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The World Sacred

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:19 AM
The light.
Oh how it blinded me.
It came down from the heavens and reflected off the water below me seeming to put me in the spotlight.
The suns reflection, shattering like glass, into a million pieces of sunlit and dancing white shapes focused themselves onto my face , i could not see anything.

As i hang there, under the bridgeway blinded, i could here the owners of the house banging about inside.

"They must have forgotten something" i thought.

I had been watching these people for hours, waiting for them to leave so that i could make my move and when they did, i swung down out of the tree across the front yard of the estate and as they got in their carriage and started to move away down the street, i darted accross the yard and began to make my way across the brown painted,wooden bridge that would lead me to the front door.
I heared stones moving coming up the driveway and i immediately swung down and hand over hand, hung myself from below the bridge.
One of the owners returned thumping across the bridge overhead and i could hear her mumbling under her breath about something.

"Ignorant oaf"
She said

"I should have listened to mother .....forget to bring my most important piece of the gods!"

She was a plump lady in a old white,frilly gown from wich hung a string of beads on one side , I couldnt see the rest of her because i was looking through the small cracks under the bridge.

Ten minutes past and she was still banging around inside the house cursing and saying things like


My arms at this point were starting to ache rather badly,

"Please hurry up you old wench"
I thought to myself as i swung my legs up over one of the rafters and hung upside down to let my arms regain there strength.
I was not blinded anymore and the sunlight was not burning into my eyes, i could see the smooth flowing ribbon of water below me and appreciated the reflection of the evening sky in it, the orange colors across the clouds,the birds flying through the air without a care in the world **BANG**

The front door of the house slammed shut and the plump woman made her way back across the bridge holding a container of somekind.

"About bloody time too"

I thought to myself as i swung back and forwards, and then on about my forth swing a grabbed one of the railings and hoisted myself back over it again and was once more on the bridge.

I looked around cautiously at everything as i stood there crouched down , nothing seemed to be suspicious and so i moved across the bridge to the front door, i did not make a sound , it was allmost like a cat stalking its prey.

I took my Serpentine Dagger from out of my ankle strap and slid it into the crevace between the door lock and the door frame.I moved it up and down trying to find the groove in the crossbar of the lock when all of a sudden i could hear breathing behind me, as if it was standing breathing into my ear.
I froze.

"Wot un gawds neyam are jooo oopTeh!!?

My face was still looking at the door so i tucked my chin down and pulled my black hood around my head so that only my eyes would show.

"Yeh Haaf Naht Bodder haydung yeh feyase froma meh yeh Teifin sport of deeort!!"
"Deh eldares ara gawna haff too Berrie joo naiked....Ayas iss teh wai of teifin luttle moongrelas like joosulf!!Eyeh weyall geet a goot reaward foo cootin yeh orpun unde brungina joo doo teh elders , yeh teyaf!!"

I turned around slowly to see who this being was .
"By the Gods!!"
I thought to myself, this man was at least eight to nine feet tall and was about as wide as i was long.
He wore a heavy looking black coat that covered his entire body down to his feet, where he wore what looked like metal boots .Upon his head he war a dark grey hood that covered his features and his eyes bore out of them at me like headlights.
They were red and eeire looking they seemed to burn right into my mind and soul.
I couldnt speak and i did not know what to do.
I stood there still,frozen and speechless.

"Neuw doonteh yeh trey undeh roon oreh eye wull meek joo wushe yeh neyva bin boorn"

He said, as he put one of his massive hands inside his coat and pulled out a rather large axe with a serrated edge on it.
The axe looked new and was stained with a shade of brown on the blade.
"Dry Blood"
I thought, and then he took a long step towards me,raised the axe above my head
and swung downwards with all his might.....................


posted on May, 10 2006 @ 10:39 PM
interesting idea so far, run with it and let us know what happens next.

however do as "i" say and not as "i" do, remember to capitalize, spellcheck and grammar check. A few sentences seemed choppy, maybe wrong word choice, but a few rereads and using the tools I just mention, it should easily clean up.

Also writing slang can be pretty difficult and readers not familiar might not quite understand the dialect you're trying to portray.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 07:47 AM
I will watch this , thank you for pointing it out ww, it is much appreciated and respected.

Thanks again


[edit on 14/5/2006 by Omega85]

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 07:49 AM
I closed my eyes, awaiting the strike.
It never came, was this man playing games with me?
I stood there with my eyes shut, shaking and allmost on the verge of tears.

Nothing happend.I opened my eyes and found that the man way gone.
Had i imagined it?
I wasnt sure, i stood there worried and still shaking, looking across the bridge and onto the estate, maybie trying to find someone in the distance so that i might be able to proove to myself that i wasnt going crazy.

There was nothing to be scene, nothing at all, no movement, no sounds, nothing at all.
I breathed a sigh and turned back around towards the door, it was there that i know that what i saw was real.

A red stream was snaking its way down the door, i looked up to see where it was coming from.

The large man whom had nearlly killed me before was now suspended high above the door to the house, his blood slowly running down the wall and down the front of the door.

I looked up and realised that them man was hanging there via a black rope that was wrapped around his neck, his axe was nowhere to be seen and all i could see was his large figure dangling there and his face, it was twisted, his eyes wide open and looking towards the sky, his hood was now off and the mans bald head was cut right down the middle blood still running down his face, across his lips and onto his cloak.

I didnt know what to think, i looked around rapidly and ran for it .
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, i dont even remember the journey i ran away that fast.
I turned up at my house and went inside it was there i fell asleep on the floor.


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