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The Disclosure Project: Press Conference

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:59 PM
Expecting the major networks to report this press conference is a clear set up.
Not to mention pitting Steven Greer against Michael "asteroid scare" Salla.

How did the American mainstream press treat the 2001 Disclosure press conference?

By snubbing it.

Who's in the White House making Halliburton, big defense industry and big oil rich?

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and allies like Tony Blair. (cough, cough)

Who has the big money lobbying power in Washington D.C.?

What did ABC's Seeing Is Believing reveal?
It was a patronizing joke at Ufology with debunking towards the end.

Both Steven Greer and Stanton Friedman put statements on their web site describing how they were decieved by ABC:


If that isn't clear enough how about reading the book The Missing Times

"When UFOs Appear,
National News Agencies Fall Silent..."

"I do know that the CIA and the U.S. government have been concerned over the UFO phenomenon for many years and that their attempts, both past and recent, to discount the significance of the phenomenon and to explain away the apparent lack of official interest in it have all the earmarks of a classic intelligence cover-up."
- Victor Marchetti,
former executive assistant to the deputy director, CIA (1979)

The American mainstream press is a Tom Cruise/ Da Vinci Code JOKE.
I'm hoping for sudden or unexpected ET disclosure so reputations in our corrupt system will be spit on. Welcome to the next Watergate, Enron.

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 02:16 PM
So what happened?

Much of a turn out?

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 03:02 PM
German scientist created ufo's not ET. Saw it on the history flyes ect. look it up.

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 05:48 PM
Report One OF Three regarding the May 9 2006 19:00EDT Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto

Arrived in a comfortable and affluent "old white money" neighborhood by automobile with "the great humongous" and were greeted in the parking lot entrance to the prestigious and old De LaSalle College (high school) by three nice blue-eyed anglo male youngsters of about 15 or 17 years of age wearing black military school non-dress fatigues and red berets with no ID tags. Humungous stopped 10 feet short of them and jumped out of his door (Humungous is a self-described 300 pound weapons-grade and scary lookin' jar-headed human) and stood rod-straight and barked in his own inimitable military voice the command, "Cadet! Front and Centre!" The alpha-cadet responded, "Sir! Yes sir!" and darn near tripped over his perfectly polished boots as he presented himself. As Humongous got back in the car he winked at me and said, "Watch this." and the beta-cadet actually lead us to the parking spot. Must be a military "thing", whatever.

An older oriental fellow in a black 500SL with diplomatic plates pulled in a couple of spots awat from us. Brooks brothers, Bruno's, hand painted tie, Rolex, and what may have been an engineer's ring with no wedding band. Hr looked "fresh" as if he hadn't just spent the day at work. I also saw a Buick Grand National covered in dust with a heavily wiper streaked windshield and Nevada "The Silver State" vanity tags. I paused to touch the hood, it was hot and I could hear the turbo "tinkling" as it cooled. I've heard of "Dead-Heads" following a tour, but to drive from NV to Toronto for this is a testament to dedication.

We grabbed our gear and went around to the otherside of the building to line up with about 20 or 30 other folks outside. I saw my CBC friend and her pop - she wasn't "working" but was there nonetheless - flashed me a peace then victory hand gesture - nice kid. My Global friend was not there at all - Oh well, I tried, tried hard too.

An individual I recognized as Micheal J. Bird (Exopolitics Toronto Director) addressed the line saying that, "They we're running a little late but would get all of us (the line) in before it starts." He then came outside into the small lineup and played "kissy-face" greeting some dignitaries/friends/cognoscente who were whisked inside sans charge. I may have more on this later once I confirm a couple of suspected ID's. Most likely nothing, but you never know where the bread crumbs may lead.

I anted up our 5 bucks each admission and was given a ticket stub (looking at it now, #162, we were late in line so my earlier estimate of 250-300 attendees may be a trifle optimistic) when I have the crowd photos in front of me I'll see what I can do about a more accurate estimate).

