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David and Goliath

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posted on May, 16 2006 @ 12:09 AM
As a Newbie to the forum I hope this hasn't been covered before...
I am interested in how the different sides in ths conflict see their respective roles?
Do the insurgents see themselves as taking part in a David and Goliath type battle (excuse the Christian reference in a Muslim context) and therefore having the "moral Right" in this Jihad?
We all have an inbuilt appreciation for the underdog whether it be Rebel Alliance vs The Evil Empire in Star Wars to the local football team taking on the State champs. Obviously this is a lot more serious than that but I remember growing up here in Australia and hearing about Pearl Harbour and thinking how evil the Japanese where in attacking a country - unprovoked! It was never taught in schools here about the facts and provacations from both sides that lead to the conflict it was only "edited" to your countries point of view over the conflict.
Although I support our troops 100% the whole WMD thing bothers me - I mean if Saddam was such a tyrant wouldn't he have used SOMETHING if he had it against an invading army? or at least set himself up as a matyr to the other Arab nations by using them on Israel?
This is a man who used it against his own people (albeit on a sectarian basis).
It will be interesting to see how, in a 100 years from now, (when the real motivations both sides of this conflict are known) just who was "right" and who was "wrong" or maybe - did it really matter?
September 11 was a turning point in world history - as an act of inconceivable horror or an act of sublime bravado - good or bad depending on your (it almost seems) geographical upbringing.
The whole terrorism thing has been bought home to us here through horrors like the Bali Bombings etc so this is a world wide conflict and our neighbors are the biggest Muslim nation in the world so there is a certain air of uneasiness prevailing over the hint of a larger conflagration - especially since most of our "Elite" troops are holed up in Afghanistan/Iraq etc.
Sorry if this is ranting but I would love some honest feedback from people who perhaps don't have an agenda to push.
Hope I don't get banned.....

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 01:26 AM
Just as an add-on, Does anyone think that Australia would jump into a conflict with Iran as quickly if asked by the Bush Administration?
The way public opinion is here at the moment I think this would be political suicide for any Australian Govt unless (again) the WMD/World Stability edict were used again.
But this time the spectre of Nuclear weapons appears to be a more plausable scenario.

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