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All TinWiki Users Please Read: Image Use Policy.

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 12:14 PM
Here is a copy of the tinWiki Image Use Policy.

This page is a brief overview of the policies towards '''images''' on the tinWiki. If you have specific questions, you should contact the wikimaster William One Sac.

Adding images

Before you add an image to an article, make sure that:
*You are a registered user of tinWiki. Anonymously added images will be removed.
*The image is hosted by your self using websites such as Photobucket, ImageShack, or your Upload Center.
*Your image size is appropriate. Large images will be removed or resized. What is considered to be a large image is subjective and decided by sysops.
*You own the rights to the image (usually meaning that you created the image yourself).
*You can prove that the copyright holder has licensed the image under a free license.
*You can prove that the image is in the public domain.
*You believe, and state, a fair use rationale for the specific use of the image that you intend.

Always note the image's copyright status on the image description page, and provide specific details about the image's origin. If you created the image, for example, write ''image created by John Doe on Jan 1st, 2000'' (replacing ''John Doe'' with your name, and ''Jan 1st, 2000'' with the image creation date). Don't just write ''image created by me''.

User-created images

TinWiki encourages users to upload their own images.

Such images can include photographs which you yourself took, drawings or diagrams you yourself created, and other self-created work. However, simply re-tracing a copyrighted image or diagram does ''not'' necessarily create a new copyright — copyright is generated only by instances of "creativity", and not by the amount of labor which went into the creation of the work. Photographs of three-dimensional objects almost always generate a new copyright — photographs of two-dimensional objects often do not.

Images with you, friends or family prominently featured in a way that distracts from the image topic are not recommended for the main namespace (user pages are OK). These are considered "Vanity" images and, if found outside of user pages, will be removed.

Also, user-created images may not be watermarked, distorted, have any credits in the image itself or anything else that would hamper their free use.

Please be sure that when adding images to articles that this policy is followed.



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