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Did a missile hit the pentagon on 911?

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posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 04:54 PM
there is already a discusion of this video in another thread.

posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by MOC
Were does this kind of stuff get started (they must be laughing
pretty hard)

That is the kind of damage that 11,466 gallons of JP4 can do !
Way more than any missle.

right here you can see the wreckage of the 757.

Plus I spent 8 years in USAF,and have worked for Boeing for 20
and I don't remember us fabricating underwing Pylons for Missle
rails to hang on . lol Plus the wiring harness's to apply power to it.

[edit on 9/3/2004 by MOC]

im sry but if u did work for boeing then u would know that u dont build planes out of very thin metal. just cuz u were in the USAF, doesnt mean u know everything thats going on! if u look at the second plane that hit the towers, in slow motion, you would realize that the 767 launches a missile prior to impact!
as u should know, the USAF have KC767s. maintenance staff who were "in on it" could easily install a missile pod/canopy under its wings.

posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 01:58 AM
The U.S. government fakers have their disaster at their hands for the Pentagon that was hit on 9-11-1 by a USAF cruise missile (FBI inside information, via German national security police to this author; further proven by all evidence if scrupulously examined).

The Pentagon commissioned, after 9-11, a Building Performance Report. For months, experts studied the specifics of the building damage, the plane size, and compiled the report. Engineers under Dr. Mete Sozen of the engineering faculty of Purdue University compiled in hundreds of hours of supercomputer simulation a model of how the plane (alleged flight AA 77) crashed into the Pentagon.

Their model is on the internet under the name "Purdue Simulation", easy to find via Google etc.

At the time the Purdue Simulation was finalized and published on the internet, the following still photo announces to the viewers eye what happened (my Exhibit A):

This still image results from a supercomputer simulation of the engineering faculty at Purdue University after months of study of all measurements of building and plane. It is precise to the inch in ist sizes and proportions.

Some months after the Purdue Simulation was finalized, the Will Morris photo Nr. 1 was published by sources near to the government reportedly at Stanford University (Sarah Roberts). It shows us the above plane left the below hole:

We see several broken windows where a Revell kit model plane could have flown in but no Boeing 757 passenger plane as shown in the Purdue Simulation. All there is in terms of a hole is a crack in the facade at the level of the undamaged Pentagon lawn, clearly no higher than the floor line of the ground floor.

Mysteriously, the plane size as meticulously calculated by the Purdue University engineers in no way fits under the crack.

Here is another photo, taken minutes after impact by a member of the Marine Corps Photo Lab (Cpl. Jason Ingersoll), which finished the government theory of a Boeing 757 hit) off for good:

Column 15 is immediately to the right of the large orange spot-fire from the missile explosion. The seeming pillars to the right of this that are pushed to the right are the narrow sides of support walls.

Walls get pushed sideways by shaped charges from missiles. If a plane had physically collided with the building, it would have pushed the support walls into the building and not displaced them sideways. A plane of the size shown above would have left a large hole in the facade above the ground floor level.

We see the 6 foot high cable spool not displaced by the in-whooshing plane. Take these 6 feet off the free air space that the plane had to damage the facade. And you will quickly realize that the government is lying through its teeth.

Now you may understand why a soldier testified that he smelled cordite from the explosion a plane would have smelled of kerosene not cordite.

Now you may understand why only one single small jet engine was found (parts) and not the two 9-foot tall turbofans of a Boeing 757.

Now you may understand why Donald Rumsfeld initially stated that a bomb had hit the Pentagon.

Now you may understand why the clean-up team found parts of a cruise missile but no parts of a Boeing 757.

Now you may understand why - which I doubt in the first place - the DNA tests identified all passengers but none of the Arab hijackers.

Now you may understand why no luggage was ever found.


[edit on 4-9-2004 by psilocin]

posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 09:59 AM
I'm sure a lot of people here have seen this short film at the site below. It really seems to raise credible questions, but did any mainstream sources invesitgate this or 9/11 commission? I guess what I am asking is whether somebody can reply to why this missle theory is bs. Doesn't look to be BS the way these guys package it. Obviously, the implications are staggering (worst being potential for another Oliver Stone film). Are these guys crazy or are they on target, in which case, where is the uproar? (posts on this site aside)

posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 10:20 AM
Greetings GessoI

I guess what I am asking is whether somebody can reply to why this missle theory is bs. Doesn't look to be BS the way these guys package it. can start right here:

Let's kill the Pentagon Missile attack once and for all.


posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 07:27 PM
Sorry..... No missle!!!
It was a 757 !!!

All the questions in the provided link have been answered.
I have seen no evidence to support any missle theory, only conjecture.
The damage to the pentagon is by no means caused by a missle.

There are plenty of stories of hologram projection, cloaking devices, remote controlled drones, missle attacks and so on that are floating around the internet. People read them, are drawn in for whatever reason and then want to fight tooth and nail to defend the theory without even looking into the credibility or the credentials of the author.

A few good links to check out.....


posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 08:28 PM
There have been several threads on flight 77, where people explain away the existence of flight 77.
Why? I know, you saw the pics...
There have been statements of "no debris", "not enough deris", "not the correct size debris".

Has anyone stopped to THINK! the the "real conspiracy" may be the fact that we are having the "Missile Theory" shoved down our throats...


Why is there tons of info claiming there was a missile?
Why is everyone buying into the "Missile Theory" rather than question, why so much of this info so readily available!
Any search engine, do 757 = missile = no plane = what hit the Pentagon...
There's the conspiracy.... someone/group has made the "Missile Theory" too available.... Too available...

