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BREAKING: Grand Theft Auto IV announced for 360 & PS3!!!!!!!!! (Rel: Oct 16, 2007)

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posted on May, 9 2006 @ 04:45 PM

3:25 pm - Moore: "The Xbox 360 HD DVD player. The intial run of Toshiba players sold out within a few days. I'd like to announce that today, the Xbox 360 player will be available this holiday. I've got to take my jacket off ... Some of you may remember this ... It's no big secret that I saved the big guns for the bog guns! Some guys do rubber ducks, so guys do tattoos. Moore takes off his jacket -- to show off his Halo 2 tattoo. The other arm has a Grand Theft Auto IV tattoo! October 16, 2007 in North America, October 19 in Europe.


3:26 pm - Microsoft and Rockstar games have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide exclusive episodic content through Xbox Live. Moore is interrupted by applause after this announcement. The crowd was not expecting this, and is pumped to hear it.

OMGOMGOMG!?!/11!?!! I was not expecting this announcment for the pre E3 show! I really hope more info(like Screenshots and videos come out soon!) We are gonna have to wait a while until it comes out though, and us lowly PC users will probably have to wait till 2008 till its available. I might have to pick up a 360 afterall....

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 02:16 PM
Nice find, I'm a massive fan of the Grand Theft Auto games currently own all. Not finished them all though. Looking forward to this one.

posted on May, 23 2006 @ 01:19 PM
Can't wait intill this game comes out. I got hooked on Grand Theft Auto when GTA3 came out for the good old playstation2. Ever since I've been glued to this game series!

posted on May, 23 2006 @ 04:15 PM

~ Game Title: Grand Theft Auto IV
~ Release Date: US: October 16th 2007 Europe: October 19th 2007
~ Developed by: Rockstar North
~ Produced by: Rockstar Games
~ Official Website:

The Facts

* Grand Theft Auto IV will be simultaneously available for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360™ and is currently planned to be in stores in North America on October 16, 2007 and in Europe on October 19, 2007.
* Microsoft and Rockstar Games have announced a strategic alliance to provide exclusive episodic content for Xbox Live®, giving the community ever-expanding gameplay experiences that aren't possible on other consoles.

Rumours & Speculation

* Rockstar North received their PlayStation3 game developers kit in August 2005 and have since then been working on a brand new game engine for what the October issue of PSM is calling, a next-gen GTA title. Eye-candy aside, they are supposedly aiming to create a photo-realistic city for GTA 4.

"Rockstar North is creating a specialized game engine for PS3 that will bring GTA 4 to life to a degree that PS2 games could only hint at. Specifically, they're going to be using the high data transfer bandwidth of the Cell CPU, RSX GPU, and Blu-ray Disc to use several streams of game info simultaneously. The game's city - unfortunately yet to be even hinted at - will still be free roaming and seamless, but broken down into smaller, more deatailed areas at the engine level, into which the game designers are going to be able to pour more textures, more oject variety, and tons of details (such as discareded soda cans with their own physics), just for starters. The goal is a city that's less repetitive and where everything - and everyone - looks and acts more like they would in the real world on every level."
-- PSM Magazine USA, November 2005

* Multiplayer - There were signs of multiplayer development in the GTA3 (PC) data files. GTA: San Andreas featured something very similar to multiplayer known as 'co-op'. Most recently, GTA: Liberty City Stories featured seven multiplayer game modes with each supporting upto six players. This evidence (and more) suggests that Rockstar are keen to develop a fully functional GTA multiplayer in future releases, so multiplayer is indeed a strong possiblity in Grand Theft Auto 4.
* Setting - Due for next-gen systems, sources close to the project suggest the team is looking beyond the US for the setting of the next title, with Europe being a strong contender.
* Images - A fake screenshot of Grand Theft Auto 4 surfaced on the 29th of June, 2005. Its source is to-date unknown, but we were able to confirm with Rockstar on September 21st that it is fake:

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