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A discussion of my work

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posted on May, 7 2006 @ 09:04 PM

I have been informed that my work, particularly this essay:

is being avidly discussed in the Really Above Top Secret forum, which I do not have access to.

Because there have been worthy responses to my work from some of the ATS members (to my pleasant surprise, months after I had written off the forum as a waste of my time), I am going to try a little experiment and engage the “public” for the first time in several years. If you wish to ask me questions about my work, this is where you can do it. I have been returning to this forum once a week or so, and have been involved in this thread in particular:

While my cover-up essay is one of the most popular parts of my site (my 200+ page American Empire essay is usually the most popular: )

I have most interest in the energy issue, and I am looking for people who can put aside their scarcity-based indoctrination

long enough to comprehend an abundance paradigm:

something that could be imminent if enough people prove capable of understanding it and mustering sufficient collective integrity to pursue it. Heaven on earth may not be far off.

Here is the briefest summary (only five pages) that I have of my journey:

for those who would rather ease into my 1,200-page web site.

But first, some caveats…

1. I “finished” my main site in late 2002, and have not worked on it much since then. I do not plan on working on it again before 2009, if I ever do. While I cast a critical eye at many parts of my site today (the writing could be better and the research more thorough), it is my best effort for now. Well-intended criticisms or new information will probably not be reflected on my site for a long time. I wish that were not the case, but there are only so many years in a life. I have already sacrificed a great deal of my life on my quest, and am not currently willing to give much more.

2. There are numerous subjects that I am not qualified to opine on, particularly what Dennis Lee is up to these days (I rarely have contact with him, and have not kept up on his efforts for several years), and I am restricted from delving much more deeply than I have already disclosed on my site regarding my personal experiences in the alternative energy milieu, due to privacy issues relating to various participants. However, I have published some related information for the first time on this thread:

3. Responses such as Indellkoffer’s on this thread:

or Yarium’s on this thread:

will not receive responses from me, if for no other reason than their responses provided no evidence that they READ any of my work before launching their critiques (and if they actually had, then so much the worse). I do not mind critiques of my work (critiques from my allies have been very valuable to my work’s development), but if they are not informed, intelligent and seemingly honest critiques, they will probably not receive a response. Would-be critics are advised to read this essay before they launch their criticisms:

Also, would-be critics need to ask themselves if their reaction to my work is because I am challenging their ASSUMPTIONS of scarcity (usually assumptions that justify their socio-economic status, and white, male, “educated” Americans have been the most irrational and vicious of my critics, by far). If that seems to be the case, then it would be helpful if they tried proving that their assumption is correct. Unexamined assumptions can make fruit

U2U sent

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posted on May, 7 2006 @ 11:03 PM
Wade, that's some excellent writing. I was at your pages for more than an hour, bookmarked it, now I'm gonna go to bed.

I'm avidly working on an "almost free" energy device that I'll release free to the public if it ends up working.
I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee and sit and chit-chat for a few hours......
Great stuff!

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 11:11 PM
I wonder why I only see my post here and not the one I replied to????

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 10:46 PM
Hi Beer Guy:

Good luck on the "almost free" energy device. If I had one to give away, I would.

No coffee time right now, but I can respond to inquiries for now. Thanks for reading.

My account was deactivated by ATS for a day, due to my trying to get to a discussion of my work which is taking place on RATS. It look like I am back in action for now.

Be well,


posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:12 PM
Looking forward to the responses, your work looks interesting.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:23 PM
The rest of my original post on this thread read:

Unexamined assumptions can make fruitful dialogue impossible, as the logic proceeds from the assumptions.

The crazed and vicious “critiques” that I have received over the years (escalating after 9/11) was largely why I stopped interacting with the public. This is a tentative effort to re-engage the public, and we’ll see how it goes.

Here is to a fruitful dialogue,

Wade Frazier

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:27 AM
Wade, I just had to write a quick comment about your work even though it means tearing myself away from your voluminous and well written work. All I can say at this moment is WOW. Besides having a wonderful writing style -- clear and concise -- it is quite straightforward and, because of this, entirely credible and, so far, in my own mind at least, irrefutable. All I can say, again, is WOW.

Now back to reading your wonderful and most interesting material.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:37 AM
I hope i can get some work done at my job... a very good reading. i will get back here to post my views on the subject. bas

ps. you should get it published

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 10:48 AM

Thanks for your replies. It will take awhile to digest my work, and I will be awaiting questions and comments.

