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I know all-sort of + TIPS

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posted on May, 17 2006 @ 04:33 AM

If you've been receiving letters/chain mail the answer to how this has gotten its way around to you is simple...

EVER sign up for one of those home business sites for some info..____
Ever sign up for any and just about anything out there on the net from unknown companies such as individuals sites and FREE stuff offers....____

If your answer to one or both in YES, then they've got ur address/etc... How do I know this, well before signing up for tons of FREE stuff INFO. on the net, I NEVER gotten these, well I did sign up for LEGIT stuff, LEGIT known companies for stuff-no letters(sometimes no free products either..
), however after signing up for FREE HOME BUSINESS info from a pay to click offers/ads site I started receiving these-and the guy who called me up (on the home business-I requested info..but didn't really want to, as I just wanted Credit for the site, etc...) said that EVERY ONE that is working in this KNOWS everything u inputed from the signup/submit site.. SO I can't unsecribe to all. However I continue to get millions/well tons of home business offers(email) from a different person/company. Many of these are DATING sites..

Remember the very FIRST guy that offered the get rich quick theme on TV, ah! didn't you see after that how this all came about massively..


They say its free and but on the last page ask for your Credit card info. DON'T because most of the scams about getting rich are by Identity theft. (most legit offers only ask for your mailing address, name, Bdate, etc.....)--ALSO CAN send youot CHAIN LETTERs/SECRET SOCIETYs stuff only info.., etc.. but most likely not up to par on doing Identity theft...

Remember to get Rich the cheap butted way
is to look behind the scammers scam which equals to do what he/she just done to you and that is to send millions of letters out create fake sites/offer free non existent products, take your identity (IDENTITY THEFT), etc...

IF anyone sends you a letter about for example mailing letters you just lick and send, but ask for money in advance-DON'T it is A SCAM, the scam is mailing that letter over and over again hoping someone with BITE the BAIT...

BE SMART and THINK! only then will you find out how you get these mailing/emails, phone calls etc.. (usually the can't get me on phone 'cause I have dialup and only one line and I am signed on for just about the whole day thru AOL at the time of this writing I have AOL)... Once I started looking back and thinking about how I have gotten these It became clear to me how I get/got these...

By the way if anyone is interested I disagree with this site on about 98.99 %-99.99% of the stuff listed here. However I just really signed up to post this info....and that's all..

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 08:43 AM
The 'advertiser' of the'Get Rich Quick' scheme, is always the one getting rich.

This has been a problem since it first started with snail-mail'

The moral of this story is always the same. Don't ever sign up for anything 'free' !! It is never truly free!

Better to do business with known and trusted companies and individuals. They also may sell some of your information, though. Like your email address, street address, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

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