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NTT Docomo Japan creates 10-Mbit/s indoor network using human bodies

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posted on Oct, 18 2003 @ 11:56 AM
I'm sure the tech itself is fascinating. But, if anyone has doubts about HAARP and whether or not frequency waves can be used to transmit and retrieve information, this article should put it to rest. Understandably, these guys aren't "running" programs on people, just relaying information. And yes it requires a special floor, but there should be a corresponding basis for HAARP (satillete, broadcast antennas).

Oh, I also love how it provides "meter-accuracy positioning system for indoor use" because we know GPS isn't always very good indoors! Now we can use human bodies to track everyone!


ElectAura-Net is a novel indoor broadband networking and positioning system. A wireless(-like) communication is enabled by electric-fields (electric aura) emanated from the human body and the floor. The result: the world's first broadband (10Mbps) intrabody communication. ElectAura-Net also provides indoor positioning, which is urgently needed for "ubiquitous" communication. "

posted on Oct, 18 2003 @ 12:07 PM
Good post.

This is wishful thinking but I sure hope this stays just a novel idea.
I'm not too keen on having my electric aura hijacked for a LAN.

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