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The Disclosure Project: Press Conference

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 02:47 AM
(continued from my above thread post)

Report Three Of Three regarding the May 9 2006 19:00EDT Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto

0605092140EDT: (approximated as in my previous thread post - John Cameron Swayze would've been proud of that '60s Apollo-era wind up Timex Marlin)

I recall looking around the auditorium just before Dr. Greer stepped up to the mic, there was a sense of eager anticipation in the audience; lots of facial expressiveness. Both the older oriental fellow and the person I have a notion may or may not have been a member of the Thomson family were observed leaving the auditorium from the stage-left back. I was not able to conclude that they were leaving together as I witnessed no communication between them. Both faces seemed as though they had come to see something and that being done, were
leaving before the keynote speaker Dr. Greer. They did not give the impression of being happy or unhappy - zero facial inflection. They may have been there to see Paul Hellyer and that done, were splitting the groovy scene. Maybe not. Hmmm alert - level low but steady.

I winked at my friend and her pops who were on the other side of the auditorium. 6AM and 3AM were doin' What comes natural too, sniffin' and drinkin' it in. I turned to settle in my seat and try and get the laptop situated for optimal microphone LOS to the PA speaker and turned my attentions to Dr. Greer. I'd be flattered and to find my IQ was much more than 90 or even 100 (stroke survivor) so I want you ATS'ers to understand that I gave this speaker my entire and undivided attention. Awareness level - maximum. VK Human efferent systems status - Online with CRC check enabled.

Well for those who have never seen DR. Steven Greer, or those who have only seen him in still photos, or videos over the past few years, that method of experience does not accurately reflect or do justice to this man's "live" presensce. Alpha-male v2.0 patched to the most recent spec.

Most impressive. 6AM assures me that this man is not unattractive. I picked up a few things on my own though, from my notes composed as he spoke, genetic "Top Drawer", IQ beyond that which I can assess (160 easy), vocabulary 45000 or more, new custom tailored suit coat easily a "G" note, custom shirt of the finest quality high thread count silk (17 - 18 inchneck), a tie of a manufacture to which I am unacustom (never seen one quite like that - Avenue K?), tie pin of a profession/guild/society (gold with jewel or maybe a light reflection), 6 foot 4-ish (perhaps taller), body fat less than 4%, well muscled (not workin' man muscles, workin' out muscles), longish forehead, sandy colour hair, some male pattern alopecia, haircut within the last week, light colour eyes (seemed blue at times
green at others), gold wire frame specs that were one size too small (making his face seem larger), redness of the facial skin and some evidence of acne scarring and bad razor burn on both sides of his adams apple. I can't believe my fortune in getting that down on paper well enough so I can read it.

"Live" there is no aspect of this man doesn't seem somehow esthetically remarkable; the sort of human that would "stick out" in a crowd of 10000. I could imagine that this is a perceived social asset of which he is not unaware. Like Tony Robbins at 60% throttle but with the gravitas and pan-societal respect engendered to the medical profession. The sort you'd "head hunt" to run a foundation or similar group. Narcisist - optimal social survival skills for the fish with whom he swims. Blinding brilliance - very shiney.

(continued below)

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 02:54 AM
(continued from above)

This man thinks before he speaks and he thinks very, very swiftly and speaks with an absolute control of his authoritative tenor maybe bass-ish voice and message. He doesn't need notes - he's in command and control and doesn't pause to guage audience impact. The kind of voice people listen to because it "sounds" important and has fancy big words that some folk might never hear unless from such a source. I wish my own words would let me convey my thoughts with such precision and mastery of language while saying substantively so little.

Dr. Greer began with a conscise synopsis of who he is and what his academic and professional credentials are and some details of his life that hit on several wonderfully intertwined themes in relation to his Disclosure Project Work. Buddy is a name-dropper and history dropper that is put to good use to somehow embellish the "who" of who he is. The quick list, wife and family traceable to the origins of what I'd call white America, an uncle who according to Dr. greer was "the chief designer of the Apollo lunar module"? Could he mean one of my heroes Tom Kelly? I could be wrong but I'm thinkin' not Tom Kelly.

