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poetry by ronishia

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posted on May, 20 2006 @ 03:15 AM
My So Called Life!
A never caring heart is mine
a soul not able to love
a hateful vengence inside my head
A love 4 ever lost.
A shattered heart astray
its not about the memories
why won't you listen to me?
Its not about the hurt, the pain,
its about my tormented life
inside my head, my brain.
I cant handle all this pressure
the constant why's and when's
but my caring heart is gone
back to wence it came.
Ive hardened my soul,ive given my last smile
no-one knows nor understands,
They dont care,they dont listen,
Wheres my life? my heart?
In the sky,
with god, the man.


feeling so lost in my mind
a black haze desends on my soul
Whats wrong with my head?
it hurts.
Whats wrong with my heart?
its breaking.
Whats wrong with my soul?
its dead.

To No-one and All

Dedicated To Society!

Eventually there is happiness,
all the fear has gone,
no-one could harm you,
everyone leaves you alone.
But this only happens in a dream time,
where everyone loves and cares,
but when reality hits us all
we see the pain, the hurt, the tears.
Your trying to overcome the feeling
of not being able to cross the street.
People eyeing your profile,
wondering if your a working girl walking the streets.
Scared of gunfire, explosion and abuse being
thrown throughout the town,
no-one caring enough to stop.
The pain which comes everyday,
on the faces of woman and children,
on the face of society itself.

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