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Denver, CO Bird Flu Sept 05

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 12:04 AM
Here's my experience. I was traveling with 45 people doing an audition tour around the United States. We were all a flight from Denver to S.F. and while we were waiting to board the plane we noticed an asian lady, she was with 2 other asian ladies, who was pacing back and forth, mummbling to herself with sweat rolling down her face. She threw up twice before we started to board the flight. I went and asked the lady at the counter if she was going to be allowed on the flight and was told yes, there is no reason not to let her on the flight.
We are on the flight, she is sitting abut 10 rows behind my right shoulder. After about 45 minutes of sitting on the plane with not announcements as to why we had not left yet, two stewartesses walked up and stopped behind me in the Emergency Exit row. I heard them whispering and turned and asked what was going on and if they were going to explain why we had not left yet.
I was told that there was a sick passanger on the plane who just got back from Thailand and that she told the stewartesses that she thinks she may have the bird flu. 10 minutes later they made an announcement.
3 hours after we had boarded the plane 3 paramedics, 2 sherriffs, as well as airport security boarded the plane and asked the lady to exit the plane with them. She refused and told them she need to get to S.F., they finally, after 30 minutes, convinced her to leave the plane. When she was walking off she took her jacket off. On the back of her neck was an open sore about the size of a golf ball, she also had at least 5 of these sores on both arms as well. These were open sores, like if you had a large scab and picked it off. She walked right by me and I saw them first hand and up close.
And hour later the plane finally left.
The airline made no comment about this. Once in S.F. I called the Airline, Denver Airport, Denver Health Dept and the Denver Police Dept. They all refused to comment.

I called the airline everyday for 2 weeks and was told that they had no comment, but would be contacting the passengers. None of the 45 people I was traveling with, including myself, ever heard from the airline.

My question is did anyone hear anything about this, espcially in the Denver area????

All 45 of us are fine, no one has gotten sick. To be honest, it still freaks us all out a little bit.

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