Talk about mind control...
You saw pics, you've heard from eye witnesses, you saw reports...

Yet the power of suggestion has formed a "Missile Theory"...
Group think/thought!?
Alike thinking....
Who? started the "Missile Theory" and WHY? you should be asking...
Who would benefit to mold minds into the "Missile Theory Thought"
Well since deris can be talked away, what of the passengers and crew:

Can you expalin away these people...


posted on Sep, 18 2004 @ 01:01 PM
There was a child student aboard flight 77 (school/class trip), who's father WORKED at the Pentagon, and was at work that day.
He knew his child was on that flight:


posted on Sep, 18 2004 @ 01:40 PM
Let's find REAL people that were aboard flight 77:


posted on Sep, 18 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Was a REAL person:

posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 11:14 PM
in this documentary i noticeed that both planes that slammed into the two towers, left gashes 6 storeys high(roughly 100 feet) in the sides/corners of the towers. How is it possible for an almost identical plane to fit through a 16 foot gap.

Official say that the plane disintergrated on impact including the two 12 foot high rolls royce steel engines, they also said that all passengers on board were identified by their DNA. I know DNA burns ups at about 39 degrees, and steel melts at about 1500 degrees.

Nothing seems to quite add up here

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 01:29 AM
Boeing 757, landing gear!


See image!

I'm a new member here. I think the image in (source?) of the Landing gear strut in the Pentagon and the image of the landing gear of a Boeing 757 (left side) match exactly.


Images of the landing gear of a Boeing 757

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 03:36 AM

Originally posted by scorchio123
I know DNA burns ups at about 39 degrees, and steel melts at about 1500 degrees.

That's completely untrue. DNA can be recovered from teeth or bones even after prolonged exposure to fires. It's even just about possible to extract DNA from cremated remains (Japan did it recently, see, that's after being exposed to a temperature of probably around 1600 degrees F for 90 minutes.

As for the plane debris, most of it wasn't steel. Lesser metals like aluminium have a melting point of around 1220 degrees, that's less than the temperature used during a cremation.

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 06:44 PM
when did you see that ?

I'm not calling you a liar, but from what I understand ., the FBI confiscated ALL THE LOCAL VIDS and NEVER broadcast them !

taking this a step further....with THAT KIND OF EVIDENCE why would the gov't SIT on the vids, as opposed to [ showing what the BAD GUYS DID TO US ? ]
EH ?


posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by Springer
I saw a video, in very slow motion, of the jet slamming into the pentagon. It was taken from a traffic cam and a security cam that were pointing at the building.

These could have been faked but I doubt they were. This, coupled with the hundreds of eyewitnesses that were on the scene, all of the physical evidence, the fact we have a jet and several people MISSING who were on that jet leads me to beleive the story the way it was told the first time.

Occam's razor strikes again.


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 01:42 PM
911 was the second attack on the United States by our government. The first was in Oklahoma City. Has anyone ever wondered why McVay would have plastered his name all over the rental agreement? Has anyone ever wondered why he was put to death months after his sentencing when hundreds of other death row inmates wait decades while the appeals process drags on and on and on? Why was the building leveled before a forensic investigation could be mounted? Oh thats right to protect the public from the trauma the awful sight caused the public. McVay was guilty of delivering a truck to the building and driving a car without a license plate. Hmm. Now if I had the knowledge to build a bomb, place a truck in front of a federal building and detonate that truck remotely I would have at the very least used an alias on the rental agreement and had the wisdom to have a license plate on my get away car. Unless he was simply following orders from a controller who gained his trust and who later pushed the death penalty forward to keep McVay quiet. What laws were put in place after the Oklahoma city bombing? I'll bet they had something to do with increasing law enforcement surveilance.

911 was meant to makes fearful of an enemy who though vicious, mean and nasty, was not capable of bringing down two massive structures built to withstand the impact of aircraft. The Pentagon was hit with a cruise missle, otherwise why have we the people not been allowed to see the surveilance videos that should have easily proven the case the government wants to sell us? Why not use CG to fake it? Because they know that any expert technician familiar with CG would tear it to pieces and then they'd have to answer the questions raised by making a fake video. No ladies and gentlemen our governmental law enforcement agencies have attacked us with the purpose in mind of reminded us just how important their existence is to us. They have to fabricate an enemy and even attacks to prove just how vulnerable we truly are and how necessary it is for them to remove our rights to bare arms, as we are an untrustworthy bunch of miscreants.

What they fail to realize is that we the people are no longer the illiterate buffoons we were mere decades ago. They are acting on the assumption that we are still gullible and easily led by the nose. Nazi Germany did the same thing to take control of the population in order to exersize absolute control over the population for their protection. Ironically that same need to protect the people of Germany from enemies of the state led to the most destructive war in human history and the ultimate destruction of Germany and the loss of millions and millions of lives.

We need protection from our enemies certainly. Who is the enemy we need protection from? Who is truly in charge of the United States of America? Who lied to us about the Gulf on Tonkin, which led us into the Vietnam war?

We must remind ourselves that we are still an armed population. We have the control to take our country back. It may soon become a necessity to take it back by force.


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by LL1
You saw pics, you've heard from eye witnesses, you saw reports...

1. There has bee no photos with sources shown that match parts found to AA77.

2. The witnesse could not agree on what they saw and at least 1 admitted they did not see what hit the Pentagon, they were told later it was a 757.

3. There are no official reports matching the parts found to AA77.

[edit on 17-7-2008 by ULTIMA1]

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
911 was the second attack on the United States by our government. The first was in Oklahoma City.

Do not forget about things like the prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack on the USS Liberty.

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