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Time to protect all from pedophiles, change RICO

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 09:58 AM
It's time to ask our federal government to modify the RICO act so that we can jail pedophiles. Amazing is that every time we find a deceased child, they were almost always a victim of pedophilia. Imagine if we could lock these guys up? I'm sure that some would talk to limit their time in jail with Buba. Why bother putting kids on cartons of milk if we can not do anything about it? There is no logic in the world that could disregard a law like this, children first please. We can’t lock them up because of statutes of limitations, it protects them. We need your help.

Today’s society is trapped because the Catholic Church has been lobbying to stop any new laws from passing. This is a large organization with their tentacles in the DA’s office and Senator’s offices. Check out the real stats at

And there is other compelling reason to make changes in the law. Victims of pedophilia suffered in many ways; Many have committed suicide at a young age (think about those you know and do something for them), many have become alcoholics and drug addicts, some are in jail (60% of all inmates were sexually abused as children), some have had horribly chaotic lives never understanding why life has passed them.

Abused victims in most cases have never understood why they were acting out their lives outside of what we call normal. Many do not have immediate memories of their abuse because their mind protects them from the horrors or otherwise they may just go crazy. Later in life and many times 40 and 50 years afterwards they get a flooding of memories about their abuse. Only then are they able to take action to seek therapy. Many of their perpetrators are still alive and all are still pedophiles as we have seen in the news of 70 and 80 year olds and they get better at covering up their acts. Memories don’t fade; they just hide to protect the victim. Once realized they become very clear.

Aren’t we supposed to be a fair society? What about the lost lives of these victims? What about kids on cartons of milk? What about justice?

Older adults and many younger ones, those who are incapable of seeing past their beliefs as a result of cult fears put in them of being dammed are also stopped from moving forward. We need those people with God given intelligence to do something now; otherwise it would be an insult to their God for not using their mind and doing nothing about this. This takes strong and committed people to badger their politicians into changing the laws. Our opportunity to do something is now.

Recommendations should be to modify RICO to include organizations when more than 5% of staff is accused of child molestation. Additionally, this should be termed as organized pedophilia and insurance companies should not be liable because this is blatant miss-management. Limiting insurance company’s liabilities will put them on the right side of what is good and right. Please raise hell on this issue and remember that organized pedophilia is a training group for new pedophiles. Please, raise hell because every else is afraid to.

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