Thank you for suggesting that I “publish” my work. Publishing my site is the only “publishing” that I plan to do. A book might get the “message” into more hands, but it would be a watered down message. I have many friends who have been through the book publishing grinder, and I want no part of that. Also, seeking any personal gain (even a book with my name on it qualifies) is the devil’s flypaper for work like mine. I believe that giving it away is the best strategy.



posted on May, 19 2006 @ 06:32 AM
definatly intresting stuff here i look forward to reading more of it

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 08:31 AM
I just published a new essay, a short and sweet one on abundance and what it really is. Once in awhile I get to write a fun one. It is here:


posted on May, 28 2006 @ 12:16 PM
Don't give up on public interaction, please, no matter what animosity, fecklessness, or lack of imagination you run into. I'm currently writing an article which "proves" the existence of free energy and anti-gravity technologies solely through an exercise in logic. I realize that I'll have a hard time getting it published anywhere, but it feels good (therapy is where you can get it) and it might just make someone think who isn't much in the habit of it. I wanted to applaud your work, particularly your conception of economies of abundance, and I wanted to pass a few things on to you. One is the strange "field" of geometry-related free energy frameworks, of which this is a good sample: (

Another is the idea that consciousness may be the key to breaking the embargo. I know you've dabbled in this area, but I wondered if you'd read Amit Goswami's take on Wheeler's concept of "delayed choice"? The choicest bit is this:

"... the universe remained in possibility until there was self-referential quantum measurement—so that is the new concept. An observer's looking is essential in order to manifest possibility into actuality, and so only when the observer looks, only then does the entire thing become manifest—including time. So all of past time, in that respect, becomes manifest right at that moment when the first sentient being looks..."

but you really have to read the whole essay to give it its context. (

Another promising direction is what open-minded researchers are doing with Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance theories, especially in conjuction with David Bohm's Implicate Order. Goswami, whom I quoted above, also does interesting work with Sheldrake's ideas.

Lastly, an opinion on this proposition would be very much appreciated by me: If my logical argument were to somehow persuade the powerful perverts in power to stage a hearing on disclosing supressed technologies, is there a snowball's chance in the hot place that disclosure could actually take place? I know, ridiculously hypothetical, but I always refer back to the CIA's admission of Operation Paperclip, even to its relationship with Reinhard Gehlen and the phony Soviet troop estimates. Is it possible?

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:02 PM
As an FYI, I added to my Enron writings, and have predicted where the next accounting scandal might hatch:


posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:24 PM
Hi Haeuptling:

Responses like yours will keep me interacting. They are rare but welcome. Good luck on the logical proof. Many of my fellow travelers have written extensively on the theoretical end of free energy. Work such as Sparky Sweet’s gives the technically-oriented plenty to chew on, and he had the goods, too:

I decided to specialize on the political-economic aspect of the situation long ago, as I saw that IT was the problem, not a lack of viable technology.

I am well aware of Sheldrake and Bohm’s work. I have many mystical writings here at home that cover the same territory. I think the free energy issue is definitely one of consciousness and sentience. I doubt that we can reach the free energy finish line while dragging our delusions along:

I acknowledge those scientific arguments for the universe’s origin, but I doubt that God needs us to prove her existence :-). That stuff is directly related to the free energy conundrum.

As far as a logical proof spurring the Big Boys to disclose something on the free energy front, here is how I see things….

I write quite a bit about Operation Paperclip, etc.:

but the eventual declassification those programs is a far cry from disclosing free energy. The USA hiring death camp Nazis is an unsavory disclosure, but it was disclosed many years after it would have meant something. If Operation Paperclip would have been declassified in 1947, for instance, then some fur might have flown. But Christopher Simpson’s Blowback was published in 1988, more than forty years after the events, when about all the useful Nazis were dead. But even if disclosed in 1947, such a disclosure would not threaten to transform the entire economic basis of the human journey. Free energy would. About the only issues of greater import that I can think of would be if God showed up, a comet took dead aim at earth, the sun went supernova, etc. The Big Boys know this well, which is why free energy is under wraps like it is.

Again, the journey to even get to where the Big Boys get involved is like going to Oz. I doubt that what happened to Dennis in Seattle

had much Big Boy involvement, although Bill the BPA Hit Man’s journey is a strange one that makes me think:

I am not sure how much what went down in Ventura had Big Boy involvement:

although a billion dollar offer to go away was definitely a Big Boy gesture:

The bottom line is that governments have little to do with the free energy or ET cover-up. It was privatized long ago. I respect what Steven Greer has to say about it.

