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something very strange

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 09:34 AM
just about 2 nights ago, i was in my room playing a video game, & i saw something i can kinda describe, but when i describe it to my family or boyfriend they look at me like i have 2 heads.
from the corner of my eyes i saw this black thing with wings. bat wings. big. like, 3 times a bats normal size. i dont know if all i saw was wings, but i saw something, black. wings. from what i remember, looked like leather, it shined but not so much. it just flapped really fast & only stayed in one place which was right in front of my door, then disappeared. i know what i saw, & i want to say it now before i start to deny what i saw because of fear that i see it again. it scared me, yes. it felt like i was sweating ice cold sweat inside my skin, a very weird feeling that i usually feel when im nervous, scared, or angry.
it mustve only been for half a second, but i saw detail. i know what i saw, & no i dont have a history of haluccinations. & it wasnt even that late to begin with.sometimes i stay up till 9 or 10am from the night before. hell, sometimes i dont even sleep! ive never seen things at night, & it mustve been around 3 or 4am when it showed up. now can someone tell me...what the hell is going on in my HOUSE?!

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 09:38 AM
What made you post this in the UFO section?
Do you feel it was alien in some way, not paranormal?

The way you describe this, it sounds like a bird.

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 09:44 AM
Was this something you saw just outside of a window from the room you were in or was it actually in the room?

Was there any sound?

Is your hair at such a length that could possibly obstruct your eyes or a corner of your eyes?

Could something have cast a brief shadow on a wall?

Could you setup in a little more detail exactly your position within the room at the time and objects surrounding you?

How much ambiant light was there in the room?

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:18 AM
ok, well, it was in the room. right in front of the door in my room. i was inside my room at the time, playing sims. no sound, & it only lasted for 30 seconds. i saw wings. i know what i saw. yes, i do have long hair, but i have a tendency to tuck my hair behind my ears. its become a habbit, so it wasnt that. i saw wings. almost leather-like. no sound, in front of my door, inside my room. it was dark, & alot of ppl who have slept over night have not been able to sleep because of weird shadows & noises in the house. here & then i actually bring someting with me to protect myself just walking from my room to the bathroom, which is just about 6 feet away from my room! its ridiculous! i never feel safe in my house, let alone my room. i told my mother about the little things i see, & she put me in the hospital, & they put me on antihalucinogents, but they didnt go away at all. they actually got worse. much worse, even to the point that i heard my name being called out even if im completely alone. hell, i could be in my house, no ones there, & all of a sudden someone calls my name. usually its my mothers voice. also, sometimes when i hear my mothers voice calling out my name, & im in the house with her, i go to her & ask why she called, & she says she didnt call me, but she was about to. she wanted me to go to the super market.
AND, this one time when i was asleep, i dreampt that my mother was calling me. so i woke up, & same #. she says that can happen, if someones thinking about you you hear them call you, & says she knows this being that it happens to her all the time.
she can just be cooking, then the phone rings, & out of nowhere she says my aunts name, & she picks up, says hello, looks at me with a smart-ass face, then says, "hi, REINA." you would think shed be wrong sometimes, but...
wow, i went way off topic.
so, thats what i saw. not my hair, near the door in my room, no sound.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:30 AM
maybe it was the mothman....did you see the movie" the mothman prophecies" maybe it was like that only smaller just a thought

this little girl drew a picture of the creature she saw here's the link.

[edit on 14-5-2006 by the_sentinal]

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:33 AM
I see no reason to not believe you and frankly your mother seems like a person so desperate to not face anything she does not understand for some reason?

You need to focus on the physical details of what you saw like its height and width and its head and face etc.

It sounds like you are much more psychic than the rest of your family and you may be susceptible to other forces and energies at a level they are not.

Does not sound like ghosts to me, maybe your family is plagued by abductions or something like that.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 11:21 PM

a few days ago, when i was in my friends house after going to a comedy club, & my friend was asleep, since i wasnt tired, i decided to sit at the table, & near the table is this window with this amazing view of new york city. she lives in the 21st floor, & up there you can see like all the buildings.
&, as i was drinking mikes hard lemonade & eating cold left-over chinese, i looked out the window, & saw a little yellow light. i thought it was a plane, so i just watched it. &, as i took a zip of my drink, it disappeared. im not sure if it freaked me out, so it probably didnt. i thought about it alot, then i went to sleep. next morning, told my friend about it, & she thought it was kool.
think it was a UFO? i think so.
this happened just the friday that passed, which was the 19th. the time was around 4ish. am. what do you guys think?

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