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I have dreams of the future, can anyone tell me why??

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by wellwhatnow

I need some answers
i have been having premonisions ever since 9/11 i told my parents to not let me go to school because everyone was in danger.. i dreamed of building falling children crying and fire.. and a plane.. my parents didnt belevie me and sent me to school.. i came home and they asked me how i knew this.. i couldnt explain.. could u help me i was wondering if you could tell me if this is real or just my mind making stuff up?

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:01 AM
hey im Cindy .... i too have weird dreams and then when i am at a surtain place doing a surtain thing is then i realised they i and been here before in a dream and that the same thing is happening.....when i was younger it wasnt even dreams my eyes would close and i would see things happening and then id get scared a bit and it would happen within the next maybe 2 hours and it would scare me to death.... but now its only when im alseep an it still scares me a bit... it goes like this, i go to sleep i dream somthing but when i wake up i dont remeber and to me i believe that is because i didnt have a premonition but im always afread to go to sleep because 1 in 3 dreams i can remember and its like im at the place it feels so real and when i wake up i can feel the pain and then i see it in the news paper or something and it really scares me i am afread to sleep sometimes.... once i went a whole year without seeing things and to be hones i was woundering why and i was really missing not seeing things, and would hope that it would come back to me.... am i weird??

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:26 PM
This kind of dream happens to me sporadically... I was wondering if anyone has been able to do something to hone their dreams and make them more predictable as to when these dreams will happen.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 12:42 AM
Well I began by reading the the first page of comments, and i must admit that i find it rather hard to believe all that spiritual nonsense and things to do with god and the bible etc. no offense to you believers. Although i do have an open mind, i just haven't been convinced by anyone as of yet. I am the kind of person to stick with the science and logic. I suppose this is because i have been raised with no religion, the furthest my religion expanses is the compulsory religion class in grade 4. But i am willing to listen and take in information.

I am 16 at the moment and i regularly have these kind of dreams. So far they've mainly just been about pointless moments in time that really make no difference to anyone. I also find myself remembering the dream just at the moment is beginning but i find myself unable to change what i say or do, its like even though I'm thinking this is what i said/did and maybe i could change it, the thing i do/say always ends up being the same as in the dream.

My dreams are always through my own eyes and are normally very short but realistic snippets of time, that when i wake up i do slightly remember but they seem so pointless and random to my brain, i automatically forget, until of course that moment in time actually happens.
Although lately I had this short but intense dream that i was in a hospital corridor and i looked into my room and saw my friend lying there. I obviously interpreted it as though my friend had an accident or the worst case scenario.. dead. But it turns out that all it was about was her getting her wisdom teeth removed, as i found out last week. In this way my dreams are well, you could say that they could be dangerous from the fact that depending on how i interpret the dream i could make myself emotionally unstable.

I'm not really sure what to do, I don't know whether i tell the people that i dream about what i saw, or keep it to myself. You see if i told my friend that dream i mentioned earlier, she probably would have been extremely paranoid about something which turned out to be nothing, but on the other hand other dreams could have turned out quite useful to others.

Well i suppose i should mention, before I'm asked whether or not I've had any spiritual contact. To be honest I've always seen it as me being paranoid about things that are not real. But sometimes i feel like someone is standing right next to me or it looks like theres a shadowy figure so i look but then it just disappears. Obviously if i told my parents (father is a doctor, mother is a scientist) they would tell me to stop being silly and its just my imagination. But it's more than just my imagination.

Is there any advice someone can give me? Also is there anyway to develop my dreams to more than just 10 second snippets and into something perhaps more useful?


posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

personally im not an expert on stuff like this as ive never had it dun to me but id say if u do start cumin across dreams that are strange n bad that you shouldnt really tell the person who u dreamt about because u change life and how its meant to turn out.. i no it might be sad at the time and you really want to tell them.. but u risk changed their patten of their life

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 11:22 PM
please could someone write more i am trying to understand what it is i keep seeing. PLEASE anyone, someone tell me what it is i keep seeing?