At this point his accent changed from mid-Atlantic to virginian or Carolinian to proclaim and I quote,"but I'm just a simple country Doc". His words not mine. OK, but don't go all "Dub-yuh" with the voice - the message congruence from his previous "academic-humanitarian wrapped in family and love of nation" spiel was not unmissed by several in the audience whose facial expressions changed when his vocal affectation became sort of "New Country"like. Think Doc McCoy from star Trek TOS.

Dr. Greer has some claims many will have heard before, perhaps too often, because we seem to accept these claims as fact without verifiable proof. "Street" needs "Proof". This guy ain't "Street", perhaps a former ER "Doc", but not "Street". This guy's 127 floors above "Street" level; that is proof from him is not required - quite unlike us mere "bipedal grunts".

Dr. steven Greer claims that the National Reconnaissance Office of The United States Of America (NRO) AND the National Securiy Agency of The Unisted States of America (NSA)"actively jammed" (his words not mine) the first hour of the streaming webcast of the May 9th 2001 Disclosure Project National Press Conference. He also added that their stream server crashed because of "such overwhelming interest from the public" and "that up to that date and long after was the highest rated webcast in history."

Now I can't say how it's done in the United States but if such a claim were made in Canada we'd have a public inquiry if not a Royal Commission "on the public dime" to investigate such allegations of malfeseance by any federal Canadian agency. Just ask any Canuckistani, we love our witch hunts. Different in the USA.

Uh, which of the three will it be Dr. Greer? His answer in his own backpedallin' way to a question that was not asked was "well actually we don't know who exactly" should indicate that "he doesn't know who", period. Buddy is contradicting himself. No one seemed to catch this - I did. Of course there are no server logs he'll offer as proof, which even back then, Helix server and Windows Media Encoder both supported. I am unsure about QuickTime - I don't do "Jobs" stuff. Any indication of traffic ("the highest rated webcast in history") would come from those logs and with ISP and police co-operation many discreet IP's could be logged and identify right back to most any hardwired location and or telephone number. So was it
the NRO and/or NSA who "actively jammed" the TCP/IP stream feed? And a server crash with no logs? OK. Possible, but I sense the cause lies in "the technical realm" as opposed to the "tactical realm." Back then you could fart loudly in a computer room and overrun a half dozen buffers. I jest but communication streaming infrastructure was very finicky if you didn't have some serious high-horsepower "techs" minding the store. It is more robust and reliable in 2006 but still isn't 100% human-fool proof. No logs. No proof. Foolproof.

Mr. Greer claims his organizational ethos as and I quote,"the No Secret Project" and "Yup, Uh-huh that's me" - He doesn't say "Yup" or "Uh-huh" very often it is unnatural for his voice; he's more a "yes" and "Hmmm, Mmmhmmm, Yes" guy - think of your doctor better yet a specialist. He went out of his way to make sure this point was accentuated in every way - open body position, "humblefied" of voice, as if confessing to the audience. OK. Fair enough - no secret. That's right about the time I thought of proof again. I haven't seen any yet beyond anecdotal testimonials by other good people with the right motives. Motives.

(continued below)

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:00 AM
(continued from above)

Dr greer was most emphatic in stating that "suppressed technology is the most important and pressing issue of our time" and that "the very future of the planet depends on it." OK, but I'd still like to experience one day on this planet where 30,000 children don't die needlessly of preventable hunger and disease let alone all the expoltation, and child-warriors. Isn't this guy a Doctor? What's he run for blood iced Naya? Nope, Dassani. Most pressing issue? From my notes once more,"DARFUR" writ large. Issue.