Humongous and I went upstairs to the auditorium (I'm kicking myself now for not having gone there last week and casing the place because I could have done a better job of setting up the data aquistion environmental stuff - next time, I promise myself I'll do better). The auditorium looked to seat about 500 and had a sloping floor that shook so bad when folks walked on it I thought the building would collapse. A large screen was observed at the front with the Disclosure project logo prominently displayed, two high mounted PA speakers and the usual "news coference" table and lecturn were on a raised stage. We sat mid crowd stage left and did our best not to stick out while bringing up the laptop and audio stuff. My "bird-dogs" 6AM and 3AM were doin' their thing - one at the front to look back and one at the back to watch forward. BTW: 6AM is awesome in a halter top guise and considers herself one of the "guys", we feel the same about her too. Humungous assembled his camera stuff and went to work - should have some pics in a day or so.

I saw a guy I thought I recognized from somewhere. Can't put my finger on it. He may have been a relative of someone I recognize from the Thomson family kids/grandkids standing at the very back in the stage left corner right beside the oriental fellow with the diplomatic tags from the parking lot. Hmmm. I also recognized a couple of local "near-celebs" - actor types. No Akroyd. No Sereda.

The audience settled in quickly and the MC Victor Viggiani (balding, 60-ish looking) took the lecturn and stared talking the usual introduction, his background as a school teacher etc. (I think he was a Catholic School teacher and headmaster at De LaSalle Oaklands)... alarm bells in my mind - potential conflict of interest alert. More on potential COI later.
Now ATS'ers are savvy folk, and may wish to skip this part as it is the same stuff you can find on Dr. Greer's website for the last couple of three years - practically verbatim. Mr. Viggiani is a "middlin'-at-best" public speaker, but it seems he can read lines in a scripted agenda without losing his train of thought more than twice.

They used the big screen to put up their (Disclosure Project) "Big 3" claims of ET's as reality, authenticity and geo-politcal implications of non-Earth originated aerial phenomenon, and the (yawn) "58 year government coverup" we have all come to know and love and/or hate.

OK on with the show, Mr. viggiani stated to the crowd (I'm paraphrasing from my hand-written notes), "All else pales in comparison to the active supression of knowledge and technnology by our "permanent" government." And then he added, " That this is true (sweeping hand gesture to the screen with the "Big 3" claims) and you can take that to the bank." I believe that he actually expected us to believe him without question. The crowd except me, 6AM, 3AM and humungous gave the guy a standing ovation? I don't like the concept but "sheeples" does come to mind. He went on to say,"That DVD's that would expand on the truth presented tonight would be available from David Shewchuk after the presentaion." Skeptometer alert - follow the money.

An aside: Buddy wouldn't last 30 seconds in a brain-pan joust with Nygdan or seekerof. Perhaps he's used to Catholic School kids who can be easily intimidated into not requiring proof by their own religion's education officials. Put him in a Scarborough public school and he might make make it to first recess before being "greased" intellectually, culturally and perhaps mortally. Buddy is not "street" and may have no notion how the 'grunt-world" lives. "Street" demands "Proof" in a fashion they understand - "In your face" and verifiable six ways to Sunday.

He had a bit of difficulty enunciating the "problem" with the media (most hilarious and ironic since no/none/zip/zilch/zero/nada mainstream "working" journalists showed - not one TV camera, no radio or daily newspapers) and settled on,"the diffuse message of the carousel of media". WTFIT!

At this point buddy really started losing me stating that "the life of the planet is at stake and only you can do something about it", if I hear this "end is near" stuff many more times where the speaker says it's "up to us" I might just have my second stroke event a little earlier in life than had been planned.

Mr. Viggiani closed his intro by introducing Micheal Bird Director of Exopolitics Toronto who seems to be the "money-guy" above the 49th parallel. 6AM was seen "workin' him later in the post event - she'll get back to me precisely when she wants to and not before. Flirt. We gonna do a little diggin' on this "Bird" dossier. Guess what? He saw a UFO in 1975. BFD.

