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posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: olaru12

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Olaru :-)

And desert...

Was just thinking about this place last night



posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: desert

Happy February desert! Yes to the champagne - any time can be champagne time. Champagne with egg salad sandwiches I say! (But, not here - Jeeves does not get the whole time versus mayo thing)

Definitely needed a change - in looks...and in other things. Attitude and latitude. I think I might also need a tree-house Desert. Or - just the tree :-)

Nice about the stuff from your boys childhood - I'm sure they'll love it. I recently read a report my sister had written when she was 12-ish about our dad. She found it in one of his old books. What a peculiar feeling - like something out of a dream. But, a nice dream. Feeling very nostalgic...not too long ago me and my sisters were all in one place at the same time. It had been a few years and didn't last long enough. It's worth it to make that happen as often as we can desert. Enjoy your time at the beach. Find me a shell :-)

About the recent warm and sleepy bees with early trees, and all me thinking that maybe we should start a collaborative writing project. A Notes From All Quarters, Chats from the Changing World sort of thing



Flatware - what's that?

posted on Feb, 27 2015 @ 09:21 AM
Jeeves, more of the bubbly! The tiny bubbles seem to gently bump into our brain cells, allowing the release of the most magnanimous and magnificent thoughts! ....yes, please, serve it to us out in the new LN tree house., no thanks, Jeeves, we'll skip your egg salad sliders and side of potato about organic peanut butter and jam sandwiches?

Lunch with my sisters was way too short, but it was good to see that all is well with everyone. "All is well" meaning that we are cheerfully dealing with Life's crap that can be thrown our way from time to time...haha kinda like gorillas that start throwing feces toward you, when all you're doing is standing there enjoying viewing them.

Sorry, Spira, but my feet didn't touch the sand, so no shell. We did walk along the promenade and out to the end of the pier. Sat on the balcony to listen to the ocean roar and to see the surfers catching waves. Ate fish tacos.

Flatware is the term for forks, knives, and spoons. Since one of my childhood chores was to set the table for dinner, my Mom made sure I knew how to correctly place the flatware, plates, and glassware. Really, nowadays, with such a variety of eats, one might use chopsticks or just use fingers to eat everything served. And then there's the bundling up of flatware in napkins at some restaurants, so, whatever.... but it is fun to know how a dining table could be set properly. Kind of like knowing how to set a stage for a theatrical performance. Come to think of it, a meal could be thought of as a performance of sorts. Why, even lighting is important!

Well, MrD is slowly getting us ready for our desert stay. That man is temporally challenged, but, whatever, Life is good here, and it will be good whenever we get out there. Oh, it might turn out that the problem with the truck might be just that it needs knew shocks. And here I had the drivetrain falling out...of course, that was after MrD poopooed my thought that maybe the tires were just not properly inflated.... haha what do I know?.... whatever...I love MrD... and he did inflate the tires anyway, which helped....

Sorry we're drinking champagne out of plastic glasses, but I thought that maybe the trek up the tree might be asking a bit too much for glass flutes.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 09:52 AM
link God for the self-service coffee around here!....

yep....two bad tires.....yep..... I think those two tires came from one of those big box tire centers.....yep ....gotta stick with the local tire guy .....very knowledgeable about tires, knows us and our pick up .... yep.... worth making an appointment... sip sip.... kinda like a Dior dress fitting .....yep....

Well, that means that the Mojave is one step closer. Next week by this time. Sipping coffee while taking morning walk to view sunrise. Living off grid. The good life. ...yep....

Oh, and, Spira, I like your idea of a writing project. Writing sure has had a big influence on humanity ....sip sip.... a former student was involved with a writing project for teenagers... helped change his life by writing about his life.... Write On, Sister!

Ok, ya'll keep healthy, wealthy and wise! And that wealthy part is the old way of saying, have enough to enjoy Life and be rich in spirit.... not the OCD, hoarding of money that is meant by wealth these days....

Love to you all!! .....oh, and I'll certainly be able to keep in touch, as we're going to try out a new data connection ....still got our old one, in case the new one fails to connect to anything out there.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 12:29 PM
Hey, look, a postcard from desert! "Mojave Desert greetings to everyone at LN! Been here a month, have seen two tortoises, lots of small butterflies, lizards and horny toads, beetles, buzzards passing through, ravens, and some wildflowers, which are long gone, leaving brown ground cover, but even that is more than last year so I'll take it! Also have two huge flocks of sheep grazing nearby. New internet connection won't work out here, but old one is not bad this year. Love to you all! desert"

Spira, how is the changes in latitude going? Here, let's sit on the veranda and have a sherry.

olaru, how is life in the beautiful part of the country you live in?