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by Omega85

Yes,me too.It is so wierd!It freaks me out!I tell everyone but they say thats not true but it is!!!I am happy someone else has it too,so I dont feel all crazy!

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by Omega85

hey, im almost 20 years old and iv been having these premonision like dreams for a while. i tlked to my pastor and he said they may be signs of god talking to you... maybe your having really bad anxiety or stress in your life or an unresoulved problem that youve been going throug. for a while i though they were panic attacks or anxiety attacks but there sooo reall sometimes it scares the hell out of me cause i know for a fact i have dreamt it and it is sctually now happening. It is really scary but at the same time if you just kind of go with it its fine. Your mind is a powerful thing so you can pretty much make your own future. i belive that god has a plan for eveyone but the decision you make in life are your own decisions. so maybe we can learn from these dreams that were having and actually help something that is going to happen in the the future or even be able to help people in the futrue. it is def real and i have been researching it a lot beacause ive beent trying to get to the bottom of these premonions or visions for months now. i hope that help a little i just want you to konw your not the only one going through this so im assuming that it must be osmewhat normail....i hope :/

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 09:01 PM
The same thing has been happening to me since I was about 13. It's been happening on and off for years now, I can't control it and I can't make it stop. The only thing I can think of that started this was when I was about that age I was helping my father build a deck and a hammer hit me on the head. The dreams started within a few months but it took me months to really notice them and what was happening with them. My sister (2 years older) says that she sometimes gets them too but maybe 3 times in the last couple of years.

I've noticed that I have no control over them nor do I have anyway to focus them on a time period or person. I've been living with this for over 10 years now.

Normally I get a few over the course of a few months and thats the usual thing but every time they start to crowd around me and I get them several times a week something bad is going to happen within a month or so. I've been seeing about 10-15 in the last month which is a huge amount above the norm so something big is going to happen soon. I just don't know what. When thesethings happen I seem to be haunted by the number 1138. I don't know why, it just follows me.

I've met very few others like me who can do the same thing but it is very limited to what they can do. They've never got anywhere near the amount I get on a normal basis and they have no idea what to do. I seem to draw people who can do things to me, they seem to just trust me and tell me what they can do.

I'd just like some help if any can be offered. I'm not a religious man and I'm not crazy about the whole god idea but I have my own ideas about how things work, some from my dreams and other things that happen that just seem to 'feel' like they belong.

My dreams at one point seemed to change entirely and diappeared to something like more of an influing of people and factors. I seemed to be able to make things fall in my favor, quite alot actually. It seemed also to fade but it went back to the dreams but I can still influence things so that even the bad things tend to soften to something easier to handle.

Things are changing. Very very quickly these days. I don't know what is happening. I can't see what's changing it or what's pushing them to change but events are being changed very quickly. I think that's why it's happening so frequently these days.

Any help would be appreciated, This is actually the most I've ever wrote/said about what's happened to me. It's actually kind of freeing.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by wellwhatnow

wellwhatnow....I have experienced similar things....except they seem to be bigger events that happen in the world, I am always in the dreams experiencing the first experience that I noticed was last year I had a dream that I was on a plane and we were crashing...(yes, i know this is probably a very common thing to dream about)..the next morning i woke up and on the news was that plane that crashed that was leaving brazil. I didn't think much of it because a plane crash is just a common thing for someone to dream about. But, a few months later I had a dream that i was in a car with several other people, and we were driving on the wrong side of the road and traffic was coming at us.....this is when the next day on the news was that women who drove on the wrong side of the road and crashed with several children inside with her, and they all died.
My dreams always seen to happen either a day or 2 before something happens. I have had other dreams where things come true several days later, but they were more just normal things that happen in my life, nothing like the 2 more significant events noted above that are not in my life.
I am not sure what to think about all of this.....any help?