Now those of you ATS'ers who've been "sniffin' the breeze and feelin' the freeze" on this subject will be aware of the rift between the Greer and Salla camps regrding intention and threat from without, well Michael Bird starts cherry pickin' statements by Michael Salla PhD. that only support "Greer-ian Worldsview". Houston we have a NO GO - repeat NO GO on truth, distortion apparent and festering. "Money-man" just lost all cred with me. To not acknowledge these difference and then to use Salla's statements to support Greer is as close to misrepresentation as you can get without getting sued. Tisk, tisk bad form. Mr. Bird went into a dolphin monologue bringing up the recent "beachings" and how it was caused by HAARP and US submarine activity and then said as did Mr. Viggiani that the audience could, "take this to the bank." Again not one shred of proof or allusion to existence of proof was proferred. Oh yeah and he said "Disclosure" was, "just in time". Mr. Bird where have you been for the last half decade of non-disclosure by "Disclosure"? Huh?

At this point Mr. Viggiani took the mic and introduced "book marked DVD testimonials" that many ATS'ers are all too familiar with; nothing I hadn't seen before. As he was cueing up the titles one could not help but notice the big screen and on it was a windows proprietary desktop customized for The Catholic school Boards of Toronto... Hmmm. Nuther potential COI alert. he promised the crowd, "We'd be utterly astonished by the footage."

The extra ordinary "take it to the bank truth" proof was utterly astonishing in that it proves nothing; NOTHING other than good folks gave lots of testimony (not under oath of law) in good faith and now their statements are being used by these people to "win friends and influence people" amongst other things, like making money.

The "proof" excerpts were from Robert Jacobs (Vandenberg disabling of an ICBM), Lt-Col. Salas (the '67 Malmstrom AFB ICBMs disabled incident), McDow (1981 Zebra Alert), carl Wolf (photo manipulation) and General William Lovekin (Roswell alien bodies recovered) and one more that I'd report but I can't read my own writing on this (I had a stroke and writing and typing are near super-human feats for this guy), sorry.

The DVD presentation closed and in my next report (tomorrow I hope) I'll detail them bringing out the "Big Guns" (Hellyer and greer) on stage. You may or may not be disappointed or encouraged. Until then...


Victor K.

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 04:40 AM
Report Two Of Three regarding the May 9 2006 19:00EDT Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto


The lights were brought up in the auditorium, the crowd wasn't silent, but I didn't hear any Ooh's and Ah's either. It was my distinct but entirely subjective opinion that this was an oberservation indicating something less than "enthusiasm of outrage" on the part of the audience. I attribute this to the "preaching to the converted" factor or some sort of group "numbness". The very first time I saw the excellent and expert testimony I was "jazzed" size large. They weren't. I'm not sure what that means, but there you have it.

Mr. Viggiani retook the lecturn and retouched on the "Big 3" "Disclosure" claims and went on to expand on the long term objectives of Exopolitics Toronto via the big screen. They were announced as, creating partnerships, the use of space for peace, transition from the fossil fuel economy to (as yet undiscussed) "New" and "Revolutionary" power sources and propulsion systems "beyond lightspeed". These long term objectives arguablely could represnt any buisness plan and they are not without merit. The audience were then informed by Mr. Viggiani that we could "take that to the bank" too. This guy likes banks, I think. Perhaps he's worried above his RRSP, portfolios of asset, or just suffering the insecurity of aging into an uncertain future like these old and abused bones and flesh I call mine? I smell "money" - high-denomination fork lift pallets full. Perhaps not, the passage of time proves much to the watchful.

Then out of "nowhere" and way non-sequitor he proceeded to "rip Ike a new one" very politely mind you and as if reading a script, a little mechanical as if he'd not written it maybe. Please remember I'm working from hand written notes so I'm paraphrasing, he said,"Eisenhower sold out, giving "otherworld" technology to various departments of the US government to "work"on." loosely citing Philip J. Corso. I won't dispute this claim, some would. Mr. Viggiani is entitled to read such claims aloud from a page of paper in my world. So can you.

