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The Chicago Cubs

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posted on Oct, 19 2003 @ 01:08 AM
OK... some less that thoughtfull people will want to move this into 'Chit Chat: Entertainment'...

...However, this is not where this belongs...

So... My main question is: What do you guys think of the curse? In short, a curse imposed by a bar-owner (whose goat wasn't allowed into Wrigley during the 1945 world series) may have prevented the Cubs from getting into the World Series since then,,, though they (arguably) have the most devoted fan base in the world.

Yes, this MAY belong in the paranormal forum, but as millions of Cub fans believe in it... It certainly is no sad candidate for the ENT page..

But, seriously, this issue brings up the question of group psyche and the ability to influence world events: If millions of Cubs fans believe that a curse exists, does it? Does it, due to psychic forces, cause bizarre flubs in pennant series games that cost the Cubs the World Series? Is Steve Bartman just a poor victim of a mass psyche?

Anyways, what is your view on this, the greatest of sports legends and/or curses?

For the record:
The Cubs last won the world series in 1908, and haven't played in it since 1945.

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