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Immortal Blood/Shockingly simple AIDS treatment

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posted on May, 13 2007 @ 01:01 PM
thats what i am thinking, what happens when huge electrical volts go through the i know you have seen the discovery channel or something. Every once in a while they would have a show on electricity and a guy comes out near a huge Tesla coil and takes a metal pole and holds it t words the electric coil that is spreading over 10,000 volts, he then grounds himself and is completely safe but the voltage is still going through his cells or viruses get damaged...i would like to learn more about this.

Who knows maybe one day we can just zap ourselves with enough voltage to get ride of any disease in just seconds...that is the plan

I am planning on studying the bob beck, and other blood electrification machines, creating a huge research group in college. I feel it is something that could change the world. Just think maybe in the future if things work out and the research is done diseases like Hiv/aids, cancer, and other life threatening disease...will be obliterated, hopefully that day will come when those diseases will be considered nothing more than something like a little runny nose. Just think you get it some kind of disease, you go home put something on your wrist or body..go to sleep and in the morning you are fine...

posted on May, 14 2007 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by MichaelMyers
Hmmm... this makes me wonder.
A family member of mine had cancer he fought with, and finally got somewhat under control enough to live so-so in terms of comfortability.
That family member was also hit with a taser by police, and 3 months later, was said to be clean of all cancer cells.

I wonder if the electricity from the taser is what done it.
VERY interesting.


New medical technique punches holes in cells, could treat tumors

This could be done easily on CANCERS..cheaply...but will get suppressed...AGAIN...

as no drugs involved...

They used ultrasound imaging to guide the 18 gauge stainless steel electrodes to target areas in the pigs' livers. The researchers applied 2,500 volts in eight 100-microsecond pulses spaced 100 microseconds apart to create lesions in the livers. They found that the lesions were immediately apparent as dark spots on the ultrasound images, giving real-time feedback during the procedure. The livers were then examined 24 hours, three days, seven days and 14 days after surgery.

"All of the vessels, down to the microvasculature, remain intact with IRE treatment, so the healing process is amazing," said Onik, who performed the surgery for the study. "Where it might take a year for a cryosurgery lesion to resolve, IRE lesions resolved in two weeks. That has major implications in terms of monitoring what you're doing and knowing that the cancer has been killed."

check the link...

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:37 PM
The use of these "zappers" needs more publicity.
There is a section at this place by people who use them:

I have 2 of them. They do work, but you have to be persistent.
I paid about $100 each for mine. I don't have the silver pulser.

When you first start using it you will notice that you become tired.
This is because your body is working hard at getting rid of the "boogers" that have been killed or immobilized...whatever.
The reason for it to be effective against the "boogers", but not your own cells seems to be the frequency.

One of the side benefits you will get is that you no longer develop morning mouth or daytime bad breath.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 05:05 PM
WOW.. thread blast from the past..

I've bought the zapper and also the colloidal silver maker..
..after using a 'sports' version during an injury and noticing rapid loss of bruising around injured area..

I'm a bit haphazard with the colloidal silver though..keep forgetting to buy distilled water for it..

Had the 'booger blues' using it after a chest infection..yuk.. worked just as well as antibiotics ever did though.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 03:25 AM

Originally posted by AGENT_T
WOW.. thread blast from the past..

I've bought the zapper and also the colloidal silver maker..
..after using a 'sports' version during an injury and noticing rapid loss of bruising around injured area..

I'm a bit haphazard with the colloidal silver though..keep forgetting to buy distilled water for it..