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by Omega85

The same thing is happening to me too. for the last 6-8 month is getting more and more intense i mean every night i dream what is going to happen. The "previews" are from daily actions i make but sometimes i dream things that are not connected to me for example: last week i dreamed that i was in a country village and there was a flooding and a bridge broke and people were isolated. the next day i turned the tv on a news channel and i seen some flooding but no bridge broke as i dreamed, but the next day i saw it exactly as in my dream, same lands same houses same small bridge...this happens to me very often. the weirdest thing though is that some circumstances i lived are repeating, just like an recurent dream: same dialogues same people same everything, just like watching the same movie twice and i know exactly what they would say and do.
another thing is when i smoke budz i can remember more clearly, it's like an apmlyfier. sometimes i get panic attacks too and i'm trying to get rid of them....

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 08:05 PM
I have dreams like this too but its not about something disastrous or dangerous its mostly involving just people and conversations like last night i had a dreams i guess i slipped and fell in a store and met a girl wearing glasses and its weird cuz i just now started working at wal mart

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 03:00 AM
today i had dream that I WAS INSIDE THIS HOUSE sitting infront of a computer and in my dream I looked at this window that was there i wake up started the day like any other I had to go to my grandmothers house to bring her food and I saw the inside of the house that i dramped about true the same window that I was looking at in my kinda freak out!!!!

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by Omega85

I'm new to ATS and frankly I only joined because I typed into google 'is it possible to have dreams of the future' and your post was the first link that came up. You should know that you're not alone. Since I was around 10, I've had dreams of the future too. It happens exactly as for you, but sometimes I do actually remember the dream. I get really light-headed and shaking and think 'Oh my gosh, this was a dream'. It can get annoying though because I feel like I'm going to pass out. I once was playing at a flute concert and I didn't want to have to deal with the light-headed feeling I get when I realize Ive had a dream of where I'm at. So l looked all around and was relieved to find the none of it was familiar. Wrong. Later, from the view FROM THE STAGE I recognized it. I'm sorry to say that I can't tell you why, but I was so glad to know I'm not the only one.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by mrsdudara

I agree about needing some real proof that I'm not just going crazy. Sometime it really worries me that maybe it's all just in my head and I'm going to become paranoid, thinking some crazy spirits trying to hurt me or something. I also realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I'm not trying to be offensive, but I'm not really that religious so I don't believe that this is a gift from God. I believe more in the "religion" of Science, but also that everything happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences. I sometimes wonder if maybe everyone CAN have dreams of the future, like it's just a frequency that our dreaming minds can tune in on, but only some people realize or have a strong enough connection.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 11:10 PM
O my god, im not alone. i thought i was the only one, y does this happen its been going on for as long as i can remember and whenever i try to tell someone they dont believe me its so frustrating, but its only like a picture and im always involved its occurance has greatly increased since the beginning of this year. i've had about 6 visions this month and it is really starting to get annoying and im starting to scare my friends

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 11:17 PM
i know what your going through im only 12 and i've had about 6 "visions" in the past 3 weeks they always involve me, but im looking through someone elses eyes at me or around me im really getting worried but at least im not alone

posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 01:43 AM
This is going to sound crazy but I thought I read this thread at least two or three weeks ago. Maybe you aren't dreaming about the future but remembering your past but your consciousness was somehow shifted back in time. I'm going to look around myself and see if I've lost my mind or not. A lot of the threads on here look old to me even though the post dates are new.

Did ATS crash recently? Lots of pages of threads seem to be missing and the text to the left is all black now. That would explain a lot. Maybe I haven't lost my mind.
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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 11:38 PM
I've been scanning over these responses and I found what happens to me is similar to that of Farscry where I dream little snippets of seemingly unimportant events that I soon forget until some time passes in which I remember when the situation that I dreamt happens.

Before I was able to experience this I used to tell my parents I had another mother and father and I used to hear a male and female voice calling my name. This is when I was around 3-6 years old. I have also once seen a "shadow dog" that resembled a rottweiler when I was in a moment of severe panic.

