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I am making a comic about military!

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 10:26 PM
I am working on a comic based on Russia's army in the year 2010. 2010 is not far from now so the weapons won't be that much different. I am currently on the rough draft. I happen to be an extremely good drawer so it will be very realist looking(the weapons and stuff will look the same in the comic as in real life), but don't expect photo realistic detail(I'm not that good.) I am currently sketching out the backrounds, weapons, and first few chapters. I am collecting pics from the net of military weapons from ALL countries most of which I will be using in the comic. However, there are pics that are hard to find(especially good pics of the most modern Russian soldiers) If you got any pics or links please post. I am also experimenting with backrounds so if you have pics or links of backrounds please post. Please post any pics you have that I can use or inspire from for my comic, especially pics of military because that will be the main focus. Also post any comments you'd like or tell me any tips about making a comic (especially a military one). Thanks! I will tell you whenever I achieve anything big in this project.
Peace out.

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