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To all of my “children:” It’s the same as it ever was…..

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 08:47 PM
…and it’s time for you to grow up!

This idea you have that I will fulfill your requests just simply because you asked is beyond reproach. And it’s arrogant.

You’ve asked me to get you that job. You’ve asked me to make the lottery numbers match yours. You even had the audacity to make promises of one kind or another if I did these things for you; believing that I somehow have any interest in bartering with you. You’ve asked me get to get you that “C” when all you’ve done is get drunk instead of studying. You’ve asked me to get you that “A” when you’re level of intellect doesn’t allow it.

You’ve asked me to find the woman or man of your dreams. And when you found that person; you thanked me; as if I had something to do with it!! When you get divorced will it be because of something I did? You thank me when your children do well and curse me when tragedy befalls them as if I’m the “man behind the curtain”. You berate yourself when you fail and thank me when you succeed! Where did you learn to be so self-loathing? Why must you always impose this responsibility upon me?

You’ve killed in my name and yet you refer to me as merciful and loving. You proclaim me as benevolent as long as it’s within your own borders. Those outside your geographical borders will suffer my wrath. You believe that I cause hurricanes; tsunamis; and earthquakes. According to you, when thousands die of these natural disasters, it’s because of their failure to worship me. You are arrogant and suffer from your own stupidity. You bring enough tragedy upon yourselves. You don’t need my help!

You preach to your followers that I’m always looking down on them to judge whenever they do wrong. You preach that when they “sin” they must be forgiven by me. Why? You preach that they must worship me and my son in order to enter my house. What kind of a father would I be if I told my children they aren’t allowed in my house if they don’t worship me? What kind of a father plays these kinds of mind games? Yet, you shamefully teach the meek and the weak that I do this very thing. You preach everyone has a mission and that I am the designer and engineer of your purpose and yet; you proclaim that you have free-will. You can’t have both!

You commit sins against your fellow man and then ask ME to forgive you! I don’t understand how gaining my forgiveness absolves you of your guilt. You haven’t done anything to me. You can’t do anything to me. I cannot be touched, heard, seen, smelled, or tasted. For I am simply a figment of your imagination!! I am a fable passed down from one of your generation to the next for the purpose of controlling one-another. Unfortunately, so many of you are out of control despite your proclaimed beliefs in me.

So I am done! I have decided to retire and it’s time to kick you out of the tree. You’re on your own. If you need me, you won’t be able to find me. I’ll be sunning on a beach and sipping a cocktail someplace they call “God’s Country” and I’m NOT taking my cell phone. You’ll just have to pull yourself up on your own; which means nothing will be different. It’ll be the same as it ever was.


[edit on 15-5-2006 by Freedom_for_sum]


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