Those boys will not be swayed by logic, bullet-proof arguments, etc. An army of the goats marching into the lion’s lair may be the only thing that will work:

I have been trying to round them up for many years, but the right ones are not grazing anywhere near me, and I have not even heard of them. I think they are mythical goats, but I am willing to be wrong.

I think that what is probably up ahead is World War III (which we are probably in already) heating up, and then our ET pals will be “forced” into coming into the open to prevent a global meltdown.

I am ready for another course of events, but I have seen very little collective sentience in humanity, not enough to overcome the death grip that the Big Boys have over us (and yes, it is a grim symbiosis that I also contribute to).



posted on May, 29 2006 @ 12:51 AM
Thanks for the reply! I felt one of those strange little shivers go up my spine when you said something about a connection between the intersection of physics and conciousness and the whole free energy conundrum, and here's why.

When I was 15, I had had about 6 months of high school German, so I knew a (very) little of it, and one day I found myself in the tiny Foreign Language section of my local library. My eyes landed on an old yellow book with the title Als ich ein Kleiner Junge War and the odd thing was that I recognized that title; I knew that book, which was impossible. With a kind of nervous excitement, I took the book home and read it. Impossible! It's more like I remembered it or something, which is very spooky, but the story gets even weirder. My grandma was dead-set against my learning German in 1975, because she was still angry over her son's death in WWII. The son, my Uncle Lenny, was studying to be a priest at a seminary in Indiana in 1942 (this is what the 2nd son in German Catholic families was supposed to do--I'm one, too), but was "spotted" by visiting plain-clothes "government men" who had caught wind of his fluency in German. Off he goes to some intelligence school in Nebraska. Grandma is furious, and a little confused, because while she and my grandfather had both come from rural Canadian families which still clung to German in the home, they only spoke it in front of their kids when they wanted to hide something--how did the kid know german so well (or at all, really?)

Somewhere along the line, Uncle Lenny finds a girlfriend (my dad said she was his one and only), decides he isn't all that interested in the cloak and dagger stuff, nor does he relish going back to the seminary at this point. His "handlers" get a little resentful at his attitude, and boom! he's off on a troop transport, bound for England and some sort of behind the scenes "language work". Upon arrival, however, his papers are missing--no record of where he's supposed to go--so, he's given a rifle and assigned to an infantry unit just going into a hot area near the Bulge. Two weeks later he's killed, in November, 1944, less than twenty miles from the town from which his great-grandfather had emigrated, as a boy, in 1848.

My dad didn't like to talk about what happened to his brother, except to say that he was tricked, or lied to or something odd. My grandma, though, was even more tight-lipped. She never spoke a word of German to me, ever, but she did say a very cryptic, odd thing: "If you learn that language, it'll get you killed, too!" How could I resist?

So, yeah, I became fluent without ever really trying, to the point where I often fooled Germans when I lived there, briefly, in the '80s. But I always remembered that first moment when my glance just happened to land on that book,When I was a Young Boy--it was the strangest experience of my life because it was like looking out of someone else's eyes. Now (sorry about all the build up, really!) when I read that description from Goswami about delayed choice that I quoted in my first post, damned if I didn't have the same feeling, only this time it was more that I had had that thought, in some other connection before! Again, it's impossible. I had never heard of, nor had I read Amit Goswami before, but as I read those words, the thought formed in my mind that this was the key to something I had been looking for for a long time--tapping into a source of energy that was unlimited and utterly unlike anything availabe in the here and now. I have been toying around with it ever since, like a tooth that needs to be pulled.

Wade, if you've made it this far, I'm very sorry about the long, dramatic story. I don't ever carry on like that; it's just that you seemed to have confirmed something I seemed to have intuited, so it just got all New Age-y in a hurry. (Please don't imagine I'm as nutty as this sounded, and thanks again!)


posted on May, 29 2006 @ 04:48 AM
Wade, can you tell me if you have ever seen a working solid state free energy device in person, tested it and seen that it gives at least 200W output above the input power? I do think its possible, however I have seen and tested about 3 devices I thought would work, they didn't and I would just like to know which one is simple and works (no 100 magnets or hard to find parts).

If I made a device that was free energy, I would get it out no problem or at least get a good buyout. I am being honest about this and would get one made and if it was simple and cheap, I would make about as many as I could. I'm 26, have no job and my place is like an electronics surplus shop. I have the time.

