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30 people dead on Sunday due to blast in Baghdad

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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:10 PM
Is it seeping yet? How terrible this administration is on preemptive war? Do you really want to go for a 2fer? American soldiers are needed at home with their families,period

It's time to stop the G.O.P. madhatter theater and call it a day and let these Iraqi's claim back some resembelance of their lives in Iraq. It's a wrap. G.O.P has proven once and for all it's only good for one thing and that's corporate business takeovers and faxed dead horse talking points.

Here's some sobering facts on this attack:

"Bombs killed 30 people in Baghdad on Sunday and sectarian attacks wrecked six Shi'ite shrines in a rural area, adding to pressure on Iraq's rival leaders to agree on the formation of a unity government."

"a series of blasts hit Baghdad. Two suicide bombers in cars killed 14 Iraqis at the entrance to Baghdad airport."

"Violence also flared in southern Iraq where two British soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack in Basra"

"In other deadly blasts in Baghdad, six people including three policemen were killed by a bomb targeting a police patrol. Four people were killed and five wounded when a bomb aimed at an Iraqi police convoy went off in northeastern Baghdad."


Incidently, how many bomb attacks were going off in Iraq per weekend when Saddam was in power? Oh that's right we liberated Iraq so Saddam and his sons wouldn't put citizens in a woodchipper. Jesus, some people read too much newsmax and worldnewsdaily. The only thing america did was make certain when Iraq does form a government that it will be anti west and militant in every fiber of it's being.
Probably the leader will be more brutal than Saddam ever was.

Way 2 go as usual par for the course. Someone should go to jail for this preemptive plan. Saddam can be their cellmate.

::Walk away from your Chuck Norris movies slowly. You have done enough a damage as usual:::


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