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Why will 15+million illegal workers be Great for Big Business but awful for the Middle Class?

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:08 AM
I thought I'd just throw this statement out there. It seems to me that BIG BUSINESS does control our government for the most part. It also seems the more big business wins the more the middle class lose.

I would like this thread to be committed to the reasons why big business wants illegals.

The main reason I believe BIG BUSINESS wants as many illegals as possible is so that they can employ them and drop their middle class american. Illegals will work for much less than a middle class american even without the benefits.

The laws of Supply and Demand tell us that when there are more competitors(workers) competing for fewer jobs, the employees will work for less. This is what is exactly happening!!!

Don't believe me? Go to a fast food restaurant and see if they can understand you.

Go to a construction site and see if anyone is speaking English!

Big business does not care about lousy service, that is why they have advertising, to make up for it, they are only concerned about the bottom line!!!

Watch out Middle Class Americans your days are numbered!!!

"Welcome to Madonna's, May I help you?"
- Carlos Mencia

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