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British airship R101 ghosts

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posted on May, 16 2006 @ 04:44 AM
(I couldn't find anything about this by searching the forum, if there are any old threads, pointers are appreciated!)

While writing my reply to this thread I started to think of other possible catalysts and I remembered a book I once had called The airmen who would not die by John G Fuller, which sparked my interest to ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

What I'm interested in, are there any other books or other research which mentions the airship R101? My internet searches have been mostly unsuccessful and they either have no new information or refer to the abovementioned book. The Wikipedia article doesn't mention the paranormal aspect at all, which isn't really surprising.

Very good article about the fate of R101 can be found from The Airship Heritage Trust page for R101 crash.

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