He started changing subjects and using big words at a higher frequency at this point. "President Clinton did not want to prove this" a claim made against a living American President in relation to the "permanent" vs "temporary" dual-gov conspiracy notion. Uh, if I was "Slick willy" I'd send a team of barristers to visit Dr. greer at awkward times until he "put up" or "shut up".

Next he moved on to S.E.T.I. and ATS'ers will know of SETI but may not be aware of the claims Dr. Greer made attributed to SETI on the evening of May 9th 2006. From my notes and I quote verbatim here,"You can take the tracking and targetting as fact." What a loaded statement. Does SETI track and target? Duh? Is the Pope a Catholic? Yes. but that's not what the crowd took away as the real meaning, they were left with the impression SETI tracks and targets UFO's. He then added,"SETI has had many sustained and intelligent contacts" and the
"Coupe Des Gras" and you folks may not belive me but from my notes verbatim,"SETI is in communication with otherworldly entities all the time." His words not mine. WTFIT. I believe that ATS has a SETI Team, is this an outright nontruth or more a skillful distortion of truth? I'll testify in a court of law bearing witness if required. I won't research this I'm not a SETI guy or researcher or lawyer but someone might consider it worthy of further investigation. Besides shouldn't SETI know what this guy attributes to them as "factual" in the public domain. Would that be fair? Misprepresentation or darn near as close to the line
as one could get. Misrepresentation.

Mr. Greer then trotted out another of my heroes in name drop mode. Lockheed's Ben Rich. He attributed the following to Mr. Rich, "I've talked to Ben Rich, he assured me we have "this" technology", Ben Rich died of cancer. Humngous poked me in the ribs knowing of the high technical regard I hold Mr, Rich in and quitely said,"This Guy is full of *hit, a quart low and it's leaking." and rolled his eyes. Dead men don't lie or disclose non-truth either, only "live" humans do. No proof. Foolproof.

He then made what I'd call "The Canada Play" and did a little borrowing from a Canadian Department Of Transport and perhaps National research council scientist of the 1950's Wilbert J. Smith's career too. He brought up the "Sauerbacher Memo" (sorry if I blew the spelling) to DOT science-boffin Smith regarding the on paper statement that the UFO phenomenon was real and above the secrecy even for the Manhattan Project. Old news but a nice touch of ingratiation for the home crowd while sequaying to how Canada could help through guess who? The Right Honourable Paul Hellyer who had earlier made what can most politely be said as and what I perceived to be somewhat anti-American statements.

(continued below)

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:07 AM
(continued from above)

Great, just what we need, a US "personna-non-grata" potentiate Canuck and more Americans PO'd at the Great White North. Sheesh, don't do us any favours OK Bud? Some of us might like more friendly relations between our Dominon and the Republic to the South even with the current regime. Some of us Canuckistani's do have a self-preservation imperative. Perhaps not Paul Hellyer - not ambassador material. Canada. You will notice that no mention of contacting any Canadian Institution of official governance directly was recommended by these people. I think this was deliberate to avoid raising the collective eyebrows of Canada's
elected government. We weren't asked to do anything really other than support Exopolitics TO and Hellyer - to what end? I smell money.

Dr, Greer then ripped the United States Council On Foreign Relations "a new one" citing nothing beyond "these are the people in control and are a junta unto themselves. OK, you American out there might choose to do something about that, your call not mine. No names, no actions, no dates. no proof. Foolproof. Foreign relations.

He glanced at his gold wristwatch taking note of the time. He brought out the "big guns" as each of the speakers had before him. Only difference he started talking up his quest for the "unlimited free and clean energy" and how he's recruited brilliant scientists from across the globe to develop their first generation devices which draw energy from "Quantum-flux-vacuum" or zero-point energy. He said regarding some device of which there was no description offered,"I've seen it work, had it in my kitchen." I could say exactly the same about cockroaches instead of the "device". They work in kitchens too.