I don't know if any of this is connected but I feel a sense of ease when I remember I dreamt an event. There are times when I feel helpless and that my life is falling apart, until I experience what I dream and I feel my life is going in the direction it was supposed to go. It has led me to theorize that we all have a set path and the outcome is already decided. That destiny and fate are real.

posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 12:57 AM
I have had dreams about my own future since I was very small. I know this topic is really old but I truly have had dreams about my own future since I was about 5 years old.

And just like you said it isn't like I can see numbers, or faces too well. What I pay attention to is the dialogue. It is something that I say. I have brought this very dream up before in another post of mine but another example of one of my own personal dreams would be when I used to work for TSA.

I had this dream before I took the oath of office. I had it about 5 months before I even met the first one and the second guy well... Let me explain it in a time frame.

My dream showed me looking at a piece of paper and I was writing a bunch of different letters. I wasn't really paying attention to what the f I was writing because I heard a really dark and deep bass filled voice trying to speak to me. The table I was writing on was white, the room was white, and when I looked up I see two people in front of me. One of them is this really tall looking skinny guy with almost no hair, and the other is this really dark as night fat black guy.

They were both wearing blue shirts. I only remember hearing what the really deep voice was asking me: "What are you doing right there? What is that?"

I couldn't remember exactly what I was saying in my dream but I can recite what it was that I did say.

Every company has a word for their service number or a jingle. Like for instance when I say "Eight hundred five eight eight, Two Three Hundred"

I pointed to the tall white skinny guy and he did in fact say "Empire!"

What was I doing? Trying to put a name to my phone number so I could tell them "Call XXX-XXX-XXXX"

The really dark skinned black guy was a supervisor, and the tall skinny white guy was also a supervisor. I usually arrived to work early so I would get extremely bored.

So I started writing out my phone number and the associated letters with it. After a while the two came and sat down. They were in fact friends of mine after a while when I started working there. He asked me the exact same question and all I could think about is what I recited in my dream. Then after I realized what was happening I had a small freak out moment. When I came home I realized that I did not write down which day I had this exact dream... (I started a dream log that I tried to keep filled in back in 2009 to 2011. I don't work for TSA anymore. F that job. I got fired for BS.

HOWEVER (huge edit!)

I have figured out what triggers these dreams to occur.

Usually I will have these crazy dreams. I tried to keep a record of them and at least 4 dreams of mine I have documented as them being a Deja Vu moment in my own future. And I believe I have narrowed it down to how you are able to see your own future in your own dreams.

usually when I have these moments in real life it only ever seems to be when my mind is actively searching for something. The environment has to be right in your own future.

>>>If you do the same job every day or meet the same people every single time you go out or hang out somewhere. Then try making it your mission to throw a little excitement in your life by GOING SOMEWHERE COMPLETELY NEW and ACTIVELY TALKING TO COMPLETE STRANGERS! Engage in conversation where you know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT what they are saying so it forces your mind to think of something.

>>>I am also encouraging that you change your job title to help yourself to have these dreams. It is the unknown ability to obtain a new job that also triggers this!

It is one thing that I noticed in every single one of my dreams where I am dreaming about my future is when I am talking to someone and it causes my brain to go into a thought frenzy to search for something.

Somehow it is able to reach my past when I am in the present and I see it in a dream in my own past. And somehow it includes the great mystery in your brain to trigger.

I can't figure out any other way to trigger this, nor am I a scientist, but I think there is a way to travel to yourself into the future as long as you keep putting yourself in positions where you are constantly searching for something. It could be an answer, it could be a way you propose something. It could be trying to put something in another perspective for someone else to understand, or it could be you trying to tell someone correct information when you think there is a great unknown to it in your own mind.

It can be something as simple as counting the number of apples that are laying before you. Keep your mind actively engaged every day and make it your mission to meet new people.

In all honesty Native Americans had dreams about meeting new people who came from the sea before they "invaded" their land. (America today.)

When your mind is trying to search for a new answer it somehow opens a time worm hole where it is viewable in your dreams, but it only happens in the future. if you want winning lottery numbers......

I wonder if someone can come up with a way to see winning lottery numbers........ Cause that would be a well kept ATS secret.
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