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Why 9/11? An overview with the Pentagon as starting point

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 06:37 PM
Every once in a while you stumble upon something that is appropriate right when you need it. I think that just happened when I discovered the website of Russell Pickering called

In clear and unbiased language he not only presents what evidence there is with regards to the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon, he also analyses the possible alternative motives behind the 9/11 attacks in general, and draws our focus towards the "Project for the New American Century" or PNAC.

A few quotes.


Why investigate 9/11? The simple answer is because the current administration has failed to do so. The official investigation has been handled poorly by any standards and the information released to the American public well after the fact is woefully inadequate. But yet they have used 9/11 to justify a number of policies that affect us all. That day has changed our world forever and I want to understand why.

If my life had been lost in one of these events I would appreciate people asking honest questions about what happened. That is how I approach this. This is not a partisan effort on my part - it is every citizens right to know. I would ask the same questions of anybody in charge.

Pickering goes through all the evidence as an observer, and moves on to motives:

On PNAC "Who and why?"

The philosophical premise of governing a nation according to Strauss involves basically two things - a noble lie to motivate the people and perpetual war to keep them from becoming too free. Donald Rumsfeld's speech announcing the 2006 Defense Review was entitled "The Long War".

"My conclusion"

Some of the observations here support the "official" story. I can only say I've been diligent and honest in my approach. Whatever I found is what I found. I considered both the official story and the alternative theories every step of the way. I believe if researchers quit arguing over red flags and straw men amongst each other then we can collectively discover what really happened.

Very accurate indeed. We have been bickering over evidence wanting to prove one point or another, but simply have forgotten to look at the big picture. I too am guilty as charged with regards to that I must add. What is going on right now is a "keep ´em divided and guessing" game. We should probably stop and ask ourselves how we can move forward in a serious way with supporters from both camps -now so strongly divided- working together asking the Why question, while we still can in freedom.

"The Big Picture"

They deceived us into the Middle East but they will resort to force to keep us there. They truly believe they know what's best for the world and the individual human being doesn't matter to them. I for one am standing up and saying their imagined utopia does not justify their means.

"Life after 9/11"

"The Bush administration announced Thursday that the U.S. government will not hand over control of the Internet to any other organization, a surprise move that could presage an international flap" (Source). The United States Department of Commerce has total authority over the 13 computers that comprise the core of the address directory of the Internet -- the only source of free and honest information that we have left in the world. The president can have the Internet's domain name resolution system shut down literally with a few keystrokes.

Yes, D.N.S. the core of the internet. If you want the answer to who is behind the NWO I can now safely state that PNAC is part of an American branche of a NWO controlling Terra Firma, cyber- and outer space... Is this the N.W.O. that GWB spoke of in the nineties?

Interestingly enough, if you do look at the big picture and overlay the PNAC document entitled "Rebuilding America´s Defenses" you come to several stunning conclusions (well I did). For one that all that has been happening since early 2001 with regards to changes in law, foreign and domestic U.S. politics, defense spending and war strategy has come true to the letter. Yes, Iran will be next.

To read all pages on this website took me about two hours, and IMO it was time very well spent. To me, Russell Pickering is a voice of reason amongst so many arguments flying around from divided camps.

Click here to enter from the start
Click here to read "Who and Why?"
Click here to read "My Conclusions"
Click here to read "The Big Picture"

Spend those two hours. Regardless of what your views of the events of 9/11 may be, you´ll be glad you did.


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