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Is Microsoft Working With The NSA?? Windows apparently has a backdoor for NSA.

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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 11:33 PM
greetings all.

I just read something dated this year that was interesting about this subject.

Apparently there is a new windows coming out later this year called
Microsoft Windows Vista.
A Cambridge academic by the name of Ross Anderson told people that due to yet another windows coming out soon, in it he said there would be more encrypted data to get around and he urges governments to look around at Backdoor ways around encryptions.

It also sais that in the United Nations that a security group known as The Home Office
is in communications with Microsoft itself about the subject.

Another interesting thing that i read is that governments and Microsoft are working on some way to stop the downloading of illegal music, they say that they are going to do something with Vista and encrypt it with some sort of file so that you simply cant do it, they also say that if anyone tries to remove it , it will prove difficult because of the competency used when putting the file in.

They are also looking at Vista being copy proof so that knowone can have illegal copies on the computers, however they also say that with the new encriptions and engineering ov Vista that they must still provide ways for the police and other government agencies to do there job.

They also say that Vista will be the most secure windows system yet and that they are going to put in some sort of anti tampering system so that there can be no maliciouse software installed on these systems.

This came across to me as being interesting , The most secure Windows yet is completely tamperproof they call this "Trusted Computing" officially.

Would this mean that should such a thing like the Nsa key exist in Vista that we would not be able to detect it ? or pick it up nor erase it in any way?
I dont know for sure but none the less it is an interesting concept in my own personal opinion.
While saying that though i am not saying there wont be either , its just interesting that the fact that government agencies can actually gain access to computers along with noone being able to do anything about it is interesting.

We know for a fact now that agencies and governmental bodies can gain access to computer systems, and other encrypted data , which i would say is very good for law enforcement and things like that but is it possible that the government might use this for other things??I would value and respect your opinions and viewpoints on this.



posted on May, 15 2006 @ 07:44 AM

We know for a fact now that agencies and governmental bodies can gain access to computer systems, and other encrypted data , which i would say is very good for law enforcement and things like that but is it possible that the government might use this for other things??I


Sure hope that's not still attempting to reference the _NSAKEY. That would be a shame if suddenly someone saying "I know backdoors are real PHJKEEEERR!!!11!!11!" qualifies as fact.

Jumping to Windows Vista now, eh? Well yes, Vista will be in bed with the RIAA and MPAA. It will interact with Intel AND AMD firmware to support anti-piracy regulation. It will also carry routines to disable any other pirated software installed.

Still not seeing any evidence of secret backdoor software being installed without permission. Since it's fact now... there must be some pretty hardcore proof. Where is it?

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 07:48 AM
With reference to Vista, who's going to buy it if its like wearing a straight jacket and it wont allow you to do basic file operations if it doesnt want you too?

IE rip your CD to an mp3 player, how will vista know the difference between those mp3s and ones it thinks youve downloaded?

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 08:27 AM
External Source

This "bug" in Windows is NOT a trojan horse or an attack on your system, nor can it even remotely be used by government agencies to gain access to any machine by itself. In order to gain access to your machine, a separate executable program, Microsoft __javascript, ASP script or ActiveX control must interface with the flawed libraries in order to exploit this hole.

So now they tell everyone just how to exploit it? Nice.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 08:58 AM
There is no need for a backdoor or secret NSA exploit. I'm sure the NSA and other intelligence agencies around the world have teams of security specialists working on finding the latest vulnerabilities and security holes in many popular programs and operating systems .

The majority of Windows users hardly know a thing when it comes to computer security and often complain that their computers are rubbish and need to buy a new one. Nine times out of ten its not the hardware it's all the spyware and adware slowing down the computer that they have deliberately installed.

Rather than going through Microsoft or any other large software company they could easily create a litle app which causes a stripper to dance on your desktop with a hidden backdoor and before you know it you've got a few million computers infected.

Back in the 90s computer security wasn't as big a business as it is today, IMO a backdoor in Windows would be found pretty quickly. If I were an adviser to a security agency I would encourage them to release many small programs such as Bonzi Buddy and Desktop Strippers and before you know it you have a hell of a lot of computers compromised. At the same time as i said before, I'd have a team of security experts looking for security holes and vulnerabilities in Windows, because lets face it, as long as Microsoft's products are as secure as a closet homosexual half the work has already been done.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 04:41 PM
Curiously, today I received an email a certificate that was about to expire, so I went to the site where I got that certificate go get another.

After I had go trough all the steps, pops up a message from the Crypto Api, with the old look of a Windows 95 application, saying that some other application was requesting a key.

That was what I would have expected, if I have remembered it, after I read the FAQ on the copy of the site of the company that made the "discovery".

The Crypto API is only used by Microsoft and some (few) other companies to generate keys for certificates and things like that.

As they say in that site, the supposed key from the NSA does not affect the way Windows works every day.

But if the NSA key was really used for creating my certificate can the NSA recreate it and impersonate me by using a copy of my certificate?

That, I think, is the real danger, the fact that if this is really a key from the NSA and if they know the other key used to generate my certificate, then they can create a copy of the certificate.

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by XphilesPhan

Originally posted by Rasobasi420
I've been told a million times, but I never listen. I need to start running Linux. It's good that it's available, but I'm sure that it will be criminalized in the future.

ID love to see you run linux
, I have and I dont like it.....its terrible....

its hardware recognition is have to manually configure your software and load it into a directory.

even through the GUI linux is difficult to work with......this is just to perform the most basic tasks......

Trust me and all you people out there who dont have any expierence with linux and is going from hear say....

you will be right back with microsoft.....either that or go to apple.

you have to be a decent programer to get linux to run optimally.

most users are not.

Try Fedora Core 4, or Mandriva. Both are very well made for the 'Linux Newbie'

Also you can get any help you ever needed @

and you can get a wide variety of the distros @

Yes it takes a while, and a bit of reading and experimentation to get acustomed to Linux ( WHERE'S MY C: ???!!!! HAHHA) but once you catch on its really not that bad, and it cando SOOOOOOOO much more!!

I suggest giving it a try. I love Fedora Core 4... Easy to setup, upgrade, and install new stuff. ( YUM makes it SO easy!!)

just my 2c

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