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SETI at Home Team

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 09:30 PM
I never joined a SETI at Home team. I just found you folks. So, since this is the only place I've ever even seen where you can connect with team members (Boinc has zilch info about teams), I guess I will try to join your team at the Boinc website. I switched over to the Boinc Windows interface back in December because my 'Seti Classic' program never uploaded my last data block after they changed the system. Well, I bumbled around and managed to link-up with my old statistics and was somewhat succesful. However, for some ingenious reason, the program could not link up with my statistics compiled between March of 2005 and December of 2005. Not that I think I deserve any special pat on the back for all the numbers my machine crunched over those nine months, I would think that by now, some genious would have figured out how to find where that data went. Another thing that grinds me about the transition to the new SETI at home system, is that I have found no reference anywhere that correlates the new data calculations in terms of the data blocks that the 'classic' system used. Well, as of last December, I had processed 78 data blocks. After I migrated my data to the new system, there was one screen that showed I had 55 blocks credited to my account as of March 2005. Now, the statistics seem pretty much meaningless in terms of the old data block reference. Does anybody know what 'on earth' they did to the database? Do I still have credit for all of my data blocks? Will I help the team if I link up with you? Or is anybody actually doing anything with all of the calculations done? Hello?

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