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Bilderberg, Skulls&Bones, Bohemian Groove, what else??

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posted on May, 18 2006 @ 05:08 PM
I know that Bush and Co, have a real view of the apocalypse coming soon and the return of JC. All those membership to those secrets societies lead their decisions.

Bush is a member of Bohemian Grove, Skulls&Bones and Bilderberg.

I try to find how those membership affects the decisions made by our dirigeants. Also I would like to find if the iran's president is member of any secret society of the Apocalypse and the so-called return of the Mahdi and I would like also to know the view of the apocalypse and the return of JC view by the Israeli leaders.

Do you think that how they view the end of the world and the return of their own messies will lead their decisions and ultimately the end of the world or a HUGE world war to accomplish their ideas?

If their view is leading their actions and wars from the religion end of the world viewpoint, we need to do something before they nuke everyone for the sake of their religion!

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 05:19 PM
Organized religion is full of inconsistancies, that even the Mullahs and Bushes cant sort out...

for instance: Islam hates jews, yet they worship the teachings of abraham, isiah, issac... namely- a bunch of jews...

then there is the Jewish idea of messiah (not universal among jews)is that he hasn't come yet, but will... and then they get the reward of the chosen ones, they die...

the christian viewpoint of the last days is (also not universal among christians) that Christ will come down, and give us all everlasting life...

so the jews die for thier thousands of years of faith, while the Christians (late comers, not the chosen) get to go to heaven... WTF?

So if anyone can construct enough of a consistant prophesy to expound upon, that all 3 religions might agree on, then we can get somewhere in this "end days" rap...
until then, they are just ranting the same thing that their ancestors did, for thousands of years...
he is coming... he is coming... and 2000 years from now, they will realize, that maybe he wont show afterall (or maybe already came, and they missed him)

BTW- WW1, WW2 suffices the requirement of armageddon, as much as our present times IMO so maybe we did miss it, and whatever is left, is just games devils play...

and also, you mention the many groups that Bush is a member of...
what about being a member of one of the most notorious drug dealing families of the last century? (see sig)

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