighbour because he has unconsciously projected his shadow aspects onto him.

Again the case of Peter Kouhry presents an interesting feature. The man awakes one night, in his bed, to discover his mirror has been turned by the aliens into a portal through which he is then “sucked” and subjected on the other side to an abduction experience. Does the travelling through a looking glass only to discover a fantastic world beyond populated by outlandish beings sound original to anyone reading this essay? Neither should it. Peter Kouhry, just as Alice before him, was interacting with the mirror, likened to a mystical portal to “the other side” since time immemorial, in a timeless manner, but with a modern twist: alien abductors.

As Jacques Vallee writes about in his excellent book “Dimensions”, the alien abduction experience is new only in its chosen visage; at its essence it is as old as the human condition itself. Fairy-folk, the devil, the old hag: all these mysterious beings have been held responsible in the past for “alien abductions”. As our world has become smaller and more scientific and the perceived unknown and mysterious places on it more sparse and less mysterious, so must we start to project the qualities of these older kidnappers into the only place we know of that we have not yet conquered and made tame: outer space.


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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:46 AM
This essay is far from the proposal of a complete theory, it is intended more as an outline as an introduction to an alternative way of viewing the Alien Abduction phenomenon.

I understand that this idea will be nigh-on impossible for some people to digest if the necessary groundwork has not been done. A shift in personal paradigm is never a simple or easy thing. Necessary to process it are at least a casual knowledge of certain specialist areas many people will not be aware of or know anything about. I would like to think however that to those people who do know it makes at least some sort of sense.

Background research for this theory comes in the form of the studying of many books, spanning subjects such as the UFO/ alien abduction experience, alternative theories of the universe, books about such (alleged) government research as the Montauk & Philadelphia Experiments, books about Mysticism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christ, God, lots of books about Jungian psychology, some by Jung himself, others by modern-day analysts or those integrating his ideas into their own; books about Myth, monsters, the unexplained, a base level understanding of some of the fascinating qualities of the human mind and probably most time-consuming of all over the years many late nights spent reading fascinating works on the world-wide web, some considerably more suspicious that others.

Let me know what you think,

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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 11:17 PM
hows about condensing your idea into lets say 3-4 sentences. my attention span is limited

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 11:08 AM
It's a very interesting writing, one whose theories are mingled somewhere within my own. Perhaps not as far as I would take them.

Having had the "experience" since around the age of 5 yrs old, I feel like I might be able to add this bit.

I have never attributed the experience to "space aliens", as other then the so called "craft" which I really only had a few tandem experiences of seeing "craft" and then the subsequent experience attributed to it/them...I dont see any connection to an extraterrestrial culture. I never did.

I have always felt this was all much deeper then little green men (they aint green), and spaceships. As your writing stated, the experience in whatever form, seems to take on the popular culture's "mindset" if you will. Collective consciousness...I have no idea.

I'll comment further later tonight. Just wanted to say it's a great read, and thank you.


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