It is only my supposition, but I'm inclined to believe that this is used by many as a
"turning point" or "pop-historical" reference to indicate the start of the compartmentalized "permanent" shadow government and the "temporary" and elected "real" government. Whatever, buddy chose to say it and then declared in a psuedo-passionate tone akin to what I hear in Parliament,"I am no longer interested in lights in the sky" and that writ big , "This was now geopolitical for me." I thought OK, fine by me, good for you Mr. Viggiani. The crowd was non-plussed. Still with the "political" tone, he gave a brief synopsis and intro to the Right Honourable and former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer who stepped up to the lecturn. Paul Hellyer, quite a CV on this one. True showman of the body politique. Portayed himself as a "working class high brow" when in government. Quite camera friendly and savvy. Political and media savvy as I recall from memory. Nice suit by Harry Rosen at least two years out of date, custom shirt too, brand new, unremarkable rack tie. Boy has he aged from times I remember him as a Liberal with the best "Muttonchop" side-burns since Slade's lead singer in the 70's or "Big-fat Elvis" and later as a Conservative whose career had let's say unelectable "difficulties" after that. Many Americans would call him by the political term "Flip-flopper" or maybe "MavericK". I'd say he's been off the radar entirely, that is until his interest and his name and face resurfaced in the last year and a half or so in regard to this current "political" interest, Old politicians are still politicians after all, and this guy has history and factual roots into the "temporary" government, perhaps more. Please correct me ATS'ers if I'm factually wrong. I want to impart the contextual "feel" as well as the "what" without distortion. I wish to be accurate. I want ATS'ers to know.

Continued in the following post...

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 04:48 AM
Mr. Hellyer began by stating who he was/is and then went into "story" mode telling of his experience with several UFO books wrapped in his family with a reference to his nephew who was unaware of his uncle's interest. And that this nephew (Philip I think) living in the USA "hooked up" with an old US general buddy of Mr. Hellyer and was "enlightened" and that the world had to "Speed-up" technological development to "save ourselves." and "every word is true". He reminded me of George Bush senior and the "thousand points of light" or NWO speech - the same folksy, "I'm just a regular guy like you folks" political talk. But like 41 he doesn't have the "vision thing" either. I suspect that he is a "Name" along for the ride to
add gravitas and authority but not data or experience to the "Disclosure" cause. Nice hood ornament tho' or maybe a manic cannon with the fuse lit. Politics are unpredictable. It won't be me or my crew but someone might consider looking up the stateside nephew (Philip) and seeing what happens. Leave no stone unturned - break no laws.

This guy is a "pro" with an audience and was working the crowd with body language gestures and other speaking "engagement" techniques, not too shabby for an old guy; there may be hope for "oldsters" like me yet. He gradually ramped up his language in fervor, pitch and claim. He may wish to consider having a barrister on retainer as he has been known to "go off" in public.

He was lovin' this! I've seen this in folks with the "public-speaking" thing - total rush, adrenal cortex at 110%, they can, and often do, embellish statements as part of the "show". He talked of the "convergence of evidence" loosely intimating his familiarity with Dr. Friedman's work if not Dr. Friedman himself. I wonder, Dr. Friedman does live at least some of the time in New Brunswick. Who knows? Not me. He borrowed elements from Dr. Friedman's work stating stuff about dates and MJ-12 documents with only one minor inconsequential error of "fact" and how the conspiracy he was speaking of, but giving no details about, was "not possible to fabricate." I won't disagree but then again he really didn't do anything other
than name drop the work of others including the late Philip j. Corso. Anyone else see a pattern of behavior in the three speakers yet? I do and it will be prominent in my analysis to follow at the end of this report.

