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Cecil B Demented

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:51 PM
Honestly one of the best movies ive ever seen

Has anyone else ever seen this movie and LIKED it , i have a knack for liking movies no one has herd of or likes the dvd isnt even avaibale at Amazon and you can get everyhing at amazon

IMHO stephen dwarf is one of the best actors ive ever seen unfortunatly he the nesXt movie he went on to make was one about roller skating bank robbers yea his hes not all that respected but after that he went one to play the bad guy in Blade 1

Basicly the plotline is that Cecil be demented (Stephen Dwarf) and his band of hollywood misfits capture a famous actress and force her to act in an Anti-hollywood movie
Wired but brillant...obsolutly brillant

Demented Forever!!

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