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Mexico Wants More Than The Southwest?

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 12:03 AM
Came across this article while looking for something on Billy The Kid, maybe another conspiracy? Anyway I find it very interesting if there is anything to it, especially the fact that a blanket amnesty plan for the illegals has been in the making all this time. Seems as though our Presidnt Bush and Mexico's President Fox have been up to no good and plotting how to get all these illegals in our country legal, and then have them tapping into our Social Security, just as easy as they tap into all our other programs.
I am trying now to locate more on this article, like some really hard evidence, hopefully I will be able to locate more. Thats why I posted this in Skunk Works. Has anyone else read anything along these lines or is it just another story someone put out there on the net? Like to anayone elses opinion on this.

Of course as you see its more than just Bush and Fox involved, we have our ex President Clinton, New Mexicos Governor Richardson, and most likely a larger cast than those listed.

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