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Top 5 Records

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 12:17 PM
Put up your top 5 lists for music in whatever category you'd like! I've got three categories to start with (the last I'm hoping to be listening to sometime in the future, but as of's based on memory

Top 5 Opening lines in songs:

5. Rebecca St. James I Need You – “Wide open my life is now. I hide no more behind the mask, and what you see is what I am, it’s reality"
4. Newsboys, Devotion – “All my world, all I’ve lost, the wrecks I’ve made here, the lives it’s cost. Your hand restores, your words make whole, with all my soul I thank you, I owe you all my devotion”
3. Warren Barfield, Mistaken – “I shouldn’t have to tell you who I am ‘cause who I am should be speaking for itself ‘cause if I am who I, I want to be then who you see won’t even be me”
2. Matthew West, Only Grace – “There is no guilt here. There is no shame. No pointing fingers; there is no blame. What happened yesterday has disappeared, the dirt has washed away, and now it’s clear there’s only grace”
1. Mercy Me, Undone – “No apologies for who I’m meant to be”

Top 5 Lines/Verses From Songs:
5 Michael W. Smith, Everybody Free – “We all grow up and put away our childhood games, but sometimes I wonder if we’ve really changed. ‘Cause I’m still seeking, though I’ve learned to hide so well, and all I’m wanting is to be caught and held”
4. Steven Curtis Chapman, Time For Worshipping – “When I’m feeling loved and happy, when I’m feeling all alone, when I’m failing to remember all the love that I’ve been shown; with every beat of my heart it’s another new place to start right now this is a moment made for worshipping”
3. Rebecca St. James, I Need You – “I need you, and there is nothing I must prove, for you are a friend who loves at all times, I thank God you you. I love you. I need you.”
2. Michael W. Smith, This Is Your Time – “This is your time, this is your dance, live every moment, leave nothing to chance. Swim in the sea, drink of the deep, embrace the mystery of all you can be. This is you time.”
1. Mercy Me, Undone – “To the cross I run, holding high my chains undone. Now I am finally free, free to be what I’ve become…Undone.”

Top 5 Dating Songs:
5. Steven Curtis Chapman, Holding A Mystery
4. Michael W. Smith, I Wanna Tell The World
3. Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. Steven Curtis Chapman, Every Little Kiss
1. Steven Curtis Chapman, I Will Be Here

Now it's your turn, unless I get bored and think of another category and 5 songs/lyrics to go with it

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 12:32 PM
Top 5 Opening lines in songs:
5. Everclear "Overwhelming" - "It can come from out of nowhere, hit you when you're safe and warm, take it easy my star, your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come"
4. Death Cab for Cutie "The Sound of Settling" - "I've got a hunger, twisting my stomach into knots, that my tongue was tied off, my brain's repeating, 'If you've got an impulse let it out," but they never make it past my mouth."
3. Modest Mouse "Float On" - "I back my car into a cop car the other day, well he drove off sometimes life's okay, I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can I say, well you just laughed it off it was all okay"
2. Mustard Plug "Not Enough" - "Time has come you think it's over, yeah ya had enough, burned out and over-rated, time to give it up, but then the spark ignites the flame, and now you realize why you came, you know it's hardly over, it's not enough"

1. Nada Surf "Always Love" - "To make a mountain of your life, is just a choice, but I never learned enough to listen to the voice that told me, 'Always love, hate will get you every time. Always love, don't wait til the finish line."

Top 5 Lines/Verses From Songs:
5. Moby "We Are All Made of Stars" - "People they come together, people they fall apart, no one can stop us now, cause we are all made of stars"
4. 311 "All Mixed Up" - "You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret, you've got to bet on yourself now star, cause that's your best bet" (Hard not to put that on my top five opening lines list)
3. 311 "Beyond the Gray Sky" - "It is a gift I know, a moment of bliss that we hold, a firecracker flash of light then on, to the next plane soul remain, come along if you dare, it's gonna be that you're scared, lovely life I thank you, for the reason to see the pain through" (Again, hard not to put on the previous list)
2. Snow Patrol "Run" - "Have heart my dear, we're bound to be afraid, even if it's just for a few days, making up for all this mess"

1. Fatboy Slim "The Journey" - "The victory's sweeter when obstacles either, Are side-stepped or crushed on the way to the door, So I go on my own, have faith in the road, I can share that control cause I'm never alone. I hear the creator speak to me through wispers, On winds the voices of friends and of foes, I listen to omens, the things that he shows me, Shows that he knows me and helps me along, And follow him closely, where he goes mostly, Guidin' my path on this map 'till I'm gone"

Top 5 Breakup Songs:
5. Everclear - "Now That it's Over"
4. Hot Hot Heat - "Shame on You"
3. The Suicide Machines - "The Real You"
2. Everclear - "Thrift Store Chair"

1a.Everclear - "Overwhelming"
1b. Everclear - "The Good Witch of the North"

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 12:37 PM
I went with dating songs, Keen went with break up songs, otherwise our categories were the same. I'm amused.

break up songs easy for me, though...Maybe So Long Self by Mercy Me...

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 12:47 PM
Yeah, well go watch High Fidelity some more...

Top 5 Everclear Songs
5. "Song From an American Movie, Pt. 2"
4. "Santa Monica"
3. "Sparkle"
2. "Amphetamine"

1. "So Much for the Afterglow"

Top 5 311 Songs
5. "Flowing"
4. "Don't Stay Home"
3. "Speak Easy"
2. "You Wouldn't Belive"

1. "Creatures (For a While)"

Top 5 Movie Soundtracks
5. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
4. Walk the Line
3. About a Boy
2. Ocean's 12

1. Garden State

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