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I Once Dreamed of Liberty (Op/Ed)

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

There are two sides to every story.

I have memories of sunshine and green grass. The dew dampened my toes and the fruit was plentiful. Then, the nightmare came suddenly. It came with a smile and encouraged trust and friendship and sharing. It never occurred to anyone that the sharing would be one-sided, and we let the strangers in and taught them survival skills.

It was a time when there was no need to write laws on paper for we carried the laws in our heart. Like savages they stole and pushed as if it were their given right. They wanted more and more. Not of a need, but, only for profit. They ravaged the earth hunting for the yellow rock. They massacred peoples and trees. They horded and still they wanted more.

The treaties were lies and the cleverness with which they executed these strange new laws was a mystery. They wrote on paper for themselves and for their own thoughts of grandeur. Who would have thought that one island sold would have uprooted us the way they did the trees and that their independence would enslave so many.

A great nation was downtrodden and they carried this strange madness over the globe and brought others here to do their hard labor.

The world has been pilfered by a few who sought to secure the fortunes of diamonds, gold and precious metals for themselves for they believe money rules and they answer to no one.

I was always fair, tried to live just, loved my neighbor as myself, tended my own business and my mind was peaceful until the invasion of covert manipulation.

The other side must surely understand your current concerns.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 01:17 AM

Originally posted by DYepes

When have you or someone you know been arrested for doing sometihng that is illegal now that was not illegal 30 years ago? How exactly has your life or anyone's you know been directly affected and made worst since these "attacks on our liberties" ?

I am not attacking your opinion at all, I just want to ask these questions. Because it seems you want to make it seem everyones life in this cioutnry has become horrible and that we are living in slave days where we must fall in line with everything. As far as I know, everything that I am doing now, I was doing since I can remember. Same goes for everyone I know. So I would just like to know how you or your friends/family have been affected by all of these attacks on liberty?

I am not saying it is ok to create a police state, I am not defending the loss of freedoms, I am not even defending any wiretapping, phone recording. I just honestly want to inquire how you or anyone you know has been affected by our loss of liberty. And this inquiry is not specifically directed at Skeptic Overlord either, I want to here from anyone ele.

I do not want to here attacks that I am defending tyranny, or the destruction of the Constitution, I just want to hear answrs to my questions. Because I cannot recall a moment where any of ths has directly affected anyone i know, so I want to know how it has affected others. I am simply curious is all.

Think about it this way.. How much more progress would we have made if we weren't handicapped by patents and product competition. So many people don't realise that you can't broaden such a complex issue into what you can get arrested for. In the context of this constantly changing landscape we cannot afford to make static observations, in my opinion. The best way, I find, is to try to pick out not-so-much single events, but to actually look at how they progress. This way patterns can be seen throughout history that, if more people saw them, a greater view of the bigger picture would be apparent eventually.
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