Had the 'booger blues' using it after a chest infection..yuk.. worked just as well as antibiotics ever did though.


don't need distilled water.

use boiled water and use an air bubbler while making the colloidol silver.

the air bubbler can be bought from aquarium stores for a few dollars.

mine is from a a defunct wrist blood pressure monitor.

i just insert the electrodes into the freshly boiled tap water.i never add anything.

this will make the particle size very small.

i use 2 or 3 1.5 volt batteries in series and leave it for 2 or 3 hours hours.
the silver wires are 1.5 inch apart and i use a large 500/600 gram glass coffee jar washed with boiling water before making the cs.

this is to sterilize it and remove any microbes which may absorb the cs.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 04:54 AM
Yeah that Colloidal silver stuff sounds like it works just great to me:

Colloidal Silver: Risk Without Benefit

Colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. Long-term use of silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns ashen-gray. Many cases of argyria occurred during the pre-antibiotic era when silver was a common ingredient in nosedrops. When the cause became apparent, doctors stopped recommending their use, and reputable manufacturers stopped producing them. The official drug guidebooks (United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary) have not listed colloidal silver products since 1975.

Dubious Ads
In recent years, silver-containing products have been marketed with unsubstantiated claims that they are effective against AIDS, cancer, infectious diseases, parasites, chronic fatigue, acne, warts, hemorrhoids, enlarged prostate, and many other diseases and conditions. Some marketers claim that colloidal silver is effective against hundreds of diseases.

FDA laboratory studies have found that the amount of silver in some product samples has varied from 15.2% to 124% of the amount listed on the product labels. The amount of silver required to produce argyria is unknown. However, the FDA has concluded that the risk of using silver products exceeds any unsubstantiated benefit [3]. So far, eleven cases of argyria related to silver products have been reported:

Enforcement Actions
Between October 1993 and September 1994, the FDA issued warning letters to five colloidal silver marketers::
In October 1996, the FDA proposed to ban the use of colloidal silver or silver salts in over-the-counter products [11]. A Final Rule banning such use was issued on August 17, 1999 and became effective September 16th. The rule applies to any nonprescription colloidal silver or silver salt product claimed to be effective in preventing or treating any disease [12]. Silver products can still be sold as "dietary supplements" provided that no health claims are made for them. During 2000, the FDA issued warnings to more than 20 companies whose Web sites were making illegal therapeutic claims for colloidal silver products.

Where can I get some of this stuff from?

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by defcon5

I'll knock some up fo ya..

This guy was drinking it by the bucketful..WAYYY too much.. He's still healthy though..

Silver,like oxygen, is highly effective against parasites,bacteria and viruses in your system.

This is thought to be where the term 'blue-blood' came from as rich people ate from silverware before days of BIG PHARM..

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:59 AM
I say we need proof, if anyone has aids out there talk to an electrical engineer and see what yall can come up with and send a little bit of electricity throughout your body. Also recommened is to talk to a doctor
lol but in all seriousness I wonder when people who are desperated will start trying this on their own.

HERE is a conspiracy theory for you...

Maybe the grays come to earth for our silver... or maybe they are gray because they ingest silver...?!? Hey Hey! lol. Sorry Shut up Rj!

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by rjmelter

Maybe the grays come to earth for our silver... or maybe they are gray because they ingest silver...?!? Hey Hey! lol. Sorry Shut up Rj!

Heyy..Maybe!!.colloidal silver has also been shown to inhibit fat production ..

That might explain why they have big heads but look skinny too..

I take it..about a mouthful a day when I'm stocked..NO sign of my skin turning blue..after a year 'somewhat' regularly.

It can be used to purify and preserve water too..for when the food crisis hits..

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:55 AM
Someone needs to create a thread on the colloidal silver thing I belieive its an interesting topic. Maybe the Electric properites is why we started discussing this?

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by rjmelter

Go for it..

There was one but it was locked because someone called 'John Bull 1' decided to overlook the fact that people can look,read and think for themselves.(EX mod maybe) ?.. It certainly didn't breach any T&C's


Back to the electricity thing and kinda summarising it.
The amount of current used is too low to bother 'higher functioning' organisms.

Some of these 'zapper models are actually tuned in to the suitable Hz for parasites and lower functioning organisms too.

When I say you actually 'get a buzz' from this I'm not kidding..At first you can feel crappy after a session..the toxins released from killing of things like candida are nasty

Drink loads of fresh water beforehand.
Dehydration prevents efficient conductivity..and if like me,you forget to drink water for too long you can build up some pretty nasty boogers in your system.