He detailed some stuff about how much energy there was "locked up" in a cubic centimeter of empty space. Prove it. Show us a demo of how "your" brilliant scientist does this with a small "magic" box. Oh, you can't right now, how about the scientists name then? Oh, I had no idea that "Mr. Wizard's" life had been threaten and that he was in hiding in a "safe house" at an undisclosed location because "they" were out to get him. This may be true. No proof. Foolproof.

He wrapped his "disclosure" speech emploring the audience with a quivering voice and what many would surmise as desparate sadness,"Help us, the very planet, Gaia is at risk." A standing ovation shorte but much louder than for Paul Hellyer.
Mr. Shewchuk took the lecturn while much glad handing and pats on the back and hugs were exchanged between the men on stage. Mr. Shewchuk put in word recommending interested parties to join CSETI as volunteers.The applause dwindled. Can you say future accolites? Accolites.

Dr. greer came back to the mic and suggested folks could "obtain" 2 hour DVD's through David Shewchuk and that 4 hour versions were available Mr, viggiani took the lecturn after Mr. shewchuk's CSETI "shout out." And asked the press present to step to the mic on the aisle stage center for the question and lack of answer
period. Seven questions two of which were incomprehensible - these aren't "working journalists" cept maybe the first lady who had command of language but no real question other than "Why"? Why indeed. She stammered a bit owing to Dr. Greer doin' the intense eye laser stare which a person trying to ask a diffuse question will find an enabler for the loss of a thought train. His quickly formulated answer that he paused to think about for at least two seconds was,"We don't know". The lady said," Thank you so much." and seemed genuine. One rambling question lead into a "disscussion" of someone named Wolf of whom I
know nothing, Dr. Greer's reply,"He's dead. I'm not comfortable talking about the dead." Uh, Dr. Greer everyone's work you mentioned in "your" address except SETI is dead too? What's the difference? The dead you borrow credibility from are dead, so's this Wolf (Wolfe?) person the questioner holds in high regard. What's the matter did his worldview not jive with the "Greer-ian Worldsview'? Or did he do the unthinkable and take you to task requiring oh I don't know, something like proof?

The crowd was leaving all throughout the question period, I acknowledged 3AM and gave him the "all clear" and he split. I packed up the laptop making sure to save the audio file on it and Humongous packed up his photo stuff. 6AM was observed chatting to Mr. Bird and touching him suggestively on the lapel - she's ruthless. I suspect I'll hear more of this when she sees fit to contact me.

(continued below)

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:10 AM
(continued from above)

A couple of "houskeeping" notes I unintentionally omitted earlier but will include here in the spirit of accurate disclosure. From memory David Shewchuk said."I'm a professional skeptic so you can trust me." at some point. Is there such a profession? And the night's agenda was truncated wthout explaination declining to include "Discussion of film documentary Dan Akroyd Unplugged On Ufo's. Hmmmm. No Dan Akroyd, no David Sereda, no discussion. Bait and switch? A falling out? Don't know. No proof.

So ATS'ers there you have it as well as I can do - this time. I think this "tour" will be back Toronto way within the year, maybe 18 months, and I'll be a liitle more wise in preparation and execution. I'm a first-timer, I rate my performance as C-. My "crew"? A+.

Next time I'll bring video equipment - Dang, I wish I could send SETI a video clip of what was said. I want to encourage ATS'ers to do similar stuff to what I have done - break no laws. Do it better than I have. Someone, at another event may be able to use my experience to benefit the body of knowledge where I could not - this time. Pass yourself off as "press" like many in Toronto did; they paid no penalty and no admission either. Ask tough questions like,"Do you have any
proof?"and "Why can't you demonstrate this proof?" stuff like that.

I suspect that Exopolitics of the "Greer-ian" variety is being "franchised" by deed if not by name; more locales will have an opportunity to succeed where I have failed. Use my data without restriction and please bring anything of note to the ATS boards. Please bring ATS good data and truth. It won't take much to domino a reality-leak if the correct leverage point is found.

