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Is Russia the "Crouching Tiger" for WWIII?

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posted on May, 18 2006 @ 07:32 PM
As many of you guy's on ATS, I have been keeping an eye out on the conflict's of the world and am always wanting to keep up on the "Action's and Effect's" of certain group's and countries.
While I was doing a little self searching, I came across this article and tried to locate it in the threads board and could not find anything on it.
(So, forgive me MOD's if this has been posted before:roll

Anyways, I was wondering if the literature that I am about to unleash on you could be a probable preminition of thing's to come. I know that statement sound's as if it should belong on the "Paranormal" or even the "Conspiracy" thread's, but I can't be sure where to place it,except for here.(Once again MOD'S, feel free to self diagnosis of this find and properly place it if I am wrong.)

It seem's as if the Russian KGB may not be as dismantled as one would be supposed to think. The story isn't really that long, but some may considerate of length. The story at hand was initially written in 2004, but the place that I had found it was dated for today. You can access the story by clicking on this link below:

How much validity is in this story is another issue, but I was wondering if there could be something to it and welcome all input to this change of event's and the possible "Stage" of them from here on out.

Once again, MOD'S, feel free to correct me, I wasn't sure where to share this information.


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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 06:30 AM
Thats nothning new!!!The hole Soviet Union collapse was a big fake!!!So powerful goverment organisation as KGB in Russia after ''collapse'' cant so quietly disapear!!!Moust of Soviet Union leaders was from KGB!!And now president Putin is also from KGB or how it is call today FSB!!!They military production is at full speed!!I have been in Russia in Demedova and Chelabinsk and have seen how powerfull is military production there!!And thats only official sites of military production!!We simply dont know whats hapennig there!I have frend that worked in Russian army as instruktor.He said that russians is using Checnya as training ground-there fight only new recruits under officers command!After 6 mounth serving there they call them back and send next recruits!!(sorry my writing)

posted on May, 19 2006 @ 01:27 PM
The 12th largest economy and a declining population does not a superpower make. Sure they have lots of smart people, but the ambitious ones get on airplanes headed for America.

posted on May, 19 2006 @ 04:27 PM
As far as Ceaucescu (and his wife) being shot for refusing to abdicate on orders from the Russkies, (as reported in the article) that is an interesting idea; however, there was a FRONTLINE special on the Ceacescus, and they made a pretty convincing argument that he and his wife were hauled off, "tried", and executed so quickly because the level of corruption was so deep in the Romanian government.

The Ceaucescus were so widely and deeply hated by the Romanians that it was a convenient thing to haul them off and kill them before they could stand an open trial and point fingers at others.

To me this just seems like a more realistic explanation, and involves less spookery...

As far as Chechnya understanding (based only on media reports and what I can find on the web or in print) suggests that Russia is having a pretty rough time with corruption, drug use, and alcohol related issues in Chechnya.

Not to mention that they haven't exactly "won" there...

I suppose it can help educate the Russian military in command and control issues, as well as exposing "untried" soldiers to the reality of war, ala the "scorched earth" variety.

But the war they are fighting there now is primarily against a "non-conventional" force, and I believe that most of the equipment they are up against is of Russian manufacture...with the possible exception of some Stingers...not something they are likely to face in a "World War III" type of slugfest.

just my $.02

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by El Tiante
The 12th largest economy and a declining population does not a superpower make. Sure they have lots of smart people, but the ambitious ones get on airplanes headed for America.

Nah, the smart and ambitious ones will be heading for China...includes me too, I'm going to open a chain of English Takeaways and make my fortune

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