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If there is another 911 event...will elections be suspended?

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posted on May, 16 2006 @ 10:55 AM
I'm starting this thread to get a feel for what people think may happen after another 911 type attack. I personally feel that elections would be cancelled and a full police state would ensue... giving bush a virtual dictatorship over our nation...which is almost where it seems to be going.

Considereing the report that he has already broken 750 that he feels he is not required to
Bush has laready showed us in numerous occasions that he is the one who makes the decisions nad he is the decider(aka dictator IMHO) and has repeatedly tried to consolodate power to his office.. to hell with the other two branches of govt.

I can't help but feel another 911 is on its way and that it would be the perfect excuse to suspend elections. maybe im going alittle off the deep end here.... and if im wrong then nothing happens... but what if im right?

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by TONE23
I can't help but feel another 911 is on its way

Yep. It could happen today. It could happen 5 years from now.
But it definately will happen. I have no question about it.

As far as a terrorist attack being an excuse to put off elections ...
September 11th was election day in NYC. The attacks happened
mid morning. Some people had voted. Many had not. Some
voted and then went to work at WTC and died.

What did NYC do? I believe the elections were rescheduled and
reheld. All votes that had been cast were cancelled and it was
started over. I could be wrong, but that's what I heard.

I would think the same thing would happen. If a terrorist attack
happened that hampered voting, then the voting would be
rescheduled for a month or two out so that people could get
to voting polls.

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 08:12 AM
not a bad start flyer..(BTW im originally from the philly area.. go flyers!!

In the first part of your response you said that

But it definately will happen. I have no question about it.

This statement leaves me with two questions?

Who do you think was behind the first 911? And secondly, Who will be behind the next one.

I feel that who is behind the actual attacks,foreign terrorists... or domesric govt job, can seriously influence the outcome of this hypothetical situation. If it is the work of foreign terrorists then i believe your answer that elections would be postponed and rescheduled is correct... BUT.. if it is a govt job then I would have to say that maybe elections would be outright suspended since it would be a one of the goals of such a corrupted system as part of its usurpation of power.
I loook forward to ontinuing this thread; but first, I guess it would help me alot more if i knew who you thought was the culprit of the first 911.. thanks for taking the time to answer flyer -

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