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the Da Vinci Code redefined

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posted on May, 20 2006 @ 02:55 PM
Here is the Da Vinci Code redefined

1. The Holy Grail is the fact that we are the literal children of Heavenly Parents and Jesus Christ came to fulfill all, every whit to be perfect and sinless to fulfill the Atonement. This may include him being lawfully and holy married thus having children.
2. Jesus Christ could very possibly be married and still be divine without frustrating God the Fathers plans.
3. Many books (Gospels) of other witnesses at the time of Jesus Christ life were not included in the Bible as we have today by the early Catholic Church. These books contained evidence that Jesus Christ may have been married to a Mary.
4. The teaching that Jesus Christ is a literal Son of God, is testified in the New Testament. God the Father and Jesus Christ are separate beings but one in purpose. The definition of the nature of Godhead was changed by the early Catholic church to; God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are only one being in the same.
5. There is no Biblical proof that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute The Catholic Church indeed started teaching that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute to smear her true nature.
6. Satan has control and caused the early Catholic Church covered up the knowledge that all mankind are the literal children of God and that Jesus could not be married because that would reveal the true nature of God the Father, Jesus Christ, where mankind came from and the full potential all man. If the knowledge if the true nature of the godhead was known the Catholic and Christian Churches would fall and loss power over the earth.
7. The descendants of Jesus, if there are any, would be no more an heir then any other worthy saint to be some kind of future leader/s, also taking away power from the invented religions.
8. Any descendants holding the DNA of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene can be traced back to Mary if the remains of Mary Magdalene were found. It will not prove who the father is.
9. The Roman Catholic Church does have an organization, Opus Dei.
10. All Christian Churches stem from their mother church the Catholic church. They too fail to have the knowledge of the true nature of man and God.
11. Satan has power over many churches to keep mankind for knowing the true nature of themselves and the Godhead. Thus he would like to keep it that way to keep his power over the earth.
12. The restored Gospel in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint have the knowledge of Jesus Christ to help them the knowledge of who they really are the true nature of God and to start the ball rolling to fulfill their role as an heir.

How foolish for Christians to put down the idea that Jesus was married. The fact that Jesus Christ being married and having a child doesn’t bother me a bit. It does not change my faith. If fact it strengthens it knowing my elder brother Jesus did the things that I do, having a wife and family. He understands what I’m going through and He is a better example.


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