I have significant day-job stuff to handle so my analysis of the Exopolitics Toronto "News' Conference will be at the earliest, this evening May 12th. Audio captures were nearly good enough to hear but need work before any distribution via P2P. I'll out that which can be heard and understood. I have a call in to a buddy who does audio for a living and expect a call back at some point. I had hoped to run at least some of the controversial stuff through voice stress analysis at work but without better audio quality that may not be possible. I'm thinkin' 6AM may have some "dynamite" audio on her cube pendant but I'll have to wait until
she contacts me.

Happy fifth anniversary Disclosure Project.

End of Report.


Victor K.

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 03:25 AM
Enjoy your life... I enjoy your writing! I like your writng style it's "bad"... and "sassy". You remind me of me when I was 35 years younger! Keep swingin' you'll hit one out of the park one day. LOL.

So can Dr Greer levitate an automobile unaided and has he been for rides to space in ET vehicles like the article at the link MikeJameson provided claims? What is your honest opinion? No dodges; yes or no?

Victor K.

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 01:48 AM
A Post-event Analysis of the Expolitcs Toronto News Conference held in Toronto Canada May 9th 2006.

Never having been at such an event before I was not disappointed by attending this conference. The
experience was well worth the 5 dollar CDN general admission price. This analysis will be divided into
the following three sections, general impressions, implications and loose ends.

Overall I am left with a favourable impression that there is at least some attempt being made to explore
exopolitics. I can not reconcile the incongruity of several aspects of what is being done to inform the
people of this planet by Dr. Steven Greer and perhaps by association those in Canada who might further
this cause in good faith by organizing and recruiting supporters on solely anecdotal evidence.

One would like to be able to trust every human at their word. This is unreasonble and potentially risky
behaviour in today's world. One requires reasonable assurance of truth through reasonable verification.
To the best that I can ascertain these people have not achieved this benchmark. A message is given that
is indeed dire and no disclosure of demonstrable undeniable proof of any kind is offered for third party
examination and verification of authenticity of claim by anyone let alone scientists of competence. If
these people have such undeniable verifiable truth they have not disclosed this and leaves one by
implication wondering,"Why", or more appropriately, "why not?" Can we not handle proof of the truth? I
suspect humanity is owed the truth many times over from many sources.

The "Big 3" claims of ET's as reality, authenticity and geo-politcal implications of non-Earth originated
aerial phenomenon, and the "58 year government coverup" are a compilation and extrapolation of others
anectodal claims (many of whom I believe completely) that have no tangible physical evidence that prove
beyond a reasonable doubt to the general public that this set of claims is truth. This is a problem for
me in accepting their claims even though they may be entirely true and valid. Lack of proof calls
into question many things especially credibility and motive. Belief in the Disclosure Project requires
one thing only; your unconditional unquestioning belief of what they advance as truth. They may be true.
I can neither prove nor disprove anything that they are asking the general public to believe.

I find I have a residual implied doubt and concern over the connections between "non-profit" companies
and organizations across international borders whose relationships are less than well defined. My main
concern is that no one is getting unduely or disproportionately wealthy from the creation of an issue
interest in the public forum followed by the potentially opportunistic exploitation of that public
interest generated by them without undeniable and verifiable proof. My impression of potential interest
conflicts regarding means and motive is something I may be able to resolve by studying future
interactions between these individuals and their groups and corporate entities. They may be entirely

Dr. Greer did say in Toronto that,"I've spent several millon dollars of my own money and others money."
In regard to his efforts to exploit "unlimited free and clean energy" through first generation "devices"
that "his" unnamed scientist currently in "hiding" owing to "threats" against his life by a group called

Some tangible proof of such devices and scientists must be demonstrated for me to believe that this has
an iota of reality in it. Should this device and scientist and assassination attempt be true in any way
it's a serious problem and could perhaps be best addressed by concerned American citizens through
what Dr. Greer defines as the "temporary" American government. Perhaps not. That the Candian public have
any influence in this primarily American issue is an argument of non-sequitor and quite a "stretch of
imagination". I am willing to entertain the notion that Canada may not be uninvolved, but who listens
to Canadians anyway? This fellow could never have happened in Canada.