Mr. Hellyer said, "I'm a policy wonk." very loudly. OK. He may have made policy once a very long time ago but not without answering to his political masters - read up on him, "gutsy" and "clumsy", a two-fer, a less than optimal solution in politics - think of President Ford crossed with Evel Knievel. You get the idea of what might unintentionally happen.

On a roll. he dropped the "democratic concern" card and really was getting wound up - spittle-a-flyin" as he said the "permanent" vs "temporary" government situation was "Issue Number One!" and he didn't leave me with the impression he meant just the Canadian government either.

Now I'm not an American, but I do like American "people" and an absolute 100% admirer of the US Constitution - finest "peoples document" on this planet IMHO. so I and some Americans would take his next statement with perhaps some offense (don't shoot the messenger OK?). This "wound up" Canadian Paul Hellyer says the following,"US elections are a complete and utter charade" and that the "real" American government was and is "unelected and unaccountable"and that the "temporary" elected government was nothing but a "show" for the "dumb" masses. His words, not mine - please don't invade Canada as our economy couldn't stand to get that rich that quickly. I can neither confirm nor deny this statement by Mr. Hellyer as truth, but it isn't the sort of thing you say lightly and without documented proof of claim. It struck me as slanderous if not outright "un-Canadian", kinda "thems fightin' words me boy-O". It may also be entirely true. He gave no proof of claim at all and was so red-faced and vein-poppin' when he said it I was wondering if 6AM was gonna hafta do a "chest thump" and CPR on him. She's so gorgeous the experience would kill him dead. He may be a gifted actor
too. His rant seemed contrived and somewhat derivative and may have not been the first time he'd used it. A fairly lusterous delivery actually. Front man.

He wasn't done, after dabbing his forehead with a new looking Harry Rosen signature series handkerchief and taking a breath, he quite deliberately looked at the audience without speaking for about 5 or 7 seconds panning his eyes and meeting gazes - I picked my nose for "effect" when his gaze meet mine. He was guaging the "impact" of his claim. The crowd seemed quiet "as if they'd all heard this before", no outrage, just resigned boredom perhaps? They were most decidedly not "stunned" and took this "grand revelation" in stride or perhaps dismissed it as part of the show.

Continued in the following post...

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 04:52 AM
Mr Hellyer continued seemingly refreshed,"Issue Number Two! Planetary Survival." Not human survival or merely survival of peoples, he chose the words "Plantetary Survival." Talk about your global statements - that's a doozey. Unless Doug Adams'Vogons are putting a new freeway in, I think the planet itself (if not humanity) will continue to rotate for a good while yet. I may be proved wrong but who'd be left to give a damn anyway? Ford Prefect? Zaphod Beeblebrox? Please notice the order of priority of these issues as presented and consider the logic or lack thereof. I'll touch on this in my follow-on analysis.

He somehow has come to the belief that "peoples knowledge of sophisticated forms of energy" and "knowledge of American suppressed technology" will somehow keep us from destroying ourselves. Seems to me we're already pretty darn good at killin' and destroying ourselves without the potential threat of adding unlimited free energy to the mix of "unusual characters" who claim to run this planet benevolently and fairly in our best interest. I maybe entirely mistaken. I hope so. Unlimited free energy in the wrong hands can do unlimited good and maybe unlimited damage too. The darn cure may be worse than the disease.

He next played the "space weapons as reason for Intergalatic War" card. I'm not in favour of SBW's either, but I suspect SBW's may have been up there for decades anyway. Mr. Hellyer may be correct in his claim that the introduction of SBW's operationally will get us all dead. Perhaps not, I am unsure of this and he offered zero proof. Nuther politician. They only create questions and doubt and seldom few answers of certainty except that the "people" are paying the whole shot - unaided and are gettin' behind in those payments.

