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Outrage Over Domestic Phone Recordings, Immigration Hype, More,...Could It Be A Great Diversion?

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posted on May, 16 2006 @ 01:54 AM

I had got to thinking, first of all, Immigration has always been, well, what it is
basically. But suddenly, it's got a lot of attention. A lot of hype.

Then, someone leaking to the media info (or disinfo?) that many telecommunication companies have been giving to the NSA recordings of all our phone calls - that sure is something that has gotten quite a few people all riled up - and their thoughts turned inward, towards their own privacy being invaded.

Then, the controversial CIA director's replacement nominee, Hayden, being involved with the NSA - another worry for the people. That's a lot of material for the media to be throwing at the public all at once.

But..........why? I wonder is the acting director of the CIA, Porter Gross being
replaced anyway? Could it have anything to do with the fact that just less than 2
weeks ago, HardToGet's excellent article came out, implicating George Herbert Walker Bush's deep involvement in the JFK assasination? And the fact that Porter Gross, who is now being replaced must have knowledge of the assasination that he, and others most certainly would prefer that he not be around to be questioned about it?

I didn't hear of the exact reason given for the replacement. However, be it his retirement, resignation, his term is up, or whatever, it seems to me that while all this immigration hoopla is going on, along with the outrage at the major telecommunications companies having recordings of our private conversations, and the involvement with the NSA of Mr. Gross's replacement (nominee), I guess that the reason for the need for a replacement has been swept under the rug??????

I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't heard anything about the reason for
the replacement. Are all the major media reporters stupid? (I don't think so). Are they being highly paid to "ignore" the new information regarding one of the most famous conspiracies? (Maybe)? Are they being extorted?

I don't know the answer really to thise questions, but certainly ATSer are not the
only ones who have read the excellent article and work done by HardToGet. As a
matter of fact, yesterday, I typed into Google, "JFK murder" (without the quotes),
and all kinds of stuff came up, most implicating George Herbert Walker Bush.

Today, I tried the same search, and most everything that came up yesterday is now gone. Strange? Or what?

Or am I missing something myself, and am mistaken in tying the two together? That's possible - for sure. But...... just in case I'm not wrong, and the media is leaving out a huge chunk of information, then perhaps someone ought to notify them?

Just thinkin'



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