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The Irish Did It.

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 04:25 PM

Originally posted by newworldorder
Hello, I am from Ireland and I think this theory is quite nonsense. How the hell could Irish people benefits from killing random people like this?

Well there's a novel idea: come up with suspects based on who has benefited and go from there.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 04:50 PM
BT, yes the IRA train other terrorist organisations, like i said, wrote the hand book, and yes they do have links to other socialist terrorist organisations,like ETA and FARC, three members of the IRA were recently on trial in columbia for training guerillas, google ''the columbia three'', and i think sinseerly that if you dig deep enough you will find links to every anti capitalist terror group in the world, but i really don't think they set the explosives in the WTC.

by all means though, reasearch it, if i can help in any way i will, i'll start you off, here is the sinn fein website ,they're the IRA's pollitical wing and here's a good blog on northern ireland. they won't offer too much along the way of WTC conspiracy (masons on the other hand) but they'll give you an understanding of the situation so searching is easier, and so you know who's who. i also recomend you either use or as they'll bring up the most local sites first and there'll be less dis-info on them. i look forward to your conclusions. i do advise, when dealing with this subject, keep in mind the high levels of propoghanda from all sides.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 06:46 PM
Personally I would find it more plausible for an Irish Cell to have a greater chance of success pulling off 911 than I would a bunch of middle eastern misfits.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 07:09 PM
posts I have ever seen on here I'm afraid. Some simple documentary facts:

1) The Provisional IRA did indeed have links with the North Africa - not the Middle East. The training sites were in Lybia.

2) Training took place in a number of camps in the Bekka Valley - however camps for different organisations took place in different locations - more likely Provo IRA would train with ETA (both coming from Catholic countries)

3) The IRA's stated aim was that of the targeting of Political and Economic targets in the Province and on Mainland Britain.

4) NY and NJ have allways been heartlands to the IRA's strongest supporters in the USA (personnal observation here)

5) The 9/11 attack probably contributed more to the current collapse of the Army Council (the IRA leadership) than any political attempt at brokering a FULL cease fire solution since 1972. They simply realised that the world had changed and from now on attitudes to terrorism would change so much. In that if they had been involved they would have scored the most momentous "Own Goal" .

6) A word on munitions and the average provo soldier - in the late '70s a bar in the Anderson Town area of Belfast exploded - no idea why - no claim from the opposing forces. The story was peiced together by a British EOD specialist. Two guys had been spotted drinking in the bar then met two other guys and were seen handing over a bag. A couple of hours later someone shouts "Bomb" and dashes from the bar.

He reasoned - two guys drink, meet contacts from the South - bomb is handed over - more drinks - others leave - more drinks - one says to other how do we prime this ? Like this says the other - look at each other - OOOOOOPPPPSS (or probably stronger) BANG

This is'nt a joke - its taken from a book called Bombs Kill People - I cant remember the authors name - but I read it whilst doing my degree.

True that when the Provos bombed Derry town hall in the 70's they took out the interior of the building and left the ouside totally unharmed - leading one commentator to say no professional demolitions expert could have done better!

Sorry but I'm afraid that dog has fleas.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 08:44 PM

This was started simply to show how easy it is to create a conspiracy out of nothing.

It worked perfectly.

From the original link.

What makes a conspiracy theory? Read some 9/11-related articles and sites, you might think it's a list of what are claimed to be anomalies in the official account of what happened, but that doesn't seem enough to us.

After all, if you're building conspiracy theories by raising individual questions alone then you can "prove" just about anything you like. All it takes is a little selective research, emphasising the points you make, ignoring anything to the contrary, and you're done. Want to prove that the Irish were involved in 9/11, for instance? Let's see if that's possible. And keep in mind that, although we're using real news reports, this theory is just fiction. We just want to see what you can create from nothing

Also the conclusion,

On the other hand, a conspiracy theory can't rely on the number of "anomalies" alone. Because as we've seen, you can find issues, and questions, and coincidences anywhere, if you look for long enough and aren’t interested in contrary information. A true theory is something more, something that links all these points together in a coherent whole, and, crucially, makes more sense than the alternative explanations.

In 9/11 terms, for instance, that doesn't just mean saying "I don’t think there’s enough wreckage at the Pentagon for a plane, it was probably a missile instead". It also involves finding a plausible reason why you would use anything other than Flight 77, and risk the whole conspiracy if you were discovered.

And it doesn't just mean saying "thermite in the basement would explain the reports of molten steel". It also means explaining why thermite is required at all, calculating how much you'd need to keep burning and produce molten steel for weeks, and why the conspirators would have used so much more than necessary.

A true theory means no longer just picking at one account, then, but having the courage to produce your own complete version, and explaining why it's better. It's hard work, it may mean you have to accept some of your treasured beliefs aren't actually anomalies at all, but ultimately it's the only way non-believers in the rest of the world will ever be persuaded to take you seriously.

Thanks to everyone who didn't bother to read the article for helping me express this point so well.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:23 PM
But you , somehow, latched on to something. Keeping in mind that this pre-9/11 IRA we are talking about, there are numerous links I'm still following that DO actually tie the IRA with the Hamas and the PLO. I know, this is old news but the IRA's links with FARC and the ETA are interesting. And the fact that Boston is considered the most IRISH of American Cities and the home of Logan Airport, the starting point for some of the hi-jacked planes adds some "hmmmmmm" factor to this as well. Add the Irish penchant for explosives and it sets me off to do some conspiratorial thinking.

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