He claimed and warned of "cliques" in some, but not all the various militaries of this planet. Again as you must be getting bored with by now, no proof of claim was offered. He echoed some famous last words "beware of the Military industrial Complex." This was his wrap-up and he stepped abruptly away from the lecturn. The crowd was silent and then sensing they were required or expected "to do something" after a second or two gave the guy a standing ovation too. Uh, I applauded and meant it, but this was no JFK or MLK jr. speech worthy of a standing "O" not by half and then some. I understand, but I am uncomfortable with the notion of "sheeples" but I think that is what I witnessed. Some sort of group
Pavlovian-like response to stimulus and the aburpt withdrawal of said stimuli to prompt a desired action from the subjects? If the shirt fits...

My right hand is spazzing up "large" all claw-like as typing affects my "stroke" side
dexterity as I type so I'll stop for today and put it in the ice bucket for a while.
Tomorrow, David Shewchuk of CSETI and Dr. Greer are on deck and ATS'ers may be interested in some claims by Dr.Greer regarding S.E.T.I. that ATS'ers may actually be able to "sink their teeth into" and verify or disprove. Potentially very juicy stuff. Until then...


Victor K.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 05:01 AM
BTW is there some formatting problem with the new server thread composing GUI?
I'm getting way low ball character numbers and pastes from Notepad are all screwed up. Do any edit and half or more of the pasted stuff vaporizes - McPoof. I had to break report two up into three parts just to get it on the board. No biggie.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 05:51 AM
Thanks Victor K for sharing with us all, although it does sound like the same 'ol, same ol' from the disclosure project.

From what you have posted already I don't think anything extraordinary came from this conference and whats more, no proof. Not one bit. What a shame.

I will be looking forward to your next post. Seeing as I cannot find anything on the web that has either a video or audio recording of the conference this is best thing I can find which describes what happened. Thanks again.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 06:29 AM
Victor K thanks for the U2U I would reply but I don't think I have enough posts under my belt. It would be great to see some stills but I will be patient and wait. Thanks again.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 10:45 AM
Great read VK! You're a good writer. Plenty of humor in there too, nice.

Sounds like the conference is the same thing we've heard a hundred times. No surprises there. Oh well it was only 5 bucks to get in right?

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 11:12 AM

Originally posted by V Kaminski
Report One OF Three regarding the May 9 2006 19:00EDT Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto

Arrived in a comfortable and affluent "old white money" neighborhood by automobile with "the great humongous" and were greeted in the parking lot entrance to the prestigious and old De LaSalle College (high school) by three nice blue-eyed anglo male youngsters of about 15 or 17 years of age wearing black military school non-dress fatigues and red berets with no ID tags. Humungous stopped 10 feet short of them and jumped out of his door (Humungous is a self-described 300 pound weapons-grade and scary lookin' jar-headed human) and stood rod-straight and barked in his own inimitable military voice the command, "Cadet! Front and Centre!" The alpha-cadet responded, "Sir! Yes sir!" and darn near tripped over his perfectly polished boots as he presented himself. As Humongous got back in the car he winked at me and said, "Watch this." and the beta-cadet actually lead us to the parking spot. Must be a military "thing", whatever.

