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turk is back

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posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 09:43 AM
wow what a change in the old ats and everyone seems tenzzz theze dayz on da'board

chatting last night with the brothers of chaos i found there are now thingz we cant say on the worldz favorite cosnpriacy board how strange is that

the turk wants to know and also say - HEY YA! - I've been unavoidably detained the past 60 dayz or so and am now back on and back in the fight to fight da'good fight and take names and leave the bodies for the paramedics to sort out afterwards

special hi-ya to Colonel and thomas crowne I missed you bad azzez most of all and how many think the william-draginrider episode was a dizinformation diztraction for all the fighters fighting the good fight huh?

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