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A discussion of my work

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posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 07:41 PM
All anyone need to do is look for as term "peak oil". It IS the answer to all the conspiracies.

As for the free energy, no meter and no moving parts...this is nothing more than a rehash of the late 1950's nuclear power industry starting up. Electricity so cheap, meters will not be needed.

Tell me one thing "new".... anyone...

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 09:35 AM
Hi admriker444:

If the story about the Rockefellers and Rothschilds having representatives at that ET open house is true,

it makes perfect sense, because they once had great say in how our world operated. I wonder how much influence they have today, but they were kingpins back then (the people in those circles are always vying for power, and each participant’s power can wax and wane, depending on how the maneuvering goes), and have always suspected that the Rockefellers and/or Rothschilds were involved with that billion-dollar offer that we received

to stop pursuing free energy. I have put Hinky on ignore (I like that feature at ATS!). He is acting like a classic troll:

I doubt that people like Hinky are worth your time, but I imagine you know that, and will not respond to his tripe for long. They certainly are not worth mine. I have yet to see one of them wake up. There are far more important uses of my time than to try to be the first person to ever wake up somebody like Hinky, even assuming that he is not a troll. Maybe Jesus or another master could, but not this kid. I seek the awakened and the awakening, not the fast asleep or their shepherds.

But I’ll say this…

Ten years ago, I would have tried getting Hinky to see the light, but as my editor told me long ago, people like him are “geniuses” at wasting my time. I’ll note a few of the irrationalities in his post, however.

Since 1996, when I created my first web site, NONE of my assailants has EVER done their homework or provided anything remotely like an honest, informed and intelligent critique. I keep warning would-be critics that they must do their homework (and take a logic class) before “critiquing,” if they want to aspire to credibility:

but they never do, which says far more about them than it does my work. As I have written several times at ATS, when ATS members began discussing MY WORK, I eventually joined the conversation:

and I then discovered that they had been discussing my work in RATS since 2004:

Those threads were begun to discuss MY WORK. I began this thread to discuss MY WORK. Linking to MY WORK, instead of posting huge text blocks, is something that many ATS members appreciate, and it makes my posts relatively succinct. By some strange “logic,” that practice becomes “self promotion” to Hinky. Comparing my work to a comic book probably betrays the intellectual climate that Hinky is most familiar with. The capper to his post, which made me realize that Hinky was either a teenage boy posing as an adult, or is really as lost as he seems, or is a troll performing his chumming duties, was his finale, where he recites the Sesame Street version of capitalism, whereby the capitalists open their arms to the better mousetraps. This is ATS, not the Fox News forum.

Maybe Hinky was involved with a carburetor, but it was not a very efficient one. I happen to know from the inside, from numerous people, how Detroit really operates, especially on the carburetor issue:

Which makes Dennis’ latest effort something worth watching:

Heck, my introduction to all this stuff was when my first professional mentor invented the world’s best engine for powering an automobile:

which makes Hinky’s “warm and fuzzy” observation even wackier.

Maybe Hinky is really as naïve as he appears, and that would be normal, particularly for people with technical backgrounds:

That is all I have to say about Hinky. I would like to present a little more information on trolls and my experiences with my chief troll, Mr. Skeptic. It could be educational. I began engaging him in 1996, right after I published my first web site.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt for several months, but it became increasingly clear that his “skepticism” was a sham and that he had no interest in pursuing the truth. My suspicion became a certainty when he had an article published in the Skeptical Inquirer:

He removed his mask at the end of that article, for all those with eyes to see. Once he demonstrated his libelous dishonestly, I was finished dealing with him. To knowingly repeat lies, in order to use them to attack somebody, is the sleaziest thing that any writer can do. The blatant dishonesty of his attack is obvious to anybody with an I.Q. greater than 70:

He KNOWS that I know he is a lying sack, but he has kept on attacking me over the years, wherever he can muddy a conversation:

I imagine that he has not attacked me in ATS because many ATS members are hip to disinformation specialists, and I would use his posts as a textbook example of a disinformation specialist at work.

It has been depressing to watch people make excuses for Mr. Skeptic’s criminal behavior, as he has inveigled himself into alternative energy circles as a “skeptic.” People like him take advantage of a virtuous person’s desire to be open-minded and charitable. I have tried warning my fellow travelers about him. The hip ones realize who he is, but others will have to get his dagger in their ribs before they wake up. Learning those lessons the hard way is not recommended. The Internet is full of dishonest trolls like Mr. Skeptic, and if people allow themselves to be drawn into their nets, they will find themselves frustrated, angry, drained and neutralized (which is a troll’s goal). I am trying to initiate a quality discussion about issues that are central to every person alive today.

The fools and trolls are not my target audience, and when the next one makes a post to threads that discuss my work, I will refer to this post, in order to save time in the future. Enough said.



posted on Jul, 21 2007 @ 10:05 AM
Hi admriker444:

Your observation of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds is important, and a key point in my work. A natural reaction to their shenanigans is “who put them in charge?” I have been on the receiving end of the big carrots and sticks that they use to keep free energy and related technologies from the public. Everybody who has played at the high levels has encountered them, or knows people who have:

They exist, and their agenda is not savory. Most of the public denies that they even exist, Hinky being a recent example. That is a key aspect of the conundrum.

