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Denied an account

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:03 PM
So much for free info exchange and disclosure huh?

There's a site I just found and has a moderated forum...all about alien/paranormal/Serpo...etc...thought that in addition to ATS I could learn even more.


I registered and was denied and account. No reason offered. Just denied.

The forum seems pretty slow anyway as it's mainly about Serpo and now some new project called Seinu.

Seems pretty interesting that now there's a "new" disclosure taking place...especially with Serpo seemingly dead in the water.

My rant: a site claiming to be welcoming and open and all about exchange of information and ideas that will, without reason deny a potential member.

Not that I have a wealth of information to share, but I think I offer a fairly level headedness and intelligent outlook on the whole alien thing. Having my own experiences and my own ideas and always remaining open to new information...

Their loss. It's just irks me that they don't practice what they preach. Denying access to those not known to them, or based on screen name...I have no idea why they denied me an account really (my screen name was to be relativelygeneric)...I'm interested in the Serpo thing and have sort of been following the drama (like a soap opera).

The site

Wondering if anyone else was recently denied an account? Were you given a reason or just the one line email I received?

The site likely isn't worth my time anyway, but still...when you're looking for information you can never have too much.

There isn't even a contact info for the site admin...which is a bit wonky as well. Suppose you have to have an account for that privilaged info huh? hee hee

Ah well...their loss. Besides which I'm quite happy with ATS! The Mods are great and it is a welcoming environment regardless of experiences and ideals. I've learned so much since finding this site and it never ceases...still wading through a ton of threads and really is an amazing network and I'm quite grateful to have found it AND been granted and account LOL.


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