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Laura Bush Speaks in Vermont.

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 02:37 PM
I just met Laura Bush!

Today (Friday May 19th) the First Lady spoke to about 300 people at a campaign fundraiser in Essex, Vermont. The fundraiser was for Martha Rainville a republican running for congress.

When Laura Bush speaks today at The Inn at Essex, she will fire up a couple hundred Vermont Republican faithful and bring in thousands of campaign dollars for the party and congressional candidate Martha Rainville.

Burlington Free Press

I spoke with the First Lady and she was really freindly, she spent about 30mins shanking hands, and signing autographs.

So, nice. There were some vulgar protesters, a sad group of 10 to 15 who had profane signs with four letter words...sad.

-- Boat

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 04:06 PM
Hey Boatphone,

I also got to meet the First Lady and GW when I was back in D.C. last November/December.

And you are right, they are both very nice in person.

And, it is sad that the protesters couldn't make their point without resorting to expletives.

But it's one thing to be a "nice person" i.e. "personable", and quite another to pursue policies which are wrongheaded and result in damage to our nation, and others.

This becomes especially true when death is involved; it seems we in America are becoming more and more willing to use our military muscle in an attempt to solve problems. And, sometimes you just gotta' do it, 'cause there is no other way.

But we really, really need to be sure that we are doing it as a last resort because, although our military is the best, and very good at what they do, our politico's still have yet to figure out how to restore the lives of the innocent who are killed or maimed as a result of these policy decisions.

This should be incumbent on the president and his wife, too, be they "nice" or not...

Vulgarity is, well, vulgar...but seeing some innocent civilians with their brains splattered all over the place will beat "profane" protesters in the vulgarity category every time...hands down.

I am aware this is a judgement call on my part...others would disagree with this, and that's fine...

I see you were an Eagle Scout...I only made it to "Life"...2 mb's short before I lost interest...

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