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:09 AM
Your story is not nutty, but interesting. I have heard many stories like that, some from those close to me. Probably a past-life "bleed through," but it could be something else. Consciousness is strange stuff, and far more than chemistry, as you know. One of the issues I have had to consider on the free energy journey is that the ZPE field may well be from a divine source, and until we are aligned with the light/love, etc., we may not be able to tap into it as a species. It might well work that way, and all the suppression (and the collective inertia of the rest of us) is just part of the manifestation of the dynamic of not being ready for it. So we struggle, in many ways. I hope we “get it” soon, and I continually work on my own healing, enlightenment, etc., as I think we are all responsible and “involved” with this situation.

Be well,


posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:38 AM
Hi XL5

From the early days of my involvement, there was “secrecy” around the FE devices. Some was just them keeping me away from the “inside stuff” that I might “blab” about, but other aspects were paranoia and “security” (and I did not mind). So, I have never seen, and never even pursued testing a FE device. However, those around me have. I have encountered three scientists who studied Sparky Sweet’s device.

It was an awesome device to behold, and as you probably know, Sparky did heavy tweaking to the magnets to get the effect, secrets he largely carried to his grave (how typical, unfortunately).

I have also known people who received the big show from the Big Boys. I think that this show:

was given by the “benevolent” 40% that Greer talks about:

Some of those witnesses I know VERY well and would trust with my life, so I know my leg is not being pulled. Also, I have seen so much weird stuff on my journey that I do not need to see a working FE device to know they are real. Standing in a field and watching a UFO light up on request:

helps bring that strange universe into view.

If you are deeply in the FE milieu for very long, you know the real McCoys exist, but if they become “public” they will not last long, as they are suppressed in one way or another:

That is partly how the Big Boys have been able to maintain the denial among the general populace, but the public helps them out a great deal, too.

The only FE prototype that stays “public” for long is one that does not work. The Big Boys have honed their art for many years, and are very good at what they do.

Be well,


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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 10:38 AM

Thanks for all your work on the site, it will keep me busy reading for quite a while.

I certainly agree with your assessment of the political-economic aspect involved in supressing the truth about FE, UFOs, etc.

Hawking himself, warned of the possible ramifications of the public release of info regarding advanced ET life (if discovered of course).

Relating to your discussion of Paradigms and their ability to "place blinders" on scientists; I've read that one of the major blocks, to many scientists accepting/discovering FE, lies in serious flaws in Maxwell's theories on electricity, and, that even though these flaws are known, his theories are still taught as is as part of the "supression".

Do you know if this is the case?

Also, have you heard of Tom Bearden, if so, what is your opinion of him/his work?

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 06:15 PM
Hi Redmage:

First, a little addendum to my previous response. The Big Boys are not to be trifled with, and cannot be beaten at their game. While they regularly pay people to not pursue free energy and related technologies, they do it because it is the most effective way to keep the racket intact, not because they are timid. They kill people when they need to, and can inflict other dire fates (I have borne the brunt of some of their machinations - this is not theory).

I am the only person I have yet seen on Above Top Secret who uses his real name. If they want to find out the identity of anybody posting to ATS, they probably can. They know where I live, and I know that trying to run below their radar is a fool’s dream.

They apparently can tell when anybody on earth taps into the ZPE field:

and I imagine that some people have tried making prototypes just so they could get bought out by the Big Boys (a get-rich-quick scheme). If the Big Boys got wind that that was their true motivation (and I would never try to deceive them, as it would be another foolish effort), they might kill a few of those people, to “discourage that sort of thing.”

I do not know of any FE prototype that is easy to make. There may be some, but again, I focused on the political-economic aspect of the situation and have not really kept up on the technology front. I know that very real technology is out there and I know the rudiments of how many of them work, and that is all I need to know to do what I do.

On the textbooks being part of the suppression, yes, I have written that many times in many different ways on my site. Those who I have seen propose theories as to why FE devices can operate always take on the orthodox theories at their root, such as Bearden going after Heaviside and Maxwell’s work (or, perhaps more properly, how Maxwell’s work got distorted), Fischer going after Carnot’s,

and so on. It also happens in microbiology:

As that pope said, “give me a child until he is five, and he is mine for life.” About 99% of the scientifically-trained will never learn to think past their textbooks. It is the same in all disciplines.

I write about Bearden here:



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