I've actually thrown up after a 'toner' session on a sports type zapper.. I though it was like doing too many situps etc..
I never knew about the 'die-off'.

For people who are overweight(me too at the mo) can also ease hunger pangs..
Man I gotta dig out my old 'Body-Tek' again

Writing this is bringing back how much better shape I was a couple of yrs back..

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by rjmelter
I say we need proof, if anyone has aids out there talk to an electrical engineer and see what yall can come up with and send a little bit of electricity throughout your body. Also recommened is to talk to a doctor
lol but in all seriousness I wonder when people who are desperated will start trying this on their own.

HERE is a conspiracy theory for you...

Maybe the grays come to earth for our silver... or maybe they are gray because they ingest silver...?!? Hey Hey! lol. Sorry Shut up Rj!

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ill give you some of my proof...

I first read about bob beck and his protocol way back when i was a freshman in high school (i am in my 2nd year of college). It wasn't until senior year that i actually started to make the zapper, a very crude version at least!

i have actually had herpes about my entire life. No i wasnt doing the nasty at a young age...hahah, i guess i must have gotten it as a kid as most kids do, from someone. Anyway i guess near the end of highschool the outbreaks started slowing down. But when they did happen, they would stay untill they healed up for about 2 weeks. When i was 17 i got shingles, and let me tell you it was the most painful thing i have ever experienced, and i got a little scared!

So i started searching more about the zappers, and eventually i found a site called the microelectrcitygermkiller

there a wonderful person named babygrand has been experimenting with a homemade zapper. Basically using a 6v battery, some extension cord wire, and cloth or a sponge. I made the devise, you can look at how you make it here...

And i guess i just waited till i felt an outbreak. I guess a month past, and i felt one coming on, i got my homemade zapper out, and i took the 2 electrodes, wetted them with water, and went to work. i put the positive end of the electrode on the area that i felt the sore was going to develop. i would usually get a tingly feeling in the area, and sometimes a headache, i would now when it would come on.

After about holding the electrode on the sore area for about 5min, in that time i could feel the current of the 6v battery hitting my lips. It wasn't really strong but you could feel it, every now and then i would apply some pressure to the negative electrode and increase the electrical current to the positive electrode. Basically that was it, and i waited about and hour, and i went to the mirror, and it never developed! The sore never developed, and i lost all my symptoms. I was amazed! It must have been the electric current incapacitating the virus, atleast thats was i think.

this would happen many times, i would feel it coming and use my homemade zapper and stop the outbreak before it even happend. One time i did not get a change to hit the outbreak fast enough, so in like an hour or 2 it developed into a visible sore. There were about 2 small bubbles that were made and the are awas a bit red. i took my zapper and zapped the are, this time i switched up the postiive and negative wires on the sore. After about 10-15min of zapping, i came back to the mirror about half and hour afterwords and the sore with the 2 bubbles and red are was gone! completely! the healing time was sped up increadibly!

These days i have actually bought one of the zappers from sota instruments. The silver pusler cost me about $265, but it was well worth it!

i only had one problem with it, the electrodes that i had stopped working after a while, i think the wires got messed up. I called sota and told them about it, and they imedietly send me some new silver electrodes, no hassle, nothing. THey are a very good company even though they are a bit pricey! still some of the best service i have ever seen!

I have used the silver pulser, and i have noticed that it works even better than the homemade one, it is much easier to handle too. My outbreaks are healed before they even develope...and it keeps them away longer!