I do find myself "wanting" these claims to be true and that these folks involved are only doing good
work in the best interest of humanity. As soon as I see some undeniable verifiable proof that my
concerns are all without merit I'm on board 100%. Until such disclosure I am still a
"believer-suspended." I have seen what I believed to be a vehicle of ET origin with my family in Canada.
But proof is proof, whether it's me forwarding a claim of my family's UFO sighting or Dr. Greer's with
far more serious claims. I don't have any undeniable verifiable proof of my experience, I wonder what
Dr. Greer "could" disclose and what factors, about which we may have no knowledge, that govern such a

There are a few loose ends I will explore until the next "News" conference in Toronto is held. I wish
to thank ATS'er MikeJamieson who found and added a link (
to this thread that I read after starting my report that bears mention when considering the level of
confidence one may or may choose to ascribe to the credibility of Dr. Steven M. Greer.

I've been told that this article from Biltmore Forest NC is a "hit piece" without any proof claim of
it being a "hit piece" so I dug a little deeper just to make "extra-sure" to satisfy such a concern of
the article being written as a "smear-job" by it's author. I went over it and then contacted the author
by telephone to find out in the interest of ATS accuracy. Uh, sorry not a "hit piece". The author is a
big Greer supporter and the article was to "promote" Dr. Greer's brand new book and the support
speaking engagement to be held by Dr. Greer next Wednesday evening May 17th in Asheville NC at UNCA
in the Lipinsky Hall at 7:30PM local time.

I therefore reject the notion that the article at the link provided by MikeJamieson is in any way shape
or form a "hit piece". Thank You MikeJamieson! Well done! ATS'ers please read the entire article I think
you will be surprised at Dr. Greer's "special" powers allowing him to, and I quote "levitate groups of
automobiles while meditating." Now I believe in PK but this I would have to see. Dr. Greer's claim of
this "power" to this extent is not possible and I doubt he can do it at all even with "smoke and mirror"
technical assistance. Let's suppose he possesses such a "gift/curse" what else may he be capable or
incapable of doing with these "special powers" - if he can do this I view him as a potential "threat" to
himself and others until proven otherwise. If he can't then watch the Simpson's Monorail episode and
you will get the idea.

From the article Dr. Greer asserts that he has 'flown in a flying saucer" and "is in regular
communication" with ET's. If I didn't suspect before, I'm now afraid that "Dr. Greer" could be a "cult
of personality" with an international pyramidic organizational hierarchy as a logistic support and
recruitment strategy. I hope not.

If and when Dr. Greer ever gets back to Toronto he's in for an interesting experience. Next time
he'll be taken to task in Toronto by my barrister if at all possible. I may even start a small but
authentic and 100% legitimate news service and hire actual real journalists to ask the questions for
which I require answers concerning this fellow. I have a BoD meeting tomorrow and I'll see what our
company "ambulance chasers" (they owe me large) think is the best way to ascertain the verity of
Dr. Greer and his claims. I wonder if his birthday is June 6th '66 or anything... I'd hate to take the
Antichrist to task. LOL.