It's good to be out among nature. Thanks to MrD's genius, we can sit out here for as long as we want. He's got water transfer and waste disposal taken care of, and we're using solar. We could run the A/C at some point, but if it gets that hot, we'll head home.

Speaking of home, BFF is going xeriscape in her front yard, and she's going to include plants to help out the Monarch Butterfly population. That drought is... should be... a reality check for CA. Who needs to use that much water anyway?

A couple we know had their well run dry at about 100 ft. They were lucky, as they still had 15 more feet in their well, so they were able to have someone come out to put in 10 ft more casing, which the well man said should be good for...another year! It saved them $25,000 at the moment, from having to have their well dug down further, and bought them the time to be put on a waiting list to have their well deepened next year. If they had needed to have their well dug deeper, they would have been without water for a year. It's crazy out here!

Time to mosey on out to the veranda.

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: desert

Life is great here in Tamalewood. Finally beginning to get some union gigs in the movies and TV. Type cast as the reprobate geezer; seems appropriate somehow...

Love you and N. lots!

posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: desert


I was away for a while - and then only kinda sorta back. But, now back body and soul

this is just a placeholder and hello - more in the morning when I can think...


posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: olaru12


Love to you too olaru

While I'm here - what the hey is going on down there at 4 Corners and thereabouts? NASA is watching you all from outer space

High strangeness...

posted on Apr, 14 2015 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: desert

Tortoises, beetles, ravens and toads...among other things. Sounds like heaven desert

Sheep! When I was about 17 (the perfect age for uninformed and unrealistic dreams and expectations) I wanted to be a shepherdess


I've gone through a lot of different dreams since then, and I used to poke a little fun at myself for that one. Now - that one is looking pretty good again. Nice little adobe nestled in some cottonwoods. No nicer sound than a breeze through the cottonwoods - and that scent. A miracle

Me and the sheep - and some goats. Couple of horses...cats, dogs, lamas, chickens and geese. An elephant...or two. And so it goes

Thank you for the sherry desert - it's been a while. The attitude is coming along nicely I think - the latitude remains the same, as does the song

It makes me happy to hear about your life in the desert. And the genius of Mr. D! I imagine you two out there, pushing back the date of your return to civilization every night, just around sundown: "Well - maybe one more week..."

Hard to hear about your friend's well - and everyone's well - and California's well. Maybe (just maybe) next year will be different, and there will be a turn. It happens

Then, about your friends garden? How lovely is that!? I only wish everyone west of Ohio would do the same. For the Monarchs, and then gardens for the bees (which is starting to be a thing here)

We can do it :-)

(That would be the attitude right there - on it's brand new wobbly legs)

Under the Cottonwood, Navajo Sheep By Edward S. Curtis

Nice to share a sherry - and a chat. Zipping from the Mojave into outer space then landing softly down in Denver. We live in astonishing times desert - we really do :-)

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posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 10:49 AM
Jeeves, I need a refill of my camp coffee. And maybe add a little Kahlua to celebrate LN!

olaru, LN's very own loveable reprobate geezer, so glad to hear about your union gigs!! Tamalewood has been a good place to be!

And, dear Spira, I love your shepherdess dream. I would sit and stare at an oil painting of your dream, a large oil painting hanging in an art museum, a painting along the lines of a Winslow Homer. Ahhhh, the beauty of the imagery, capturing the sights...and scents...yes, quite a miracle, indeed!

Years ago I read that spirituality, creativity, and sexuality all draw from the same Spring. ....hmmmm, the Holy Trinity? ....well, certainly the Spring flows at LN, offering it's clear burbling waters to our members, imbibed by our loveable reprobate geezer and our dear shepherdess.

So, what IS up with all that methane? NASA seems to have discovered other pockets, one above LN and one above my area of the Mojave. I have my theory. ....MrD, don't light the campfire just yet!

The lizards are growing, and, good news, the fox is back! And possibly a coyote. Well, I need to get a walk in this morning, so I'll take my camp coffee to go. See ya all later!

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