But acknowledging their existence and the games they play is just one hurdle of many that must be negotiated before full comprehension of the problem is attained. The Big Boys’ carrots usually work because those pursuing alternative energy are in it for the money. The Big Boys rarely have to use the big stick. Only obstinate “fools” like Dennis do not bite on the big carrot. Their strategy on the recalcitrant is to increase the carrot’s size, as they also bring the stick into play, as Bearden says:

But their existence and methods were not my journey’s big surprises. My big surprise was how easily humanity plays into their hands:

Personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity, and THAT is why we find ourselves in this predicament, not because of the hyper elite’s shenanigans. The right wing is often obsessed with the hyper-elite’s machinations, and quite a few of their “conspiracy theories” are in large measure true. However, many are also the result of disinfo efforts, paranoia, sloppy research, etc. It is not easy to research activities that occur in the shadows. That is why accounts of the hyper-elites’ activities ARE “conspiracy theories.” Just as the greatest physicists had a mystical orientation:

as well as all the free energy activists that I know and know of:

a spiritual orientation is needed, I believe, to see the big picture. The hyper-elites are largely on the spiritual dark path, and have made self-service a science:

However, they have only played their games because the masses have refused to accept responsibility for the world that they live in. It is a dysfunctional symbiosis. The big challenge to truly comprehending my message, or beginning to make a difference in humanity’s energy paradigm, is to walk the razor’s edge of acknowledging that the Big Boys exist and play their games, but to also refuse to view them as the SOURCE of our problems. The Blade-Runnerish world that Michael Roads visited had similar manipulators in the “penthouse,”

and as Roads’ mentor stated, they could only play their games with a humanity that already existed in a degenerate spiritual condition. The Big Boys are parasites. However, they cannot be beaten at their game, and it is foolish to try to:

Most of the “right” falls into that pitfall. The good news and bad news is that the predicament that we are in is OUR creation, which also means that we can DO SOMETHING about it. But the key is to begin acting like the creators that we are, and stop playing the victim game. I admit that it is not an easy trick. If anybody could play the victim card, my pals and I qualify, but we refuse to. If we did, we would have ceased our efforts long ago. Because humanity has been mired in scarcity so long, as Fuller observed:

the scarcity paradigm and victim game is almost hardwired into human consciousness. That is not pleasant to realize, but it explains a great deal. Life on earth is not easy, but the only way out that I can see is love. Love the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and forgive them for their transgressions. Love each other and ourselves. Gentle methods are the only ones that will work, IMO. The masters are right. If enough of us woke up, the hyper-elite games would quickly end. That is my purpose behind writing my web site and making posts to ATS. But as I have stated many times, finding people who can put the victim game behind them, and begin looking at the world through sentient eyes, is like looking for needles in haystacks.

Nearly all the free energy activists I know of are trying the populist route to free energy. Maybe that will work. Maybe Dennis will herd the couch potatoes toward free energy, as they try to save on their fuel bills:

However, people whose primary motivation is serving themselves are easily manipulated by somebody dangling a bigger carrot or wielding the stick. The Big Boys really do not have to work all that hard to derail people like Dennis. The public’s inertia and the daggers that Dennis’ “allies” put into his back do most of the Big Boys’ work for them.

A core of people with sufficient integrity, who can see the issues clearly, who have laid aside their scarcity-based indoctrination:

is what I am trying to help build with my efforts. It may be as futile as all other avenues I have seen, but I had never seen anybody try it before, not in the way that I have, so I had to make the attempt. I spent 12,000 hours or so doing it for free, but I also cannot afford to do it full time anymore. I now do it in my “spare time” before I go work my twelve-hour days at my day job.

That is a long way of answering the question: “who put them in charge?”

We did. And we can “retire” them too, but I believe it can only be accomplished by making them obsolete and replacing the scarcity paradigm with an abundance paradigm.

Some call that heaven on earth or paradise restored. I call it a healed planet. Seems like a worthwhile pursuit, doesn’t it? : - )

Thanks again for asking that very important question.

Be well,


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posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 03:48 PM
I forgot to add...GREAT job, keep up the great work, you're the bestest in the whole wide world...

If you just want your ego buffed, just say so. Don't ask "a discussion of my work" and expect everyone to bow down and accept everything you state as the gospel. I have seen your site several times,

in reviewing other stuff. You have interesting ideas, but the problem is modern physics doesn't allow magic in the equation anymore.

Ideas are free, research and development isn't. Ideas are also cheap, this is different than free. Your an educated guy, you can do the math and figure this out.

You keep going forth and keep the next generation enthralled by all your "new" information.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 11:02 AM
Somebody asked some good questions germane to this thread on another thread:

and I reponded here:

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 11:53 AM
This is my last post to this thread. I will wrap up the other threads that I began at ATS today also, and the ones that were initiated by others to discuss my work (as far back as 2004). I was banned at ATS. It took me a few days to figure out what happened. No communication to me was given. With the trolls having a field day on the most recent thread that I authored, this is a very strange outcome. Well, ATS was kind of nice while it lasted, but apparently my posts are not welcome here. I may find another forum to actively post to one day. For all of you who contributed positively to the discussions, I thank you for your contributions, and maybe together was can make the world a better place. For all the trolls out there, they can feel good about a job well done.

Good bye,


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