Wednesday May 17th maybe an ideal time for any ATS'ers in or near the Carolina's to allow Dr. Greer the
opportunity to answer some questions if they have any that could include any of the following with my
full support. in no particular order they are:

1) Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense and have you ever had a judgement of claim against
you or your orgainizations in any litigation present or pending?
2) Can and will you prove your claimed ability to "levitate groups of automobiles"? Levitation of a
3) Do your CSETI teams make contact with ET vehicles? if so please name one CSETI member that we can
contact to confirm this?
4) Have you ever had an amytol test? Would you be willing to take an amytol test to help confirm belief
of your claims? If not please provide alternate proof.
5) Have you ever been treated for a psychological or psychiatric ailment?
6) Can and will you demostrate the "first generation unlimited free clean energy device" you claim to
have developed through your scientist who is in hiding for fear of his life?
7) Have you ever told a lie of any kind ever?
8) Have you ever been in front of a medical review board?
9) Are you a member in good standing in any government registered medical association? Has any such
organization ever exercised sanctions against you or your practise for breach of regulation?
10) Have you ever knowingly distorted any fact in presenting you, your organizations, or theories to the
American public?
11) Have you ever considered forming a religion based on your "paranormal" interests?

One other idea that does seem of merit that was put forth in another thread was to invite
Dr. Steven Greer to ATS for a Q&A session(s). I'm 100% for this and look forward to what the ATS
communities'best minds could achieve through such a dialogue. I would happily recuse myself from
anything other than spectating and cheering for such ATS truth seekers to avoid any possible perception
of mispropriety on my own part.

There is a small but distinct chance I may be in Charlotte next Wednesday so you never know what may
or may not happen that night in Asheville NC say around 9:00PM local time...


Victor K.

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posted on May, 13 2006 @ 03:39 AM
In all fairness unless Steven Greer was quoted out of context in being slammed in that Sagan/Greer article making claims that he can lift cars using his mind that would raise a red flag. I'm even skeptical when it comes to meditation to contact UFOs, aliens and most new age UFO convention material. Some people think they have it all figured out. They know all the ET races by name, where they come from, their motivation. It's like it becomes a pseudo religion almost.

A disclosure process needs to be down to Earth. As I pointed out earlier Steven Greer's Disclosure project is effective. I believe the government is suppressing extraterrestrial technology recovered from downed craft or crash retrieval . Who are these aliens observing Earth and human culture? I'm afraid there is nothing new age or magical about them. They are simply biological entities, intellectual life forms that evolved on other planets, humanoid in appearance since nature often repeats itself. Humans have larger brains and began to walk upright. Most animals have two eye, a nose, and a mouth and have limbs like two arms and two legs. The Universe is most likely teaming with life like plants and animals on inhabitable planets also intellectual life, advanced civilizations. Some with more advanced technology and a better understanding of physics and space travel.

I think the best type of disclosure process would be on two fronts. Realistically once a person takes a security oath they can't talk. Even if what they see is deemed unethical and they wanted to.
Extraterrestrial matters would be the highest classification of secrecy of course. One thing that Ufology has going for it is UFO's. There have been many credible cases and sightings that point to advanced alien craft or some type of advanced technology that became better understood in our short modern age.

What you need is a popular culture movement like Disclosure Project. This informs the average folk accustomed to mainstream materialism on a plausible motivation behind secrecy and how the government keeps secrets with Disinformation, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Black Budget, Special Access Projects/Programs. I think it's also healthy to talk about rumors such as ARV's or PLF's. You throw it out there through whistle blowers or insiders who want to stay anonymous and see what happens. What type of reaction you get. Certain debunkers will get very angry when you touch on a sensitive area.

The other disclosure should be technical in appearance like your looking at a chart in a lab, an organized archive or searchable database. A person working at a Nuclear Power Plant can describe a summary of a UFO incident. Or an army personnel, airline pilot, astronaut can report a UFO incident and their background of course checked.
What this does is connects patterns to similar cases. If a whistle blower's testimony turns out to be suspect or false maybe through a disinformation campaign. You put a red mark by it. This way it does not discredit other whistle blower testimony with legitimate credentials

My disclosure .02

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 06:33 AM
Great post. I agree and have confidence in much of what you most recently posted says especially about methodology but I can't say I'd have the same confidence in Mr. Steven M. Greer without unverifiable proof until then I'm collecting data on this fellow from the public domain and watching what happens.

