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Bush's Speech Tonight

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 09:45 PM
Not 100% sure if this belongs here, but it is something current.

Bush's speech tonight on Illegal Immigration was a failure. The President and the Senate are not listening to the American people. The House of Representatives, seems to be the only one listening.

Now while I am all for the House bill, after listening to Bush's speech, and some thinking over the last few days. I think I have a solution that will make the Conservative base, and those who want Amnesty....

While i disagree with most of what Bush said, I do agree we have to stop the flow of Illegals. I also agree that it is impossible to round up 11-20 million people and deport them. But I have come to a comprimise on the issue. Please hear me out, and give me your feedback. Good and Bad!

1) While it may be immposible to round up 11-20 million Illegals and deport them, what about having them round up themselves. What if the US sets a date for all Illegals to report themselves. Once done, they will be deported. And for 2-5 years be not elligable to apply for citizenship. Once they turn themselves in, they will be fingerprinted, have DNA drawn, and also a retina scan. They are to go back to their country of origin and apply at the end of the line.

2) Those willing to help build a border fence. And as far as I'm concerned, it should be a DRACONIAN border fence, will have the 2-5 year period waved, and be able to get in line behind all those who have already gone through proper channels.

3) Those who do not turn themselves in, by the deadline, and any Illegals who are caught after the deadline, will be barred forever, from becoming a US citizen. The choice is simple. Register and go throught the proper channels, or be barred forever.

4) Increase the amount of LEGAL guest workers, and the amount of LEGAL immigrants to the US. But if you break the law in coming hre and are caught, you are entered into the database, and barred from forever from coming here.

This will take some big money to make happen. But create the data base.. With fingerprints, DNA, and retinal scans, we should be able to weed out those who are here ILLEGALY.

Those who follow the program, will be given a chance in the future to become citizens. Those who contribute to a DRACONIAN wall on the border, will only have to go to the back of the existing line.

5) Any person, company who hires unregistered Illegals,, should be fined and possibly jailed. Shut down the incentives for Illegals to come to the US, and they may stay away.

While this solution may not be perfect. It will give the US an idea of who is here, by those turning themselves in. And in by doing that, although they may have to leave, they are given the chance to come back. For those who do not register, then they are to be treated like the CRIMINALS they are!

Those who don't register will IMMEDIATELY be deported, once found. IF this is not possible, then they will be jailed on working Farms, where even in incarceration they can be productive.

I'm also willing to let those who register, bring along their immediate families. Those who don't, will be incarcerated in this country and work the jobs, that Americans don't want, to earn towards their release. Rest assured their release will be DEPORTATION to their country of origin. But while on the work farms, they will earn no money, to send home. They will be working off their sentence.

6) As for those who voluntarily turn themselves in...You say they do jobs,, Americans will not do. Then make the able bodied people on WELFARE do these jobs. The money they earn will be deducted from their Govt. check. If the able bodied, do not want to work, Then they recieve NOTHING!!!

And for those who cry about this injustice....I'm willing to help these AMERICANS better themselves. All they have to do is be willing to show that they are willing to work.

And for any of you over the age of 30, these WERE the jobs we took in high school!! It's time America learned that nothing is free.. Even if you have to work a SH*TTY job,, prove to me you are willling to work. And I'll bend over backwards to help you.

Now this is my idea to solve the illegal immigration problem.

But 1st and foremost, stop the flow at the border. Once this is done, I'm willing to compromise on what to do with those already here. But until the US Govt. is willing to stop the flow at the borders,, then I propose these solutions and only these. If the Govt is willing to shut down the borders, then and ONLY THEN am I willing to negotiate about what to do with those who are here!

BUT, I think my solution answers both problems. Please give me your thoughts on this. Positive or negative!!!

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:02 PM
From what I heard, he is just using it as a smoke screen. I think Bush is up to something. I do know that back in 2003, a bill was introduced to reinstate the draft. I think this is just the prelude to that, as he will ask Congress for that, they refuse and then the draft bill is introduced, as a secondary bill, using it as a compromise, costing less than what would be originally asked for.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:22 PM
You know what?- I have been here a considerable amount of time. (On ATS) I have seen many things. I have never felt the outrage?, maybe that's a abadword- the MISCONCEPTION, of an issue. Especiallly by patriots. (Whom I feel the majority of my fellow board members are.) WE ARE A COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANTS! I for one welcome the knowledge; that I, safe here in America, don't have to second guess that I'M IN THE RIGHT freakin country!!!

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:38 PM

Alright, the fish conspiracy is finally here:

And I don't know how the hell I ended up in this forum- with the the translation from fish to immigration- SEE, the perch have me now. Thanks ATS'ers

posted on May, 16 2006 @ 08:24 AM


posted on May, 16 2006 @ 08:36 AM
it was Charlie Rangel (D-NY) who put foward the 'draft' bill. No one else backed it and it never passed..........PAY ATTENTION to the world around you and stop promoting lies.

posted on May, 16 2006 @ 05:24 PM
I think the border security, with the drones and motion sensors, sounds very overkill. It gives me the opposite reaction to the secure feeling that was intended, the feeling of being locked in the country. I think this is a measure to prevent people from skipping town in the event of a military draft or just plain old persecution in this country.

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by OctopusDr
I think the border security, with the drones and motion sensors, sounds very overkill. It gives me the opposite reaction to the secure feeling that was intended, the feeling of being locked in the country. I think this is a measure to prevent people from skipping town in the event of a military draft or just plain old persecution in this country.

OctopusDr, I disagree with you completely. Border security is the most important thing in our way of life.

Let me state here!!!! I have NO problem with LEGAL immigrants coming into this country. Hell, they are the ones who built this country. But I have a MAJOR problem with these illegals....

To offer them Amnesty....Heck, why not offer me Amnesty after I rob a bank. I broke the law. But I was only trying to support my family!!!

Americas role is not to support the world. If the world wants our support, then they sure as HELL better let us control them. It's bad enough I pay taxes so able bodied American s can sit at home and collect a welfare check!

To use drones and motion sensors is a joke. WHen thay use drones and motion sensors to secure DC, maybe then I'll give it a thought. Until then, we should put the military on the border, and stop these invaders. And for those of you who whine they are not invaders...BS. Their govt is supportive of what they are doing, and helps them do it.

Not only should the Nationl Guard be put on the border....They should be required to shoot first and ask questions later....

You don't like this...then leave!!! There are a lot of socialist contries in this world who are wiling to tax you to death. I hate paying taxes, but atleast if I have to pay them, they should go to AMERICANS. And I have a hard enought time with that.

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