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Research advice needed

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 09:55 PM
Hey everybody,
I have been lurking around here for a few hours and decided to join in. I like the skeptic viewpoint many have adopted. I see a lot of "I want to believe sooo bad" types in other corners of the net. I'm sure you guys have some of these too though

You guys have surely heard the FED conspiracy. This has a lot to do with that. I am trying to dive in a bit deeper though than most information goes and I want to come out with a lot of hard evidence about certain things.

The organizations I am researchng are mostly public companies so I can rely on SEC filings. The main information I am concerned with is ownership and control of companies. I am interested in very large companies. Main focus will be:

Large Banks
Media companies
Weapons Manufacturers
Colleges & text book manufacturers - specifically economics and history
Pharmaceutical companies
Psychiatric institutions and organizations

So far, I have found that on Yahoo finance, I can see who the major holders are (hold the most stock) and I can also see who is at some of the top positions in organizations (President, VP, Director, etc.). I do need to know what SEC form verifies who the major holders are. Also, isn't there always a "board" in these public companies? Isn't that who has ultimate power? Anyway of finding out who that comprises of and who is sitting in for who?

Another thing I am trying to find out: if a public company gets a large loan, what bank is lending them the money. Ideally, the end result for a company would be a spreadsheet listing banks in order of the amount of money they have loaned to said company over it's entire existance. A public company may have started out private and so probably got a loan and I need to know about these beginnings too if possible. I need to know who got the company up and going. Maybe there were VCs putting up the money - anyway of finding out who? I realize that with private companies this may not be possible but just wanted to check to see if anyone knew of a way to get this information.

I also need to find out about political contributions. Ideally I need like a spreadsheet listing companies or organizations in order according to the size of contribution. It doesn't matter so much as to what politician was given what money, but more like an overall picture of say all contributions added up for everyone in the senate, house, and executive (i.e. the president).

Hit me up on the back channel for more info or if you are interested in helping: gigaplex08(a) It should be a lot of fun!

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 10:03 PM
Looks like you are on the right track so far, your following the right trail at least.
There may not always be a "board ", the only way of finding out who is in control of a company might be contacting the company. As for the loan part, I would guess it depends on who they (being the bank people), ask for a loan.

This is a diverse topic to be searching, so much to cover. Your focus is a good start, and crosses over in to the "Revolving Door Research" and the "Omega Agency Research" projects. At least most obviously in the weapons and pharms industries.

I imagine just as the government has to make an accounting of it's budget, so to does large business. That is of course if, it is at the least all ligit.

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