So moog syn... can Mr Greer levitate "a group of automobiles unaided" and has he been for rides to space in ET vehicles like the article at the link MikeJameson provided claims? What is your honest opinion? No dodges; yes or no?

If he makes such a claim and doesn't demonstrate it is he any more worthy of confidence than any other charlatan or confidence man? I want this guy to be at least telling the truth. At present he is held unaccountable for proof of claim and this hurts his credibility (at least with me and potentially many others) or doesn't he care about the credibility of this worthy subject and is that because his advertising machine and potential cult of personality and book tour are in high gear and no ane back checks facts anymore? Well, I do.

I may have another "bombshell" or two to disclose concerning Mister Greer and his background and CV in the not too distant future as some accepted "facts" of his history may in fact be otherwise.

I'm going to check and verify it ALL and if he's "clean" fine, but if not, and I find "skeletons in the closet", woe be tide to those who distort truth. I intend to be exceedingly thorough and meticulous in seeking confirmed 3rd party verification of every aspect of Mr. Steven M. Greer and associates in the public domain. I will know things about him that he probably isn't even aware of and please feel free to tell him what I'm doing and I will see him either Wednesday evening in NC or the next time he comes to Toronto.


Victor K.

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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 06:46 AM

So moog syn... can Mr Greer levitate "a group of automobiles unaided" and has he been for rides to space in ET vehicles like the article at the link MikeJameson provided claims? What is your honest opinion? No dodges; yes or no?

No. I don't believe in remote viewing, manipulating matter using the mind (spoon bending), contacting ET's through meditation.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 10:45 AM
Thanx for your candid reply. I do believe in the possibility that PK and others stuff may be valid... but like everyone else I have zero undeniable verifiable proof... Thank you for your honest opinion! Cheers! Dr. Greer's purported claims are well, extreme, and for some push the limits of credibility to the point that it may "hurt" his cause as opposed to "help". Perhaps this has been overlooked in their marketing strategy or they just don't care what others may think of their cause. I do not know, but I intend to find out!


Victor K.

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 12:54 PM
Dr. Greer has "published" aspects of the May 9th 2006 "Press Conference" held in Toronto in video format. I urge all with an interest to access and archive this video (73MB zip file) for present and future reference. "Even a blind squirrell gets the odd nut" link To my best recollection some of the more controversial stuff was "left on the cutting room floor." Hmmm factor 9.0.

Further News: June 30th Boulder Colorado (beautiful place) Dr. Greer has another event that'd I'd encourage any local ATS'er with an interest to attend...

From the Disclosure website:

"Dr. Greer will be speaking at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Arrive between 7 and 7:15 pm to get a good seat. Tickets: $5 at the door. More information will be provided as available. Email us at if you have any questions or can volunteer or help with media advertising."


Victor K.

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 04:23 AM
Thanks for the link Victor.

I'm still not convinced either way. Although I did like the question that was asked by the woman at the end.

Why isn't there an alien at the front talking to everyone instead of "talking heads"?

Which is a fair question, so I guess until there is conclusive proof that aliens are here, ie.
An alien on international television/radio which lets face it, it would happen if "they" were really here or at least wanted to be known.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 03:30 PM
New Disclosure Press Conference and Witness testimony DVD in 2 parts.

-Witness testimony DVD part 1

-Witness testimony DVD part 2

And the New Press Confrence 2006;

-Press Conference 2006

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by Nikolaos2030
Thanks for the link Victor.

I'm still not convinced either way. Although I did like the question that was asked by the woman at the end.

Why isn't there an alien at the front talking to everyone instead of "talking heads"?

Which is a fair question, so I guess until there is conclusive proof that aliens are here, ie.
An alien on international television/radio which lets face it, it would happen if "they" were really here or at least wanted to be known.

Read this article and you will find out WHY!

Article:Popular Mechanics

And read the Brookings report from 1961!


Hope to help you understand!

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