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Worst photo op thread for War on terror contest

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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:26 PM
Let's have a competitive contest. Here are the rules. Submit a photograph for the worst photo op on the War on Terror and then underneath place a caption explaining why you submitted it and hi-lite what you think is dreadful or pathetic about it.
(ALSO: Any Dems who support this war on terror in a fervent way who stand along side Bush Administration for every complicit action on this quagmire. Lieberman photos are a must!)

Iran War on Terror photo op pictures can be accepted especially badly photoshopped newsmax pundits who know about as much as Islam as they do nanotechnology.

(Mission Accomplished Aircraft Carrier has been ruled invalid for this contest)

But any picture of a smiling Iraqi child getting candy while Rumsfeld is smiling like Dr Menegele, this is accepted wholeheartedly if such a photo exists. Illustrations will be accepted as well.

What can we give away for Prizes? We will have to think about that. But im sure we can be creative. Who will be the judge for the Worst Photo Op in War on Terror History?

Here's my submission:

The infamous video conference photo op which had the soldiers rehearsing exactly what to say. I'm suprised they didn't talk in a fake texan accent. My favorite moment when the Iraqi ministrel sambo blurts out "Thank YOU MR PRESIDENT!!"

(Bonus for anyone who knows where I got my ATS member name from)


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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:46 PM
I just thought of a good prize :Amazon Wish List. It's easy and didn't you know May is the time for giving.

Will Ats endorse & sponsor it? If not someone can always post their wishlist link if they win. Try to keep it under $40
We aren't saudi princes around these places, at least I don't think.


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