I have also been making batches of colloidal silver, and i think that in itself helps me out allot. Whenever i feel like my immune system is low, i just tyake a couple of sips and i am feeling better in moments, it helps with headachs and stuff too. I dont drink it all the time, only when i need it, and if i feel really sick...which almost never happens!

still this stuff is amazing, i seriously think it could help allot of people. THe fact that i can stop a virus from activating is pretty amazing considering medicines only suppress it. I can actually stop it from finishing its cycle, basically leaving it incapacitated or dead!

now unlike aids and hep c, and maybe even really a tough battle with the zapper...yes i believe that this can in fact cure someone of cancer and hep c...even help bring someone aids viral loads down and t cells sky rocketing. But the herp virus is very small, it basically hides in the nerv cells. And it doesnt stay in the blood. If it did i would have been cured. Since the virus can basically jam itself in between nerve cells our immune system cant reach it stays dormant till something awakens it. But babygrand and even myself privately are working on something. If its possible, in theory we could place electrodes over certain nerve areas that hold the herp virus, and just zap that area. Electric current whether it be dc or ac goes through the body! so i am sure it could reach the area...It could be a good experiment to be done in a lab!

also i have been thinking about using electric current to attack viruses on a larger form. i mean a tazer zaps a person with 50,000v basically...does that effect anything in the body. i mean do certain bacteria and viruses die because of it? does anyone know?

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by ATSGUY



however i regard to your herpes i suggest you try MMS as a permanent solution.

read about it for 2 weeks at least then try it.

here is some info:-

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by esecallum

Yes i know all to well about mms, but unfortunately some people have posted on with their results have had some problems. One person, actually a married couple said that they have been using it for a couple of months and have had no outbreaks. While some other people have said that while they were on mms they started seeing more outbreaks and they were bad!

so yea i still have to do my research

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:14 PM
The entire Beck Protocol treatment is far more involved than just using a "zapper" and Collodial Silver....

Bob Beck Protocol

In total, the Bob Beck Protocol consists of four parts. Two of the four parts of the Bob Beck Protocol (the two electromedicine parts) disable microbes from reproducing (at which point the body safely excretes them); one of the four parts (colloidal silver) kills microbes and the other part (ozonated water) either kills the microbes or the cancer cells (but this is the weakest of the four parts, so its contribution is unknown, officially it is used to detoxify).

Bob Beck died in 2002, but it is safe to predict that there will be a race between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, for years to come, as to whether this alternative cancer treatment will survive. The technology will survive, but at least one person has been thrown in jail for selling Bob Beck Protocol equipment. That is why vendors are somewhat "gun shy" about making claims about what the Bob Beck Protocol can do.

You have to stop taking all meds and supplements you are using, plus follow a certain diet. The entire course runs 4 - 6 weeks.

You can buy the three instruments you need here for a package price of $799.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by defcon5

antibiotic properties, it's harmless, too, unless you turn blue

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:33 AM
So the secret of good health is hooking yourself up to a battery and drinking heavy metals?



posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:59 AM
as far as I know , electricity can damage the DNA . Actually , electricity is used in order to extract certain portions of the DNA for the research puroses. Whatever kills a bacteria can also kill us !

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 05:15 PM

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 11:38 PM
yea um, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER subject your body to any sort of electric ANYTHING.

its called gel electrophoresis, and its used to separate out DNA. DNA is negatively charged, therefore, adding a positive charge to the body SEVERELY DEGRADES DNA. It literally causes DNA to pull itself apart. Also, degraded DNA is most likely the cause of cancer. Everytime DNA is replicated, it is degraded at each end ever so slightly. The same strand of DNA might be replicated 1,000s of times in its lifetime, so you can see the conglomerate effect of even such a slight degredation. Its like burning a candle from both ends. Finally, the DNA gets so degraded, certain proteins it was meant to produce aren't created correctly, or might not be created at all, causing the whole cell to not function properly. Especially the p53 gene, which is aimed toward the mitochondria, not only the powerhouse of the cell, but which also controls the cell cycle.

#2, they do not mention the effect this low ampere voltage has on motor skills, or nerve impulses

#3 considering 2/3 of the body is water, probably not a good idea.

#4 how is this electrification of the blood effecting your oxygen carrying capacity of your RBC? Id venture a guess and say, it also down grades that.

If you want conspiracy miracle cures, look at the cure for cancer that has been repeated multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE times, which is short length radio waves. Seriously melts the cancer right out of the body by resonating the cancer cells (which would obviously have a different resonance than healthy cells).

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