Euw..something is wrong with this picture.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 11:13 AM
As for Disclosure Project. Your dealing with whistle blower type testimony. You can learn a great deal without purchasing anything from the web site by reading his papers and transcripts.
Don't expect a real alien, or an ET craft demonstration since that would be highly classified.
The mainstream press as I pointed out earlier with so called specials like Seeing Is Believing on ABC and the book The Missing Times is not going to do a credible investigation into UFO secrecy okay.
America is big cooperate influence, increasingly global. Big defense industry, high secrecy with the Bush administration. I notice Boeing just made a deal with China to make jet liners. BBC: "China is buying seventy Boeing 737 aircraft - a $4bn (£2.32bn) deal." Their still playing that game. You don't want to reveal all your cards. You want to milk the technology. You want to milk the oil industry, dominate energy. That's where the power is (no pun intended). It's not that far fetched. Countless people have seen UFO's like a saucer, or cylindrical, triangular craft traveling far more advanced the our jet liver, airplanes. Astronauts have reported this, airline pilots, radar AND airline pilots. So I'm hoping for sudden and unexpected disclosure. I think more Watergates, Enrons, Iran-Contra are healthy for the system. I read about a whistle blower at an airport receiving a whistle blower award for exposing something that was deemed unsafe or a potential danger. They saved lives. Exposing corruption is good for the system. Politicians, big industry with big lobbying power, defense industry should not be able to write their own check. Where did that Trillion dollars go? Well Waived SAP. A matter of National Security. The you see a conflict on interest with companies like Halliburton getting filthy rich. Is that what America is about? No, no. no...people witness all these UFO's you know their suppressing advanced technology. More whistle blowers who are fed up. Bring em' on. Let's go let's go lets' go. Let's crack this secrecy wide open. Time for a cosmic Watergate. Certain people are going to look bad but that's good for America. Land of the free. Not land of being hi-jacked by oil companies like some terrorist scaring people to pay high prices and raking in record profits in the Billions. Suppressing technology. The industrial dark ages.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 01:25 PM
V Kaminski, I take it that you attended the GONZO school of journalism? AWaiting the next installment....

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 02:46 PM
Report Three Of Three regarding the May 9 2006 19:00EDT Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto

0605092125EDT: (approximated as my watch stopped and I didn't wish to open up
a laptop or disturb any member of the audience for a time

Mr. Viggiani retook the lecturn and was clapping with hands raised above face level as if hailing a momentus and great return to prominence of the populist warrior/"champion of the great unwashed"/politician (Paul Hellyer) or perhaps the applause one is expected to yield like at the election of a new political party leader. I don't wish to assign "weight" to this but I thought at the time it was important enough to scribble this observation on my working notes so I include it here for ATS'ers consideration.

Mr. Viggiani thanked Paul hellyer in rather colourful terms, acknowledging Mr. Hellyer's great effort and intimated than Mr. Hellyer had done much with some personal and professional risk to become involved in this cause-celeb beyond all others. I have written in my notes, "DARFUR" I think I was looking for a point of perspective and contrast. Darfur was not mentioned in the presentation to this point.

Mr. Viggiani then introduced the next speaker a Mr. David Shewhuk, who I know little about but I did get a "feel" vibe-wise and from my notes: male, white, 30-ish, academic (post masters degree), U of T accent (honest there is such a thing), policy, analysis, sociology/mathematician, IQ 110-120 tops. My notes say, "reminds one of the Alpha-Cadet parking attendant 20 or so years on" and a "apparatchik calculator clone" with Bob Lazar's glasses. I didn't write that to be funny or derogatory in any way it was the way it was for me so that's what I wrote.

Mr. Shewchuk was seemingly earnest and ebulent... looking the part of a wanna be department head or someone dying for tenure, no suit, no tie, old shoes, fresh haircut, not a bit of pretense. Seeker. Most likely someone I'd consider hiring for mid-low level management of a project. My note also says "Rabbit hole base jumper" and "25,000 word vocabulary". My guess is he's chief academic "up here" as well as cook, bottlewasher and go-fer. Payin' the utilitarian dues.

From what I gather he is "inside the loop" but peripheral so far, a member of more than one organization, that may or may not be integral to sorting out "Who's on first?" and "what's that about?". Given time this guy will emerge as a "player" but not "the" player. That is unless he gets "colateral'd" and/or "bails out".

He described himself as a CSETI member and went on to detail their "contact research effort" yielding no new data other than the claim "we have overwhelming evidence" but "we don't have time to talk to you about it right now." Now I'm new to these shindigs (stone cold virgin) but I suspect from other posts I've read here on ATS and elswhere that these words or very similar words are "regurgitated" near verbatim at many of these events ostensibley because of "time constraints." OK, but I don't have to like it; I am required to "play along" as a witness and ante-up this "fee" to stay in the game.

