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two men stabbed after oilers win... pathetic

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posted on May, 13 2006 @ 10:52 PM

Violence on 'Blue Mile' mars Oilers celebration News

The post-game stabbing of two men marred celebration of an Edmonton Oilers playoff victory.

Both were stabbed around 11:30 p.m. MDT Friday at a Whyte Avenue bar.

The avenue has become known as the Blue Mile during hockey playoffs, as thousands of young fans of the NHL club have gathered there after wins.

On Friday night, the Oilers defeated the San Jose Sharks 6-3 to tie the series at two wins each.

The crowds -- estimated at one point to be 15,000 -- that surged into the area prevented ambulances from getting to the bar where the stabbings occurred.

Police had to remove the victims in police cruisers and then transfer them to waiting ambulances.

Both victims are said to be recovering.

story -

this is why i dont go to these stupid hockey celebrations. all it is is a bunch of hooligans getting drunk and becoming more of a hooligan then they already are!!!

how low do you have to go to STAB a guy over a loosing team? pretty low if you ask me. im not suprised this happed also because its bound to happen if you crunch 15 000 people into a few blocks and shower them with beer... end result???

bad impression on city, tax payers money spent on more cops for area, tax payers money spent on cleaning area if crowd ever leaves and tax payers money spent on repairs to area. what a great idea. lets crunch 15000 people together and let them all get drunk and do whatever they want.

sounds like fun. for a hooligan.

whats your say?

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 10:56 PM
Thank you for starting this thread, I have not heard of this until now.

I assume the Blue Mile is coming from the Red Mile from Calgary. I lived there when the Flames made their run in '04.

I must say, fans should not be painted with the same brush here. From a quick camera glimpse it may appear that 99.9% of the fans are absurd idiots who couldn't lick a stamp. Not so. In every group you find a complete moron who is going to ruin the fun for everyone, this being the same case.

Not 100% clear on all details at this moment, but for now I just wish to make it clear that all people involved should not be painted with the same brush.

Alot of people, (myself included), take sports very seriously. I follow hockey with a certain intensity (Go Habs!) along with football (Go Packers) and if my team were in that position you would find me alongside these Hooligans celebrating as well.

The odd moron should not ruin it for the rest.

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