Mr. Shewchuk then built a case in layman's language to show the great injustice of humanity not having access to "energy resources and propulsion systems of a scope and scale unimaginable."

Guess what he didn't do next? That's right, no proof other than," I can assure you that this is "the" truth" and "I've seen with my own eyes". Next time Mr. Wizard, do us all a favour and snap just one photo OK, or scrape a few alien skin cells or are you folks too well educated to see that "real-folk" might not "just" take your word as bond of surity. Do they think "we" might take their "rights" to claim such a discovery of disclosure? My guess is, not. They're huntin' money - mega-freakin' bucks - American money. Alternative energy proprietary rights. Yeah, that'll "work" for me until they "out" something of significance to prove that they are more than enterpreneurial exploiters of opportunity. Cognoscente.

My notes on this guy dwindle-off... Retrospectively, he lost me as an active listener and I don't recall his seguay/introduction for the "Big Kahuna", Dr. Greer. I think this is because I'd all ready been filled to toxic saturation levels with the repetitve "carousel of diffuse media" effluent of affluence the previous speakers parroted. Maybe I simply "zoned out" but I don't think so - I love this stuff.

My character count is running backwards? Uh, oh. My hand is tired and needs icing so I'll continue in another post later this evening to bring you the balance of Report Three, where Dr. Greer talks amongst other things about S.E.T.I. and I want ATS'ers to be aware that he may or may not have said some things that some might consider to have "ruffled more than a few feathers." Until then...


Victor K.

[edit on 11-5-2006 by V Kaminski]

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 02:51 PM
Here's an article, dated yesterday, on Greer.
The paper is in his former hometown:

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 03:10 PM
Way, way thanx! Mike. Holy cow! I'm flabberghasted and a little flumoxed. I read the link and had no idea that he, Dr. Greer, claimed to be able to levitate automobiles. Mondo-bizzaro! Who needs alien tech if this guy is such a "weapon"?

This stuff just gets curiouser and curiouser. I'm not sure just what to make of this new (to me) data. Is the ability of leviatation of tonnage by one's self credible? I'd like to see him do this then I'll reconsider my disposition. I may require a DNA sample of this "human" for analysis. LOL.

Thanx Mike! Your post made my day! Really! Just wonderful! Oh my!

Victor K.


posted on May, 11 2006 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by V Kaminski

Damn man, I really appreciated you taking the time to post the on goings of the event but jeeze.

You kind of lost focus on reporting what actually happened with your heavy dose of condescending peanut gallery babble by the middle of part two. Thanks anyway....I guess.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Ectoterrestrial
V Kaminski, I take it that you attended the GONZO school of journalism? AWaiting the next installment....

The problem is he's not funny. Sci-fi geek convention internet drivel type crap = V Kaminski.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by MikeJamieson
Here's an article, dated yesterday, on Greer.
The paper is in his former hometown:

An obvious hit piece.
Steven Greer has his own views on things, I hear some skepticism from people in the UFO community such as Stanton Friedman who thinks he went a little too far and also is skeptical about 0-point energy claims and Corso's book.
That may be valid. But clearly Steven Greer touched off on something with the whistle blower testimony exposing USAPs, Waived SAPs, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), that in a strange way may have created headaches for the people concealing ET technology. You see in the news the UK hacker that wanted to do his own investigation and saw a cigar-shaped UFO.
In the high secrecy, defense spending Bush admin. era you have to be realistic when it comes UFO disclosure. People trying to discredit a disclosure process, UFO's during this time are highly suspect. Especially expecting instant results. What has happened since 2001? Not a lot of good if you read the headlines. On the other hand if you work for Exxon/ Mobile or some defense contractor your rolling in the dough. The $$$mainstream press$$$ as I pointed out earlier is not going to do a serious investigation into this matter. They rather investigate The Da Vinci Code or maybe focus on the failed war in Iraq by the Bush administration, or intelligence failures, CIA leak investigations, ect..

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